Nylocas (A Night at the Theatre)

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Nylocas (A Night at the Theatre).png
Released28 July 2021 (Update)
LocationTheatre of Blood
QuestA Night at the Theatre
ExamineA very small nylocas.
Advanced data
NPC ID11182

A Nylocas can be seen in a cutscene during A Night at the Theatre. It is revealed through a memory that Verzik Vitur attempted to create a very powerful Nylocas through a breeding program. By cross-breeding a nylocas from her homeworld Vampyrium with a Gielinorian araxyte spider Verzik created this new variant.

The Nylocas however was very small, with Ranis Drakan expressing disappointment at the outcome. While showing the Nylocas to Ranis, it bites Verzik and quickly dies. Although they both thought the experiment was a failure, Verzik became infected due to the Nylocas' bite and began to change, eventually giving birth to the powerful Nylocas Queen.