Old Shrine

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Old Shrine
Old Shrine.png
Released6 September 2018 (Update)
LocationSomewhere in the frozen landscape west of Ice Plateau
ExamineAn ancient stone, possibly used in some sort of ritual.
Advanced data
Object ID33307

The Old Shrine is a mysterious ritualistic shrine found south-east of Weiss. It is involved in the ritual that the Mahjarrat perform in the area when the planets are in alignment[1][2]. The ice troll Odd Stone attempted to nibble on it, but was chased off by a Mahjarrat, who he described as a scary "bone-head human", who was "probably magic"[3][4]. After this encounter, the trolls of Weiss blocked off access to the stone's location, and now steer clear of the area, to try and prevent any further encounters or risk any Mahjarrat coming to Weiss[5].

The shrine.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ General Khazard, "The General's Shadow", Old School RuneScape. "Tell them: The planets are nearing alignment; we will meet in the place of half light and ice soon. Beware of the others, for though they are weak and few, they are cunning."
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