Nylocas Hagios

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Nylocas Hagios are part of the wave prior to the Nylocas Vasilias encounter in the Theatre of Blood. They spawn alongside Nylocas Toxobolos and Nylocas Ischyros as they attempt to destroy the pillars. They also appear during the Verzik Vitur encounter, spawned periodically during the second and third phase whereupon they chase after players and burst when they get near, dealing high damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word "Nylocas" is very similar to the Hungarian word "Nyolcas", meaning "eight", referencing the eight legs of this arachnid-like creature.
  • The latter part of the name of the Nylocas Hagios likely derives from the Greek term "ἅγιος" ("ágios"), meaning "holy" or "saintlike", referencing its background within the lore and its magical powers.