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For information on degradable armour and weapons, click here.

Non-degradablearmour and weapons are items that have an unlimited number of uses without becoming broken or destroyed.

Melee equipment[edit | edit source]

Bandos armour, Godswords, Dinh's bulwark, and the Elder maul are the highest levels of non-degradable Melee armour and weaponry, requiring 65 Defence to wear Bandos armour and 75 Attack to wield any of the godswords. Additionally, although 75 Attack also applies to the bulwark and elder maul, 75 Defence is also required to wield the bulwark, and 75 Strength is also required to wield the maul.

Dragon equipment[edit | edit source]

Dragon equipment is the highest level of non-degradable Melee metallic armour and weaponry, requiring 60 Defence to wear dragon armour and 60 Attack to wield most dragon weapons (though for many, the completion of certain quests are also required—e.g. Monkey Madness I for the Dragon scimitar, Lost City for the Dragon dagger and longsword).

Ranged equipment[edit | edit source]

Armadyl armour, Armadyl crossbow, Heavy ballista, Twisted buckler, and Twisted bow are the highest levelled forms of non-degradable Ranged armour and weaponry, requiring level 70 Ranged to equip as well as 70 Defence for Armadyl armour, 70 Ranged for the Armadyl crossbow, or 75 Ranged for the ballista along with Monkey Madness II for the latter. The most powerful non-degradable Ranged weapon is the twisted bow, requiring a minimum of level 75 Ranged to wield. Also, the buckler requires both 75 Defence and 75 Ranged to wield.

Blessed dragonhide armour[edit | edit source]

Blessed dragonhide armour is the highest levelled form of non-degradable Ranged dragonhide armour, requiring level 70 Ranged to equip as well as 40 Defence for the full set (unlike black dragonhide armour, which only requires 40 Defence for the black dragonhide body).

Magic equipment[edit | edit source]

Ancestral robes are the highest level of non-degradable Magic armour, requiring level 75 Magic and 65 Defence to equip. The Staff of the dead and Kodai wand are the highest level of non-degradable Magic weapons, both requiring 75 Magic, but the staff has an additional requirement of 75 Attack.

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