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Olaf's Quest is a quest about the unfortunate Fremennik Olaf Hradson, whose boat has crashed, rendering him unable to find his grandfather's treasure. You must help him find it and make sure his family do not find out about his failure.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The windswept tree, Olaf and Brine Rat Cavern entrance locations.

Starting off[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Olaf Hradson. He is northeast of Rellekka by the entrance to the snow hunting area and Keldagrim. Both the fairy ring with code DKS or the polar eagle are close to Olaf.
  • He will ask for a log cut from the windswept tree up the mountain path to the east. Go up the hill, and cut the tree with any axe to get windswept logs. You will know you are on the right path if snow begins to fall on the screen. Go back down and give Olaf the logs, and he will carve some artefacts for you to take to his wife and son.

To Rellekka[edit | edit source]

  • His wife, Ingrid Hradson, is located near the well in Rellekka (you can take the agility shortcut at the eastern fence if you have 57+ Agility or you can teleport to Rellekka using an Enchanted lyre). His son, Volf Olafson, is further north by the helmet shop. They will give you some food for Olaf. Save this in your inventory for later as Olaf will ask for food.
Sven's last map.

Back To Olaf[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Olaf again, and he will ask you to make a fire with some damp planks. Use them on the fire pit, and light it with your tinderbox(40 Firemaking required). After you make the fire, he will give you Sven's last map. The X represents the tree up on the hill that you cut down.
Note: Olaf will ask for a piece of food from you in exchange for the map, but you will provide it regardless of whether or not you agree to this. If you have any food in your inventory that you don't want to lose (such as summer pies if you brought them for later, OR any food given to you by the quest NPC's), drop them before talking to Olaf and pick them up afterwards to prevent the risk of losing them. You only have to give him one piece of food.
  • Dig next to the same windswept tree on the hill from earlier, and you will fall into a cave.
A detailed map of Brine Rat Cavern.

The cave[edit | edit source]

  • There is a boulder here that you may roll up to exit the cave. However, this is a one-way exit and using it will place you by Olaf. You will have to climb the hill and dig by the windswept tree in order to reenter. This is the same exit that you are sent to if you fall off of the slippery bridge later in the quest.
  • Head east and north in the cave.
    (Optional): Players can kill a brine rat for the Fremennik Medium Diary (47 Slayer required).
  • Kill a level 40 Skeleton fremennik along the way to get a key, or you can wait and kill one once you're in the room past the puzzle door (explained below). Crumble undead is useful to kill the skeleton quickly and since you may have only brought runes to save weight you might need to use Protect from Melee or use food if you have low defence and hitpoints.
  • Search the wall far west in the cave to find a puzzle on it that must be solved by pulling levers. The pieces must be rotated to get an image of a skull and crossbones. The levers in order are: right, up, left, down, and then the very bottom.
A picture of the completed puzzle.
  • Inside the next room, you will find ropes and rotten barrels that can be picked up. Take 2 barrels and, if you haven't brought them with you, 6 ropes.
  • If you brought an agility potion or a summer pie, drink or eat it here to boost your Agility level. Running is automatically disabled once you move onto the bridge tiles and cannot be reactivated while you are on the bridge. Walk across the bridge to the northeast, and use a barrel on the broken section of the bridge to fix it. Do this again on the next broken section. You may slip and fall off the bridge. If this happens, you will appear just north of Olaf and will have to climb up the hill by the windswept tree and dig to enter the cave again. Some energy potions would be helpful here.
    • Anecdotal evidence suggests the following things will aid crossing the bridge. Note: None of these are proven or confirmed, it may be the case that walking over normally is just as good:
      • Walking across one step at a time. Waiting five seconds in between each step seems to help significantly. This appears to be most helpful.
      • Having a high (50+) Agility level
      • Reducing your weight as much as possible. If you weigh 0 kg or less, this will greatly improve your chances. Players may want to focus on using Protect from Melee in the final fight to do this.
      • Wearing climbing boots obtainable from Tenzing after completing Death Plateau. Alternatively, wearing boots of lightness will help reduce weight.
      • Before going on the bridge, click on the gate and the player will go on the bridge walking towards the gate, and when they do, just spam-click the gate. After walking through the gate, spam-click the shore on the other side.
The gate and its subsequent puzzle.
  • There is a locked gate in the middle of the bridge. Try to open it, and you will be shown five different locks. If you fall you will have to collect a key again from a Skeleton fremennik nearby. Choose the one that matches the loop of your key, and the gate will open. If you lose your key, or fall off after the door, but before you complete the rest of the bridge, you will need to kill another Skeleton fremennik to get another key to be able to get back through the door.
A player fighting Ulfric.
A safespot location
  • Once through the gate, open the chest inside the ship wreck. A level 100 skeleton named Ulfric will appear from a grave. He uses only melee and you may use his grave as an obstacle for a safespot. It is worth noting that he can teleport to you during the fight. However, this may not be needed, as while Ulfric is strong and accurate, he only has 60 Hitpoints and can be killed quickly. A useful strategy is to only bring runes for crumble undead and/or a salve amulet (i) as both Ulfric and the Skeleton fremennik fought earlier are both undead and you can fight them with no armour using Protect from Melee.
  • After defeating Ulfric, search the chest again to finish the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Olaf's Quest reward scroll.png

Required for Completing[edit | edit source]

*Note the quest does not need to be finished to complete these diaries.

Music[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the quest was first released, the slippery bridge towards the end of the quest was considered by many players to be too difficult, and Jagex received many complaints. The next day, they issued a fix that made it slightly easier to cross the bridge after each failed attempt.
  • When you examine the boulder that you can roll once in the Brine Rat Cavern, the text is a reference to the game show Family Feud.
  • After rolling the boulder that blocks the Brine Rat Cavern exit, its examine text becomes "Keeps rolling, rolling, rolling..." which is a reference to the song "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" by the band Limp Bizkit.