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Ohn was an individual who accompanied Mortarium and his son, Onan, and several other men, in Tirannwn.

History[edit | edit source]

According to his diary, they were being tracked down by elven clans and escaped to the Poison Waste, south of modern-day Tyras Camp.

Upon their arrival, they encountered Harcinqa, her mother, and her brother Rentos who travelled from Arposandra. Deciding to temporarily settle in with them, his men were unable to catch any food and he contemplated going back north and taking their chances with the elven clans. The following night, Zulrah emerged and ate five of his men before the group could get to their senses. He was then adamant on heading back north, but Harcinqa's mother suggested another plan; while he was skeptical, he decided to go along with it.

The plan involved building a giant fire where the serpent emerged and Harcinqa's mother held out her son Rentos as an offering which it ate. She then proposed to offer it sacrifices and worship in return for the group's survival. The serpent simply slithered back into the swamp, which was interpreted as an agreement, although Ohn mourned Rentos' demise. The following day after the negotiation, Mortarium caught some eels which Harcinqa's mother interpreted as Zulrah agreeing to the deal and expected them to uphold their end of the bargain which he found to be the truth.

The third day after the deal, Ohn began to harbor distrust towards Harcinqa's mother as he knew she had manipulated the entire group to be fanatically loyal to Zulrah. On the fourth day, Harcinqa's mother declared another sacrifice would be needed and she would pick them. For reasons unknown, Ohn did not try to leave; as he is not present in the village. His journal's last entry remarks on how he hoped she would not choose him; as he is not present in the village, it is highly implied that he was picked as a sacrifice and was eaten by Zulrah.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Mod Ash during the 6th birthday stream, the humans of Zul-Andra were named after members of the Old School Team. For Ohn, it is named after Mod John C.