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Olbertus is a treasure hunter found on the western side of the Forthos Dungeon, by the Altar of the Sun.

The temple coin[edit | edit source]

Olbertus (possessed) chathead.png

When the player first talks to him, he appears insane, talking to himself. He reveals that he has a coin he found in the dungeon, and tells the player that he will trade the coin for five unnoted dragonstones.

The player can choose to either give him five cut dragonstones (costing 59,050 coins), or kill him for the coin. If the player gives him the dragonstones, they will receive the coin. However, if the player chooses to kill him, a cutscene will begin where they discover Olbertus was actually possessed, and will transform into a Shaeded Beast. The beast will then curse the altar, which fully drains the player's prayer points and deals up to 30 damage if players attempt to pray there. This begins an instanced fight, where any items dropped by death will disappear forever, so proceed with caution. Upon killing the Shaeded Beast, it will drop the temple coin.

Olbertus transforms into the Shaeded Beast.

Regardless of which option the player chooses, Olbertus is freed of the possession and the player receives the temple coin. Olbertus thanks the player, and tells them that he accidentally trapped his friend, Eodan, in a chamber in the middle of the dungeon, and asks the player to rescue him.

It is recommended to give Olbertus the dragonstones instead of fighting him, as giving him the dragonstones will not result in the altar becoming cursed. Players can still remove the curse by offering 100 babydragon bones, dragon bones, lava dragon bones or superior dragon bones to the sacred bone burner, but this will cost significantly more than five dragonstones. In addition, while the altar is cursed, no prayer experience will be given.

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 July 2019

A typo when handing dragonstones over to Olbertus was fixed.

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