Old man (Discovery of the Runes)

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The old man (right) with Samael Leynes, depicted in Discovery of the Runes

The old man was a wizard from Misthalin and the son of a smith of high standing. Near the end of his life, he told his tale in exchange for ale.

He was born in a time before runes, back when man struggled to survive, before they held an alliance with the dwarves. When he was young, his father told him a tale about a mage from the north that had visited his shop to buy basic tools such as hammers and chisels. The old man, eager for knowledge, snuck out in the middle of the night to find the man, to learn of magicks.

He was one of many who went to the man for teaching, the mage demonstrated a basic wind spell. They studied under the mage, and before long, they had learned magic such as telekinesis and alchemy. The group also learned how to craft magical runes. When the man had finished training, he returned home vowing to spread the message of the group's discoveries. His parents were angry that he had left without warning, once he showed them how to smelt using magic, his father almost collapsed with wonderment, His mother on the otherhand warned him of magicks danger and of the wrath of Gods.

He did not tell all that he knew, for he feared the knowledge would be used for evil.[1]

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