Obelisk of Water

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Obelisk of Water
Obelisk of Water.png
Released18 March 2002 (Update)
LocationIsland above Taverley Dungeon
ExamineA column of elemental power.
Advanced data
Object ID2151
The Obelisk of Water on its small island off the Catherby coast.

The Obelisk of Water (referred to as water obelisk in the standard spellbook) is used to cast the Charge Water Orb spell; the spell must be cast on the obelisk, not on an orb. It is used for enchanting an unpowered orb into a water orb, requiring level 56 Magic, granting 66 Magic experience. The obelisk is located on the island across from the shore of Catherby, reached by climbing a ladder at the end of Taverley Dungeon by the black dragons.

Players may only grapple from the island to Catherby; players cannot grapple from the shore to the island.

The location of the ladder in Taverley Dungeon that leads to the Obelisk of Water.

Products[edit | edit source]

Water orb.png1 × Water orb
Member icon.png
  • Obelisk of Water
  • Magic 56
  • Magic 66