New player guide/Intermediate activities

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Activities Rewards Link
Tangible Skill Exp
Complete the Stronghold of Security Fighting boots.png/Fancy boots.png 10,000 Section
Purchase Wizard gear and use it in Varrock Staff of air.png Mind rune.png Blue wizard hat.png Section
Kill the Lesser demon in the Wizards' Tower Rune med helm.png Magic Section
Mine iron ore Iron ore.png Mining MMG
Train on Al-Kharid warriors coins.png Combat level Section

Complete the Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village[edit | edit source]

The stronghold requires external security features such as the RuneScape Authenticator to be enabled. See the full Stronghold of Security task list prior to attempting.

Purchase Wizard gear in Varrock[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Magical armour and an elemental staff are essential for using magic in combat.
  • What you'll need: About 4,400 for a staff, hat, robe, and runes.

Navigate to Varrock Square and enter Zaff's Superior Staffs! on the north-west corner of the square. Zaff sells elemental staves. It's recommended to get a staff of air, as it provides unlimited Air runes which are used in every elemental attack, as well as many utility spells, a staff of fire is also useful for alchemy spells. Once a staff has been bought, navigate south to the clothing shop. Buy a blue wizard robe and hat. A blue skirt is optional and completely cosmetic, providing no bonuses. Once that's complete, navigate southeast to Aubury's Rune Shop, south of the eastern bank. Buy mind rune packs and fire rune packs. Buying about 1-2k of each rune is more than enough.

Kill the Lesser demon in the Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Completely safe, good experience per kill, and good drop potential.
  • What you'll need: Level 33 Magic for Telekinetic Grab, staff of air as well as law, fire and mind runes.
  • Disadvantages: The Lesser demon can be a crowded area, and there's a risk of competition.

The upper floor of the Wizards' Tower has a caged Lesser demon that can be safely killed using Magic. Lesser demons have a chance to drop a Rune med helm, which sells for 11,074.

Train on Al-Kharid warriors[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Al-Kharid warriors are good to train on and are close to both a bank and fishing spot.
  • What you'll need: At least level 15 in each of the three melee combat skills, as well as armour, a weapon, and food.
  • Considerations: Warriors can be crowded due to their convenient location.

Al-Kharid warriors can be found in the palace in the centre of Al Kharid. There are several rooms with Al-Kharid warriors.