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1 Defence Obby Pure60 Def Obby Tank
High-level Obby TankObby Zerker
Obsidian mauler
? (edit)
Also calledObby mauler, Mauler, Obby pure, Dwh pure, Strength pure
Build type1-vs-1
Combat level55
Primary attack styleMelee.png
Max hit with boosts
  • Tzhaar-ket-om.png — 49 (Tzhaar-ket-om)
  • Dragon warhammer.png — 63 (Dragon warhammer)
Combat icon.png Example combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.pngPrayer icon.pngAttack style icon.png

An obsidian mauler is a type of pure build. The name "Obsidian Mauler" derives from the build's iconic weapon: the Tzhaar-ket-om, which is most commonly referred to as 'obby maul'. The main objective of the build is to train Strength to extremely high levels (often level 99) whilst restricting all other Combat stats to maintain a low Combat level. Obbies typically remain at a low Attack level (often level 1), naturally having low Ranged and Magic levels. Obby maulers unlock access to the tzhaar-ket-om at just 60 Strength allowing obbies to hit high amounts of damage in comparison to other pures in their combat level bracket. As of 21 April 2021, all warhammers including Dragon warhammer now require Strength to wield instead of Attack,[1] making this account build massively more powerful than ever before for both non-members and members Player killing.

Zamorak halo.png
Fire cape.png
Berserker necklace.png
Unholy blessing.png
Varrock armour 1.png
Fremennik kilt.png
Regen bracelet.png
Spiked manacles.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Attack bonusStab: -1Slash: -1Crush: +79Magic: -54Range: -10Defence bonusStab: +51Slash: +50Crush: +49Magic: -9Range: +37Other bonusesMelee strength: +116Ranged strength: +0Magic damage: +0.0%Prayer: +9Weight icon.png 13.5 kg
Obsidian helmet.png
Fire cape.png
Berserker necklace.png
Unholy blessing.png
Obsidian platebody.png
Obsidian platelegs.png
Regen bracelet.png
Dragon boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Attack bonusStab: -1Slash: -1Crush: +79Magic: -3Range: +7Defence bonusStab: +139Slash: +158Crush: +146Magic: -31Range: +121Other bonusesMelee strength: +122Ranged strength: +0Magic damage: +0.0%Prayer: +6Weight icon.png 29.9 kg
Serpentine helm.png
Fire cape.png
Berserker necklace.png
Rada's blessing 2.png
Bandos chestplate.png
Bandos tassets.png
Regen bracelet.png
Primordial boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Attack bonusStab: +1Slash: +1Crush: +81Magic: -45Range: -15Defence bonusStab: +240Slash: +230Crush: +256Magic: -16Range: +273Other bonusesMelee strength: +127Ranged strength: +0Magic damage: +0.0%Prayer: +8Weight icon.png 28.9 kg
Berserker helm.png
Fire cape.png
Berserker necklace.png
Unholy blessing.png
Fighter torso.png
Inquisitor's plateskirt.png
Regen bracelet.png
Spiked manacles.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Attack bonusStab: -4Slash: -4Crush: +91Magic: -57Range: -3Defence bonusStab: +132Slash: +141Crush: +149Magic: -20Range: +116Other bonusesMelee strength: +124Ranged strength: +0Magic damage: +0.0%Prayer: +8Weight icon.png 25.0 kg

Features of this build[edit | edit source]

Attack level boost / Combat level of build chart Assuming 1 Defence, 99 Strength, 99 Hitpoints.
Tzhaar-ket-om equipped.png
Dragon warhammer equipped male.png
  • Many variants of this build exist, and this type of account build is typically used in PvP to dominate other pures in 1v1 settings in the low to mid-level combat brackets. By maintaining a relatively low Combat level, they are a direct counter to most 1 Defence pures in PvP, but have a difficulty in accurately landing hits on any opponents with Defence levels.
  • Obby Maulers are recognized to have any combination of the following stats:
    • 1-20 Attack, 60+ Strength, 1-99 Defence, 1-43 Prayer, 10-99 Hitpoints (lower Hitpoints builds are typically made for being non-PvP trophy accounts, except for Ironman builds), and a low Ranged and Magic level that does not exceed 67% of their combined Attack + Strength levels. For example, a 1 Attack, 99 Strength Obby Mauler build can achieve 67 Ranged & Magic before being considered Ranged/Mage-based. It is crucial for Obbies to remain Melee-based due to the maximization of combat level to be more efficient to PK with. After exceeding the Range/Mage level cap, each additional Ranged/Mage level nets +0.33 Combat levels. If you are needing help determining specifics about your Combat level, please refer to a Combat Calculator.
  • Reasons to train higher Attack/Defence/Prayer levels are for more accuracy, unlock higher equipment, and to access better Prayers. The only drawback to training these aforementioned stats past level 1 is additional Combat levels. Many Obbies try to maintain a fine balance to find the perfect build for their needs based on how they expect their Obby account to perform in PvP/PvM settings.
  • When creating your Obby build, refer to the chart pictured to determine which stats you desire, as well as the Attack boosts offered and Combat level your build will end up with when you max out.

Recommended quests[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of mandatory quests all obby builds should complete; please double-check quest experience rewards before completing these quests:

  1. Horror from the Deep - This unlocks the best-in-slot off-hand weapon for most obbies (Unholy Book and Book of war)
  2. Death to the Dorgeshuun - This quest unlocks the ability for obbies to utilise the bone dagger Special attack, which is crucial for PvM and PvP, as it lowers the Defence of your opponent by the amount that you hit.
  3. Bone Voyage - This quest grants access to the Fossil Island. On the island, you can use the highly viable and AFK combat training NPC: Ammonite Crabs, Sulliuscep to help you with the 55 Slayer grind, and access to Skilling methods such as Birdhouses, Herbiboar, Seaweed Farming, Hardwood Patches for Farming and much more.
  4. Start Dragon Slayer I - Do not finish this quest unless you want to gain Defence experience. This quest grants access to the usage of Anti-dragon shield and Antifire potions which are mandatory for PvP, as opponents often use Dragon bolts (e) and have a spec that can deal very high damage.
  5. Partial Completion of Mountain Daughter - This quest unlocks one of the best-in-slot headgear equipment options 1 Defence Obby maulers can utilise: the bearhead. Often rivaled with any Castle wars or Last man Standing halo, this helm is very accessible to obtain, and you can easily obtain multiples if you happen to lose it by dying in PvP/PvM combat.
  6. Dwarf Cannon - Grants access to the Dwarf multicannon. The cannon can be used for low-level Slayer training if needed.
  7. One Small Favour - Upon completion, this quest grants two 10,000 exp lamps which can be used on Slayer. This quest also grants access to Guthix Rests, which are a powerful item to aid you in PvP combat.
  8. Recipe for Disaster for mithril gloves. Even though the Combat bracelet has slightly better bonuses than mithril gloves, it is always recommended to advance your account's progression by unlocking the gloves on any PvP build because they are cheap, and unlock quite a bit of content along the way. It is worth doing.
Alternative Builds Quest Guide

This is NOT a full build guide, as there are some builds which require no quest rewards and are purely trained (i.e. 5, 7, 10, 14 Attack builds etc). However, here is a list of quests for common Attack/Defence builds.

Please double-check Quest Experience Rewards before completing these quests:

Training[edit | edit source]

Training an obsidian pure can be a rather lengthy process since keeping your Attack stat at low levels means melee hits are fairly inaccurate at times. Obbies usually use main weapons such as the goblin paint cannon, the Ham joint, the Swift blade, the Dragon warhammer, the Tzhaar-ket-om, and the Slayer's staff for training. In the off-hand slot, obbies typically use the Unholy book to maximize Crush Accuracy bonuses. The Slayer's Staff is an iconic and cheap weapon for obby maulers to use, and is the preferred weapon to use for training because it has the highest damage-per-second output, has low overkill, and has a decent speed of 4 game ticks per hit. All of these reasons result in faster, more efficient training on low-defence targets (such as crabs) when compared to other Strength-training weapons. The Slayer's staff requires 50 Magic and 55 Slayer, which is a grind that is worth taking on for any Obby mauler build. If you do not yet have 55 Slayer, see below sub-topic for recommendations on how to train the skill as an Obby. If you insist on training Strength without the Slayer's staff, it is recommended to use the Dragon warhammer as it offers comparable Strength experience per hour, or the Ham joint if you are not yet 60 Strength.

Players train at the following NPCs:

Alternative training methods exist for training Strength that involve limiting the build's Hitpoints level to be able to engage in PvP with low combat-leveled opponents (this is commonly referred to as having a prodded build). These methods include:

Keep in mind that these methods are uncommon due to the current nature of PvP, where items such as Dragonstone dragon bolts (e), the Dragon warhammer and Volatile nightmare staff are prevalent KO weapons among PK builds even at low-combat level brackets in PvP that hit high amounts of damage. It is encouraged to take advantage of the ability to train your Obby's Hitpoints level high enough to be able to withstand the special attack of these powerful weapons.

55 Slayer Grind[edit | edit source]

In this section, you will be shown the most effective approach towards level 55 Slayer. Of course, if you prefer, you can still do regular Slayer tasks at Turael, Vannaka, or Krystilia with a Venom alt.[clarification needed] Just note that everything we do here has advantages as far as unlocking more content and items in the game, quest completions, and Skill level ups as compared to if you decide train Slayer the traditional way (not recommended). To elaborate, the three main components to this guide are Fossil Island, One Small Favour, and Achievement Diaries.

  • If you skip the Fossil Island method, which will account for the bulk of the experience, you also won't be able to access Ammonite Crabs, which have 40hp more than Sand Crabs and are often less crowded. If you don't want to earn the Fossil Island exp lamps, but want to access the crabs, you can just do steps 1-7 below, ignoring step 4.
  • If you skip One Small Favour, you won't be able to use Guthix rests. To skip this section, just do steps 12-14.
  • If you skip all of the Achievement Diaries, you'll miss out on Varrock armour 1, which is currently best-in-slot for 1 Defence Obbies in terms of Crush Defence and Ranged Defence bonus. You'll also miss out on a few other quality-of-life items such as the Explorer's ring 1, the Falador shield 1, and Ardougne cloak 1. Of course, you can do some diaries without doing others, but it is recommended to complete them all for the easy reward lamps.

166,636 experience points are needed for level 55 Slayer, which should be obtained by the following activities: 1,000 experience at the start from the Natural history quiz, 120,000 experience from all of the Fossil Island lamps, 20,000 experience from One Small Favour, and 23,500 experience from the available achievement diaries.

STEP 1) To start, go ahead and complete Druidic Ritual, if you haven't already.

STEP 2) Get level 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, and 25 Thieving so you can complete The Dig Site.

STEP 3) With The Dig Site complete, head to the Varrock Museum. Go down one floor to the Natural history exhibit, and speak with Orlando Smith. Complete the Natural history quiz. If done correctly, you should have 28 kudos at this point. Doing so will also grant you 1000 experience in both Slayer and Hunter, which should put each of them at level 9 if you haven't leveled them previously.

STEP 4) Go to the best slayer master for your level, and slay until at least level 20. You can stop here if you'd like, but if you go ahead and slay until 5,636 exp (just past level 22), you can get away with doing one less achievement diary later. Whatever you choose, congrats! Complete the rest of this guide and you'll never have to slay again.

STEP 5) Go back to the main floor of the Varrock Museum, and go through the gate to clean some some digsite finds. You'll need one of each: ancient coin, an old coin, an old symbol, an ancient symbol, and pottery. Show each one of these to one of the archaeologists sitting at the tables, and then put it in its display case outside of the gate. The pottery case will already have some pottery in it; just place the pottery you find inside the same case. Each one of these will give you 10 kudos when completed. By the end of this section, you should have 78 kudos total.

  • While not completely necessary, it is also highly recommended that you keep searching until you find a ruby necklace. The chance of finding one is 1/51, but it's worth it when you do, because the archaeologist will teach you how to enchant ruby necklaces so you can teleport to the digsite, and eventually to a central location on Fossil Island. You cannot buy an already-enchanted ruby necklace on the Grand Exchange, and you'll need 49 magic to enchant your own, but you'll need 50 magic to wield your Slayer's staff anyway, so you may as well get it done now. You can also use ruby enchant tablets or the Fountain of Rune to save magic exp, if you prefer. The latter is mostly only useful for Ironmen.

STEP 6) Go up the stairs, and talk to Historian Minas. Here, you'll be able to turn in certain quests for 5 kudos each. You only need 100 kudos total, so you'll want to turn in 5 quests. Complete the following Quests to achieve the remainder of 100 kudos:

  • Demon Slayer will eventually be a requirement if you intend to go for mithril gloves, so you might as well get it done here.
  • Rune Mysteries is easy enough, and will eventually be a prerequisite for One Small Favour and the Enter the Abyss mini-quest, which is required to complete the easy Wilderness diary.
  • Hazeel Cult is very quick, and very easy. You can knock this out in a few minutes and claim your kudos.
  • Merlin's Crystal is another simple one. Note that you don't actually need 20 Attack to do this quest - you can simply right click on Excalibur from your inventory, and use it on the crystal.
  • Priest in Peril will grant you Prayer experience, but if you're aiming for 13 Prayer or higher, this is a great one to get done. If you don't want the prayer exp, you can replace this with Shield of Arrav, or another quest in the list.
    • If you need a partner for Arrav, try the "osrs soa" chat-channel.
    • If you choose another quest, watch out for unwanted exp rewards. Observatory Quest, for example, has a chance to grant you unwanted prayer/attack/defence experience. Check your star sign carefully before completing the quest.

STEP 7) Congratulations, you should now be at 103 kudos. Go ahead and talk to Curator Haig Halen on the main floor, and complete the Bone Voyage quest. This will grant you access to Fossil Island.

  • At this stage, you can also talk to the information clerk on the main floor for 3500 free Mining experience and 2500 Crafting experience. Warning: If you do this after you have 151+ kudos, she'll give 4000 prayer experience, among other types. Don't talk to her after 151 kudos unless you want a high prayer account.
  • If you have at least 21 Construction, you can build the bank chest and cleaning bench on the island. They're convenient for later. You can learn more on the wiki.

STEP 8) Go ahead and get level 65 Woodcutting for this next part. It is recommended to follow the Pay-to-play Woodcutting training. While there are other methods of collecting fossils on Fossil Island, the woodcutting method is by far the quickest, and will be the only one discussed in this guide.

STEP 9) When you're set up on Fossil Island, bring your best axe, antidote++ potions, a rake, and a partial inventory of food in preperation of chopping Sulliusceps. See here for a more thorough strategy guide.

  •  You'll be getting a mixture of small, medium, large, and rare fossils. The sulliusceps are fairly good Woodcutting exp, but to get all the fossils you need will take you from around ~77 Woodcutting, so be prepared to sit back and enjoy the short grind.
  • To make a bit of cash, trade all extra fossils to the fossil collector after you complete the museum exhibits later, and sell your numulite on the Grand Exchange.
  • A regen bracelet goes a long way here, as you'll be idling a lot while chopping, and you will be taking damage from Tar Monster', and mushroom spines whilst in the swamp.
  • If you don't have the health to tank the mushroom launcher the first time you arrive (it hits 50+), just run backwards through the area to the first mushroom.

STEP 10) When you're feeling comfortable about the amount of fossils you have, you can start cleaning them on the cleaning bench you built, or on the one in the Varrock Museum. They'll convert into one of five types of more specific fossils. Large fossils, when cleaned, will either turn into regular large fossils or plant fossils. When they're all cleaned, take them to the bottom floor of the Varrock museum, where you can store the fossils in the storage crate by the staircase for later.

  • You'll need 5 of each type of large fossil and and 5 of each type of plant fossil to complete their displays. You'll need 12 of each type of medium fossil and 14 of each type of small fossil to complete their displays. Keep cutting mushrooms until you get the fossils you need.
  • If you built the bank chest and cleaning bench on Fossil Island, clean everything there. You can place your cleaned fossils in the nearby Fossil Storage crate to teleport them to the bottom of the Varrock Museum. It'll save you some running.

STEP 11) When you have all of the fossils you need, you can start filling in the displays. Just take some fossils, and click the displays. Do the small ones first, then the medium, then the plant & large, and use all of your antique lamps on the Slayer skill.

You cannot bank the exp lamps after they're in your inventory. If you complete a display before you have the level requirement, you'll have to keep the lamp in your inventory until you can use it.

  • The small antique lamps have a level requirement of 20, and will get you past 30.
  • The medium lamps have a requirement of 30, and will get you past 35.
  • The large lamps have a level requirement of 35.

STEP 12) Complete the Jungle Potion quest. Also, complete Rune Mysteries if you haven't by this point. These are prerequisites for One Small Favour.

STEP 13) Obtain level 32 Agility (boostable), level 20 Crafting, and complete Shilo Village Quest.

  • Use the safespot against the boss, and it is recommended to use the Crumble Undead spell to make the boss fight easier.
  • The quest reward should give you the Crafting level needed for the quest in the next step.

STEP 14) Obtain level 36 Agility (boostable), level 18 Herblore, and level 30 Smithing (for Smithing level, you can easily complete The Knight's Sword quest for quick experience) to complete One Small Favour and use the lamps on Slayer.

  • Note that the lamps have a level requirement of 30, and cannot be banked. Don't complete this quest until you can use them.
  • Use the safespot on the rock boss, and bring enough food to handle the gang.
  • When talking to the gnome pilot on White Wolf Mountain, world hop until you find a world where the wolves won't interrupt your conversation, and click fast.

STEP 15) Complete all of the easy achievement diaries except Fremennik and Morytania. There are too many tiny requirements to list, but you can read about all of the diaries here. Each of these will give you a lamp that grants 2.5k experience, except for Karamja Diary's lamp, which only grants 1,000 exp. The Varrock Diary is the most important for the armour, but some of the others offer nice perks. You can replace any of these with traditional Slayer training with either Turael or Vannaka, if you wish.

With all of your lamps turned in, you should finally have 55 Slayer, and be able to wield your Slayer's staff (with 50 magic). Congrats! You're now officially an Obsidian mauler with your Slayer's staff.

References[edit | edit source]

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