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For the flatpacked version, see Oak toy box (flatpack).

The oak toy box can be built in the Toy box space of the Costume Room in a player-owned house. It requires 50 Construction to build and when built, it gives 120 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.

It can be used to store toys and other holiday items, usually obtained through seasonal events.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Construction Construction50 (b)120
Member icon.png
Ticks5 (3s)
Oak plank.pngOak plank2940
Total Cost940
Oak toy box icon.pngOak toy box1N/A

Toys[edit | edit source]

Set Pieces
Bunny ears Bunny ears.png
Scythe Scythe.png
Yo-yo Yo-yo.png
Easter basket Easter basket.png
Marionette Red marionette.png Blue marionette.png Green marionette.png
Rubber chicken Rubber chicken.png
Christmas hats Bobble hat.png Jester hat.png Tri-jester hat.png Woolly hat.png
Christmas scarves Bobble scarf.png Jester scarf.png Tri-jester scarf.png Woolly scarf.png
Zombie head Zombie head.png
Jack lantern mask Jack lantern mask.png
Reindeer hat Reindeer hat.png
Easter ring Easter ring.png
Skeleton outfit Skeleton mask.png Skeleton shirt.png Skeleton leggings.png Skeleton gloves.png Skeleton boots.png
Chicken outfit Chicken head.png Chicken wings.png Chicken legs.png Chicken feet.png
Grim reaper hood Grim reaper hood.png
Black h'ween mask Black h'ween mask.png
Black partyhat Black partyhat.png
Rainbow partyhat Rainbow partyhat.png
Cow outfit Cow mask.png Cow top.png Cow trousers.png Cow gloves.png Cow shoes.png
Antisanta outfit Antisanta mask.png Antisanta jacket.png Antisanta pantaloons.png Antisanta gloves.png Antisanta boots.png
Druidic wreath Druidic wreath.png
Santa outfit Santa mask.png Santa jacket.png Santa pantaloons.png Santa gloves.png Santa boots.png
Bunny outfit Bunny top.png Bunny legs.png Bunny paws.png Bunny feet.png
Anti-panties Anti-panties.png
Black santa hat Black santa hat.png
Inverted santa hat Inverted santa hat.png
Mask of balance Mask of balance.png
Toy animals Tiger toy.png Lion toy.png Snow leopard toy.png Amur leopard toy.png
Gravedigger outfit Gravedigger mask.png Gravedigger top.png Gravedigger leggings.png Gravedigger gloves.png Gravedigger boots.png
Cabbage cape Cabbage cape.png
Cruciferous codex Cruciferous codex.png
Giant present Giant present.png
Gnome child hat Gnome child hat.png
Hornwood helm Hornwood helm.png
Banshee outfit Banshee mask.png Banshee top.png Banshee robe.png Hunting knife.png
Sack of presents Sack of presents.png
Snow globe Snow globe.png
4th birthday hat 4th birthday hat.png
Birthday balloons Birthday balloons.png
Easter egg helm Easter egg helm.png
Hand fan Hand fan.png
Jonas mask Jonas mask.png
Rainbow Scarf Rainbow scarf.png
Runefest shield[t 1] Runefest shield.png
Snow imp costume Snow imp costume head.png Snow imp costume body.png Snow imp costume legs.png Snow imp costume tail.png Snow imp costume gloves.png Snow imp costume feet.png
Wise old man's santa hat Wise old man's santa hat.png
Prop sword Prop sword.png
Christmas tree costume Star-face.png Tree top.png Tree skirt.png Candy cane.png
Clown outfit Clown mask.png Clown gown.png Clown bow tie.png Clown trousers.png Clown shoes.png
Eek Eek.png
Eggshell outfit Eggshell platebody.png Eggshell platelegs.png
Birthday cake Birthday cake.png
Bunnyman mask Bunnyman mask.png
Giant easter egg Giant easter egg.png
Green gingerbread shield Green gingerbread shield.png or Red gingerbread shield.png or Blue gingerbread shield.png
Pumpkin lantern Pumpkin lantern.png
Skeleton lantern Skeleton lantern.png
Spookier outfit Spookier hood.png Spookier robe.png Spookier skirt.png Spookier gloves.png Spookier boots.png
Spooky outfit Spooky hood.png Spooky robe.png Spooky skirt.png Spooky gloves.png Spooky boots.png
Cat ears Cat ears.png
Hell cat ears.png
Carrot swords Carrot sword.png '24-carat' sword.png
Magic egg ball Magic egg ball.png
War ship War ship.png
  1. The Runefest shield is unlocked by redeeming it from Diango with the code runefest17.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
2 September 2020
(update | poll)
Toy boxes can store partially completed sets.
31 May 2013
Toy boxes in Player-Owned Houses have been updated to hold the untradeable 'rare' items that will be released over the summer.