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This article is about the minigame. For the boss, see The Nightmare.

This is a safe activity in an instanced area.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items; however, any items you drop manually on the ground will be lost.

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The Nightmare Zone is a combat-based minigame located north-west of Yanille bank. Players enter a "dream" to take on bosses they have previously defeated during completed quests. It is run by Dominic Onion, a mage from Lunar Isle.

History[edit | edit source]

Dominic did not plan on calling his business the Nightmare Zone; it was what the local folk have been calling it. The plan came to him in a vivid dream when he was younger where he saw himself running a successful business from a great structure. He told his father about it, who laughed and said he should be a banker like his ancestors. He refused and wanted to find out what that dream meant, so he studied to find out more about Magic, particularly oneiromancy and dream interpretation. Once he had learned enough, he left Lunar Isle attempting to find the location where he built the huge tower. Since he had not found it or gathered enough money for its construction, he decided to set up a small business north of Yanille selling dreams to people.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To begin the minigame, at least five of the following quests must be completed:

Desert Treasure [a 1]
Dragon Slayer
Dream Mentor
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains
Family Crest
Fight Arena[a 2]
Grim Tales
Haunted Mine
Holy Grail
Horror from the Deep
In Search of the Myreque
Legends' Quest
Lost City[a 1][a 2]
Lunar Diplomacy
Monkey Madness I
Mountain Daughter[a 2]
My Arm's Big Adventure
One Small Favour
Recipe for Disaster
Roving Elves
Shadow of the Storm
Shilo Village
Song of the Elves
Tale of the Righteous
The Ascent of Arceuus[a 2]
The Corsair Curse
The Depths of Despair[a 2]
The Fremennik Isles
The Grand Tree
The Great Brain Robbery
Tree Gnome Village[a 1][a 2]
Troll Romance
Troll Stronghold
Vampyre Slayer[a 1][a 2]
What Lies Below[a 1][a 2]
Witch's House[a 1][a 2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 This quest is highly recommended for Smoke Barrage/Burst or chinning.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 This quest is highly recommended for Meleeing.

Playing[edit | edit source]

The Nightmare Zone lobby.
Dominic's coffer.

To enter a dream, Dominic requires coins in the coffer. Coins can be deposited into and withdrawn from the coffer in multiples of 1000, to a maximum of 262,143,000 coins. The cost of each mode varies depending on type and difficulty:

Cost per dream
Mode Normal Hard
Practice Free Free
Endurance 1,000 5,000
Rumble 2,000 6,000
Custom 22,000(12,000) 26,000(16,000)
Values in parentheses are the cost if at maximum quest points

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Two players participating in a rumble.

There are 3 modes in Nightmare Zone: practice, endurance, and rumble.

Each mode has a 'Normal' and 'Hard' difficulty.

  • Normal - All quest bosses are fought with the stats they have in their respective quests as well as some of the mechanics.
  • Hard - Hard mode doubles (x2.4) Hitpoints, and the aggressive Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged levels of the bosses where applicable. Their defensive stats remain unchanged. Some bosses in hard mode become melee only or lose some special fight mechanics like Ice Troll King, Jungle Demon. Some gain mechanics like The Untouchable reflecting 20% of any damage dealt.
The dream potion.
The spectator potion.

Once a mode is chosen, money is removed from the coffer, and Dominic prepares the dream potion on a plinth. Upon drinking the potion the player is brought into the Nightmare Zone arena. Players can spectate another player's arena if they drink the spectator potion and enter the name of the player whom they wish to spectate.

You do not need to bring any required quest items needed to kill bosses; for example, the Black Knight Titan will die without excalibur, and items such as the magic secateurs are provided for Tanglefoot, a rune pickaxe for Slagalith, the anti-dragon shield for Elvarg, and runes for Chronozon or the Dagannoth mother. All items provided this way have (nz) at the end of their names, indicating that they will disappear when leaving the Nightmare Zone. Magic experience from casting spells by using (nz) runes is heavily reduced, but does not apply to experience gained from damage dealt.

It can be beneficial to bring a bonecrusher as all bosses will drop their 100% drops, Tangleroot drops leaves, Karamel drops Choc-ice, Dad drops Big Bones, etc..

Note: If you log out while inside the arena you will log in outside of the Nightmare Zone.

Practice[edit | edit source]

In practice mode, a single, previously defeated boss can be selected to fight 1-on-1 until either the boss or player dies. No experience is given, no Nightmare Zone points are awarded for defeating the boss, and no kill counts for a slayer assignment. Drops, such as Dragon Bones from Elvarg, WILL be awarded upon defeat of the boss.

Endurance[edit | edit source]

Endurance mode is a 1-on-1 fight with every unlocked boss in waves until the either the player dies or defeats all unlocked bosses, earning points for each boss defeated (see 'Points Awarded' in the bosses table below).

Beating every boss in normal endurance mode awards a total of 215,269 points and in hard endurance mode a total of 771,696.

Rumble[edit | edit source]

Rumble mode allows a single player or group of up to 5 players to fight multiple bosses at the same time in a random order with duplicates. A solo player will only every encounter a maximum of 4 bosses at once, adding more players to the party increases the maximum bosses in the arena at one time. Killing a boss rewards points and causes another boss to spawn afterwards endlessly until the player dies or leaves. All players involved must have the required amount of coins in the coffer. When in a group, only bosses that all players involved have unlocked are accessible. Standard rumble uses all bosses unlocked. Customisable rumble allows the player to choose which bosses are fought in the dream, however the more bosses that are disabled the less points rewarded for each kill. Partying with another player who has fewer quests completed host the rumble does not increase points gained.

The interface for customisable rumble dreams.

To start a rumble, a player must first speak to Dominic, and if grouping up, invite other participating players within the enclosure. Leaving the enclosure automatically removes that player from the group. Once the hosting player drinks the Dream potion, players in the group will be prompted to either join the shared dream or leave the group.

The maximum number of points that can be gained in one hard rumble is 1,048,575 () points.

Players can be in the Nightmare Zone for 6 hours before being 6 hour logged.

Power-ups[edit | edit source]

A player using the Zapper power-up in Rumble mode.

In Rumble mode, there are power-ups that spawn in the arena randomly and giving the player that activates it a temporary advantage. There are four power-ups, each with an individual colours denoting its use:

  • Recurrent damage - Red in colour, using this power-up deals a second instance of damage whenever you hit. The extra damage does NOT give exp. The extra damage is dependent on your initial damage, dealing 3/4 of the initial damage. For example, hitting a 35 will deal an extra 26 damage. This power-up lasts 45 seconds.
  • Zapper - Purple in colour, using this power-up damages nearby monsters over time. The zapper doesn't damage bosses immune to normal attacks (such as the Dagannoth Mother and Tanglefoot). This has a max hit of 8. This power-up lasts 1 minute.
  • Power surge - Yellow in colour, using this power-up fills the player's special attack bar and regenerates it by 20% per tick. This power-up lasts 45 seconds.
  • Ultimate force - White in colour, using this power-up instantly kills all the bosses present in the arena. Points are not NOT rewarded for those bosses death.
    • These kills will, however, count towards a Slayer task (if applicable) and grant Slayer experience as long as you dealt at least 1 damage to the assigned monster.

Power-ups disappear if they are not activated after 1 minute.

Slayer Training[edit | edit source]

Some monsters within the Nightmare Zone provide slayer experience when killed on task. These monsters are easier to kill than their normal counterparts because of the ability to use overloads and absorptions. However, in order to start an instance, fives bosses must be selected, limiting experience gain dramatically but still allowing for a much more AFK alternative for some monsters. In order to maximise slayer experience it is recommended to use other bosses that are easy and quick to kill such as Count Draynor, Trapped Soul, Sand Snake, and King Roald. The use of ALL powerups is recommended, including Ultimate force if at least one point of damage has been dealt to the slayer task monster.

Slayer Task Monster Slayer Experience Gained (Hardmode) Quest Prerequisite
Troll Dad 126 (264) Troll Stronghold
Troll Arrg 150.5 (299.6) Troll Romance
Troll Ice Troll King 161 (287) The Fremennik Isles
Black Demon Black Demon 157 (255) The Grand Tree
Lizardman Corrupt Lizardman 50 (150) Tale of the Righteous
Vampyre Count Draynor 35 (210?) Vampyre Slayer
Vampyre Dessous 220 (299.6) Desert Treasure
Green Dragon Elvarg 80 (246) Dragon Slayer
Scabarite Giant Scarab 137 (280.5) Contact!
Ice Warrior Kamil 146 (312) Desert Treasure

Bosses[edit | edit source]

The following table details the list of all monsters that can be encountered within the Nightmare Zone; the more quests completed, the more a player has access to. In Rumble mode, the only bosses that appear are those that all participating players have access to.

Note: Point values increase based on the number of bosses included. These points are the maximum points that can be given (this assumes ALL quests have been completed and ALL bosses are enabled, not just those required for bosses below). If you are in a team, points are split between those who attacked the monster. The person who did the most damage will take a larger percentage of the maximum points from that monster.
Many bosses provide increased experience per damage dealt, such as Dad, Moss Guardian, Arrg, and the Ice Troll King.
  • In hard mode, several bosses will only use melee style and none get defensive increases, making Hard mode not only better for points but actually far easier to complete as well.
Name Combat Level (Hard Mode) Hitpoints (Hard Mode) Defence Level Attack style Points gained (Normal) Points gained (Hard) Notes and precautions Quest
Trapped Soul 30 (101) 30 (100) 20 Melee 182 2,270 The Ascent of Arceuus
Count Draynor 34 (177) 35 (210) 30 Melee 223 7,038 A hammer and stake are not required.
Has increased hitpoint regenereation unless you are carrying garlic. Kills count towards vampyre slayer tasks.
Vampyre Slayer
Corsair Traitor 35 (103) 55 (160) 20 Magic 279 2,270 Casts weaken, lowering your Defence by 5 (0r 15 in hard) per cast. The Corsair Curse
Sand Snake 36 (154) 60 (180) 20 Melee 243 5,222 The Depths of Despair
Corrupt Lizardman 46 (152) 50 (150) 38 Melee, ranged 425 5,222 Can poison the player damaging the player through absorption potions Tale of the Righteous
King Roald 47 (188) 75 (150) 30 Melee 446 7,946 Shouts various humourous phrases. What Lies Below
Witch's experiment 19, 30, 42, 53 (47, 77, 90, 103) 21, 31, 41, 51 (63, 93, 102, 113) 19, 29, 39, 49 Melee 567 2,270 Will use a glare that will drain player's melee stats by 5%, and four forms must be defeated before the player can progress. Witch's House
The Kendal 70 (210) 50 (150) 60 Melee 993 9,989 Mountain Daughter
Me 79 (201) 45 (135) 74 Melee 1,257 9,081 Initiates a humorous dialogue between them and the player as the fight progresses. Lunar Diplomacy
Elvarg 83 (214) 80 (240) 70 Melee, Dragonfire 1,378 10,217 An anti-dragon shield is provided in the arena, and is a must to fight Elvarg. Without it, she will deal significant damage and drain the player's melee stats and prayer to single digits instantly. Elvarg will still dragon prayer every hit still. Kills count towards green dragon slayer tasks. Dragon Slayer
Moss Guardian 84 (182) 120 (240) 60 Melee attack that also hits with Magic 1,319 7,492 This moss giant attacks with melee, but each attack has a Magic splash, hitting through protection prayers, however Protect from Melee is more effective. Roving Elves
Slagilith 92 (202) 60 (150) 75 Melee 1,394 9,081 Damage from not-pickaxe weapons is reduced by 66% (Experience is awarded for pre-reduction damage). Low crush defence; high stab defence; a rune pickaxe is provided in the arena. One Small Favour
Nazastarool 91, 68, 93 (176, 153, 181) 100, 75, 110 (154, 180, 176) 80, 58, 80 Melee 1,743 7,265 Has three forms which the player must defeat in order to progress. Shilo Village
Treus Dayth 101 (194) 85 (240) 100 Melee 1,825 7,400 Does not possess anything, but will disappear then reappear briefly after a taking damage. Kills count towards ghosts slayer tasks. Haunted Mine
Skeleton Hellhound 97 (198) 55 (132) 100 Melee 1,906 8,854 In Search of the Myreque
Dagannoth mother 100 (201) 100 (240) 81 Melee, Ranged 2,027 9,081 Takes damage based on colour: white takes damage from air spells, blue takes damage from water spells, orange takes damage from melee, brown takes damage from earth spells, red takes damage from fire spells, and green takes damage from Ranged. Horror from the Deep
Agrith-Naar 100 (196) 100 (209) 82 Melee, Magic 2,027 8,627 Uses Magic and teleports the player to it only when out of Melee range. Silverlight is not required. Shadow of the Storm
Tree spirit 101 (199) 85 (187) 80 Melee 2,068 8,854 Undead but no benefits [1]. If the Tree spirit is attacked and cannot reach the player, it will move towards the player in a sudden manner, passing other NPCs to free itself. Lost City
Dad 101 (201) 120 (240) 50 Melee 2,068 9,081 Knocks the player player back several spaces and stuns. High magic and ranged defence. Kills count towards troll slayer tasks. Standing next to a wall is useful. Troll Stronghold
Tanglefoot 111 (199) 102 (204) 91 Melee 2,494 8,854 Can only be damaged with magic secateurs, which are provided in the arena. Fairytale I - Growing Pains
Khazard warlord 112 (192) 169 (256) 80 Melee 2,534 8,173 Tree Gnome Village
Arrg 171 (210) 150 (255) 40 Melee, Ranged 2,575 9,989 Attacks with ranged when not in melee distance. Kills count towards troll slayer tasks. Troll Romance
Black Knight Titan 120 (210) 141 (255) 91 Melee 2,920 9,989 Excalibur is not required. Extremely high magic and ranged defence. Holy Grail
Ice Troll King 122 (216) 150 (255) 80 Normal: Melee, Ranged, Magic
Hard: Melee
3,001 10,217 In normal: Attacks with Ranged when not in melee distance, using Protect from Ranged causes him to Ice Barrage. If within melee distance he uses Magic and melee. His Ice Barrage interrupt attacks and freezes. Using Protect from Melee causes him to knock you back several squares and start ranging you. It is recommended to use Protect from Missiles and drinking a dose of absorption to negate the magical damage he deals. Extremely high magic and ranged defence. In hard: Melee only with no other mechanics. The Fremennik Isles
Bouncer 137 (244) 116 (232) 120 Melee 3,791 13,395 Doesn't count towards hellhound slayer tasks. Fight Arena
Glod 138 (276) 160 (255) 110 Melee 3,852 17,255 Has the chance to make players either run away in fear or charge at him in anger. He can disable any active Prayers and lowers their prayer points by a significant amount. Grim Tales
Evil Chicken 159 (286) 120 (240) 126 Magic 5,110 18,390 Its Magic attack hits very low but frequently. Recipe for Disaster - Sir Amik Varze
Agrith-Na-Na 146 (235) 200 (255) 82 Melee, Magic 4,319 12,487 Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Flambeed 149 (238) 210 (255) 75 Melee, Magic in melee range only 4,501 12,714 Like Fareed, use water spells or ice gloves must be worn to attack otherwise your weapon will be unequipped. Warning: Not wearing Ice Gloves while fighting Fareed with a FULL inventory will result in your weapon being dropped to the floor, and you will lose the weapon if you don't pick it up before dying. Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Karamel 136 (186) 240 (255) 100 Magic 3,731 7,719 Drains stats frequently, overloads are recommended. Drains Prayer points by 3 until 3 or less points are left. Freezes interupts auto-retaliate and movement orders, but does not stop the player from moving. While in melee range, once all the player's stats reach less than 3, the freeze will do 3 damage until the player is less than 2 Hitpoints. Protect from Magic stops it from attacking. Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Dessourt 121 (217) 140 (255) 99 Magic, Ranged 2,960 10,671 Has an attack which is one part Magic, one part Ranged, each of which do double 5s for a total of 10 Hitpoints. Protect from Magic or Missiles is recommended to halve the damage received. Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Gelatinnoth Mother 130 (201) 240 (240) 81 Ranged, Magic 3,426 9,081 Uses Ranged and Magic attacks simultaneously. Like the Dagannoth Mother, takes damage based on colour: white takes damage from air spells, blue takes damage from water spells, orange takes damage from melee, brown takes damage from earth spells, red takes damage from fire spells, and green takes damage from Ranged. Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Culinaromancer 75 (209) 140 (255) 10 Magic 1,135 9,762 Magic attacks hit very high; Protect from Magic is recommended. Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Chronozon 170 (297) 60 (120) 173 Melee 5,860 19,979 All four blast spells are required to kill him. Runes are provided in the arena. Family Crest
Black demon 172 (292) 165 (255) 152 Melee 5,982 19,298 Kills count towards black demon slayer tasks. The Grand Tree
Giant Roc 172 (257) 200 (255) 100 Ranged 5,982 14,984 Has a special attack that knocks the player several squares back and stuns them. Has a ranged attack throwing a rock that deals a lot of damage, using Protect from Ranged causes Giant Roc to not use this attack; run away to avoid it My Arm's Big Adventure
Dessous 139 (217) 200 (255) 99 Magic, Ranged 3,913 10,671 Like Dessourt, he uses a special attack that is both Magic and Ranged. Wind spells are very effective. Desert Treasure
Damis 103, 174 (200, 272) 90, 200 (198, 255) 90, 160 Melee 6,123 16,574 After his first form is defeated, he will become far stronger and will drain Prayer at a high rate. Absorption potions are recommended. Desert Treasure
Fareed 227 (299) 130 (255) 135 Melee, Magic in melee range only 5,637 20,206 Like Flambeed, use water spells or ice gloves must be worn to attack otherwise your weapon will be unequipped. Hits very high without Protect from Melee. Warning: Not wearing Ice Gloves while fighting Fareed with a FULL inventory will result in your weapon being dropped to the floor, and you will lose the weapon if you don't pick it up before dying. Desert Treasure
Kamil 154 (273) 130 (255) 135 Magic 4,803 16,801 Freezes frequently, stopping movement and interrupting auto-retaliate. Does not drain stats. Hits through Protect from Magic, but it forces him into melee distance will force him into melee range. Standing in the square next to him causes freeze to never deal damage. Desert Treasure
Nezikchened 187 (295) 150 (150) 167 Magic 7,077 19,752 Standing in melee range of Nezikchened will cause him to stop attacking. He can be used to trap other bosses behind him, though bosses such as Dad, Agrith-Naar and the Giant Roc can move the player away from Nezikchened. Legends' Quest
Barrelchest 210 (380) 134 (255) 140 Melee 7,320 32,694 Deals high damage, drains Prayer and Defence, turns off protection prayers before attacking. The Great Brain Robbery
Giant scarab 191 (316) 130 (255) 169 Melee, Ranged 7,381 22,477 Low stab and Magic defence, and uses what appears to be earth Blast but is really a Ranged attack, so use Protect from Missiles. It will not summon reinforcements as it did during Contact! Contact!
Jungle Demon 195 (327) 170 (255) 170 Normal: Melee, Magic
Hard: Melee
7,705 24,066 Low Ranged defence, deals both high Magic and melee damage in Melee range. In hard mode, only uses melee attacks. The 10th squad will not be here to aid you like they did during Monkey Madness I. Monkey Madness I
Elven traitor 182 (368) 300 (300) 102 Ranged 6,712 30,651 Green arrow deals high damage, purple arrow disables prayer, orange arrow is slow and can be dodged, but hits 50+ damage through prayer Song of the Elves
Essyllt 236 (395) 320 (320) 104 Melee, Magic, Ranged 22,548 70,836 Can attack from huge range, occasionally stuns the player and quickly throws a knife dealing up to 43+ damage, which can be blocked with Protect from Missiles if the player is fast enough. He also occasionally throws a vial with blue liquid that drains all the player's combat stats below 5 of their non-boosted level. Song of the Elves
The Untouchable 274 (440) 90 (180) 434 Melee 15,208 43,819 In hard mode: Reflects the floor of 20% of all damage dealt, a minimum of 1 Dream Mentor
The Everlasting 223 (365) 230 (255) 120 Melee 23,846 30,196 Has very high Magic Defence; stab or Ranged attacks will deal better damage. Will be ignored by Zapper power-up Dream Mentor
The Inadequacy 343 (600) 180 (255) 240 Melee, Ranged 20,595 81,736 Uses melee attacks only when within Melee range; otherwise, it will only use Ranged attacks. It will not summon doubts like it did during Dream Mentor. Protection prayers are effective. Dream Mentor

Rewards - Dom Onion's Reward Shop[edit | edit source]

The rewards for the Nightmare Zone are contained in a chest near Dominic Onion, split into three categories: Resources, Upgrades, and Benefits. These rewards can only be purchased using Reward points obtained inside the minigame. A maximum of 2,147,483,647 points may be stored in the chest at once.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The rewards for participating in the Nightmare Zone.

Resources include certain Herblore ingredients, elemental runes, and items that are only obtainable via the minigame, such as scrolls of redirection.

Note: The only item Ironman mode accounts may buy from the resources tab of the shop are scrolls of redirection.

*All players can only purchase 15 herb boxes per day.

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 100.0% • Change per: 1.0%
in stock
sold at
GP per point
Bucket of sand.pngBucket of sand200380.19
Dragon scale dust.pngDragon scale dust7501520.2
Compost potion(4).pngCompost potion(4)5,0004050.08
Air rune.pngAir rune2550.2
Water rune.pngWater rune2550.2
Earth rune.pngEarth rune2550.2
Fire rune.pngFire rune2550.2
Rune essence.pngRune essence60110.18
Pure essence.pngPure essence7020.03
Herb box.pngHerb box9,5009,526.8[b 1]1
Vial of water.pngVial of water14540.03
Scroll of redirection.pngScroll of redirection775N/AN/A
  1. Herb box value approximated based on data from Herb box main page.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

A player can imbue certain items with reward points. Imbuing an item provides bonuses and appends an (i) to the item name.

Imbued items have an Uncharge option when opening the options list in the inventory. The Uncharge option removes the bonuses from the item and refunds 80% of the reward points used to imbue it.

Imbuing all available items requires a total of 7,825,000 reward points.

Item Imbued Bonuses Points required
Black mask (i).png Black mask (imbued)[c 1] 15% bonus to Magic accuracy and damage on slayer tasks

15% bonus to Ranged accuracy and strength on slayer tasks

+0 Magic and Ranged attack bonuses instead of negative bonuses

Slayer helmet (i).png Slayer helmet (imbued) 15% bonus to Magic accuracy and damage on slayer tasks

15% bonus to Ranged accuracy and strength on slayer tasks

+3 instead of -6 Magic attack bonus

+3 instead of -2 Ranged attack bonus

+10 instead of -1 Magic defence bonus

Salve amulet(i).png Salve amulet (imbued) 15% bonus to Magic accuracy and damage against undead monsters

1/6 bonus to Ranged accuracy and strength against undead monsters

Salve amulet(ei).png Salve amulet (e) (imbued) 20% bonus to Magic accuracy and damage against undead monsters

20% bonus to Ranged accuracy and strength against undead monsters

Ring of the gods (i).png Ring of the gods (imbued) Gives the effect of the Holy wrench when equipped

+4 Prayer bonus

650,000[c 2]
Ring of suffering (i).png Ring of suffering (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 725,000
Berserker ring (i).png Berserker ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 650,000
Warrior ring (i).png Warrior ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 650,000
Archers ring (i).png Archers ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 650,000
Seers ring (i).png Seers ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 650,000
Tyrannical ring (i).png Tyrannical ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 650,000
Treasonous ring (i).png Treasonous ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 650,000
Granite ring (i).png Granite ring (imbued) Doubles equipment bonuses 500,000
  1. A Black mask (i) can be used to assemble a Slayer helm (i).
  2. Also requires a Holy wrench in addition to the points.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

A player uses an overload potion.

Benefits include certain potions that can only be used within the minigame. Dominic's potions are sold by the dose. When you purchase a dose, it is automatically stored in the barrels until the player withdraws them. All Nightmare Zone potions, excluding overloads due to the damage dealt, can be drunk extremely quickly, and like combo foods, you can actually drink 28 absorptions at the speed of cleaning an inventory of herbs, by clicking on them one by one, this can also be done with food/other potions with Nightmare Zone potions, without delaying any hits.

Item Points required
Super ranging (1).png Super ranging 250
Super magic potion (1).png Super magic 250
Overload (1).png Overload 1,500
Absorption (1).png Absorption 1,000

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
2 April 2020
Some spammy messages that played in Nightmare Zone when a boss transitions to another form instead of dying have been filtered.
25 July 2019
(update | poll)
With the release of Song of the Elves, Crystal equipment no longer degrades from use and therefore are not able to be imbued.
4 July 2019
(update | poll)
With the release of the Forthos Dungeon, red spiders' eggs have now been removed from the resource shop. Prior to its removal, it cost 300 points.
10 January 2019
(update | poll)
With snape grass and potato cacti becoming farmable produce, they were removed from the resource shop. Prior to their removal, they cost 175 and 1,250 points respectively.
10 March 2016
(update | poll)
Players can select their own set of bosses within the dream by selecting the customisable options after selecting Rumble mode.
21 May 2015
(update | poll)
The Ring of the Gods can now be imbued at Nightmare Zone for 650,000 points with a holy wrench in inventory.
3 April 2014
Items at NMZ no longer show their colour tags.
17 October 2013
(update | poll)
The Nightmare Zone reward shop now has Bank PIN protection.
10 October 2013
We have also made the overload potion in Nightmare Zone hit you for 50 hitpoints of damage when you drink it, in a similar way to how it worked before EoC.
3 October 2013
The overload effect from Nightmare Zone now resets itself more quickly if you leave unexpectedly.
26 September 2013
(update | poll)
  • The Seer, Archer, Warrior and Berserker rings can be imbued, improving their combat stats.
  • Crystal bows and shields can be imbued, making them keep their combat stats unchanged as they degrade.
  • Black Masks can be imbued, giving you combat bonuses when using Magic or Ranged attacks against your assigned Slayer target, and improving their combat stats a little.
  • The reward shop now sells Scrolls of Redirection that can be used to change the destination of a 'Teleport to House' tablet. You can choose a destination of any player-owned house portal, or Trollheim.
  • The reward shop now sells vials and a limited supply of herb boxes.
19 September 2013
Some balancing changes have been made in Nightmare Zone to favour players who've completed a wider variety of quests, not just the Lunar series.
12 September 2013
  • The Dagannoth and Gelattinoth Mothers no longer notify you about their colour changes if you've left the Nightmare Zone arena.
  • Nightmare Zone now plays more appropriate music for the Ice Troll King.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dominic Onion is a play on 'Dominion' as the minigame resembles the Dominion Tower in RuneScape 3.
  • Trying to cast the lunar spell Dream while in a dream within the Nightmare Zone yields the message "You cannot perform Inception here. Dreaming within this dream will inevitably activate your Kick (i.e. death).", as a reference to the 2010 sci-fi movie 'Inception'.
  • There is a very small chance for a cow to appear inside a dream. According to Mod Mat K (confirming player speculation), this is an easter egg referring to the cow in the area to start a dream, which couldn't be moved when the minigame was developed due to the lack of a map editor.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 9 August 2017. (Archived from the original on 26 April 2020.) Mod Ash: "I don't see any in the list that look like they'd be classed as undead."
  2. Mod Mat K. "Legitimately unsure how the Cow got into NMZ?." 13 May 2015. Reddit Forums.