Official Order of Construction

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Official Order of Construction
Official Order of Construction.png
Released5 January 2017 (Update)
LocationLibrary Historical Archive
ExamineAn ancient book, mounted on a lectern.
Advanced data
Object ID30101

The Official Order of Construction is a book mounted on a lectern, found in the eastern part of the Library Historical Archive. It cannot be removed from the lectern it is on.

The book is an order written in the 5th decade by Lord Arceuus I to construct the Arceuus Library during The Long Winter.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Official Order of Construction.

Loyal citizens of Great Kourend, we face a grave danger.

The Winter Beast continues to ravage the lands to the north, as it has done so for three decades now.

The threat to our great kingdom is severe and our attempts to quell the beast are, thus far, unsuccessful.

However, we have perhaps been fortunate that the beast remains within the north and has not directed its fiercely cold presence towards our great kingdom.

But we would be foolish to assume this will always be the case, and we must prepare our kingdom to face this peril.

Fifteen decades have passed since our ancestors founded this great kingdom, and we must protect all that we have discovered, learned, crafted and forged.

In the event that our great kingdom does fall to the Winter Beast and all of us should perish, our history and discoveries must survive!

It is with this in mind that I, Lord Arceuus, Ruler of Great Kourend, hereby order the construction of a library. A library filled with texts, documents and research from all of Great Kourend. The library shall be constructed here, within Arceuus, and enchanted with spells from our greatest mages to protect the contents from evil.

The building of the library must be swift, so I call on all of Kourend to assist.

Lovakengj, your finest smiths will provide the materials for the library.

Shayzien, your strongest soldiers will transit the materials and construct the library.

Piscarilius, your seasoned fisherman will provide food for those working on the library.

Hosidius, your finest scribes will collect and organise the texts for the library.

Arceuus, our greatest mages will concoct the enchantments to protect the library.

Finally, I call upon you, all of you, the fine citizens of our great kingdom. You must all unite, gather your notes and scribe your thoughts.

No matter your duty, I urge each and every one of you to submit your writings to the library.

This great library will endure the trial of time, ensuring our civilization survives and remain at the heart of Great Kourend for many decades to come!

Lord Arceuus

1,778 - 5