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This article is about Zorgoth's old notes. For other items named old notes, see Old notes.
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Old notes can be obtained during the Dragon Slayer II quest. The notes are written by Zorgoth, a dragonkin, noting his experiments to enhance the strength and aggressiveness of dragons in order to turn the tide on the war on humanity during the Fourth Age.

One of these notes can be found in the small laboratory in Crandor hidden in the north-east corner of Elvarg's lair. Six additional notes can be found in the laboratory underneath Ungael, and seven are found in the Lithkren Vault, of which four can only be obtained after completion of Dragon Slayer II.

The notes from Ungael and the Lithkren Vault can be combined into a single book by using all notes from the same location on each other, creating the Ungael lab notes and Lithkren vault notes, respectively.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Crandor[edit | edit source]

Location Text
Old notes (1) location.png
Hundreds of trials have been performed, so many that I have lost count. All previous trials ended in the same way, with the subject expiring. This trial was different though, the subject did not reject the spores as previous ones did. Alas, the results were unsatisfactory. The subject displayed heightened aggression, as desired. However, its strength is unchanged and its mental capacity is limited. It is encouraging to see we are on the right lines, but there is still a long way to go. Our work has outgrown this small facility, it is time to move on.

Ungael[edit | edit source]

Location Text
Old notes (2) location.png
There's a familiar power on this island. Could the stone have once rested here? Or was it another one of her wretched artefacts? Whatever it was, it has long since gone. However, this lingering power could still be of use, we just need to find a way to harness it.
Old notes (3) location.png
For so long we have been tweaking the spores to no effect. For this trial, I decided we should change the subject instead. Green has failed us so far, maybe Blue will have better results. Luckily for us, there are no shortages when it comes to our failed kin.
Old notes (4) location.png
Lithkren has a plentiful supply of the fungi needed for our trials. However, there's another island in that region with an even greater range of flora. I decided to visit the island, to see if it held any useful secrets, but what I found was most unexpected, Skeka. I'd long since assumed that she'd fallen to the humans. Instead, she was there, performing experiments of her own. I tried to convince her that our cause was the right one, but she dismissed me. For now it seems, that island is off limits.
Old notes (5) location.png
This facility is a great improvement on the previous, the cold here makes it much easier to store the samples. However, obtaining new ones is not always easy. We are so far away from Lithkren that new samples are often lost or damaged. As our operation grows, I feel we will soon need even more room to work. To that end, I have ordered the construction of a new facility, this one on Lithkren itself. It's not ideal, being so close to her is a risk, but to have immediate access to all the samples we need will be of great benefit.
Old notes (6) location.png
Another trial, another failure. This was only the second time a subject survived the process. But once again, it was a disappointment. The strength in this one was phenomenal, a true sight to behold. However, it lacked the aggression needed. It was another vorkath, a pathetic failure. I should have let it live, a beast that strong would likely have still had a use. However, my anger got the better of me, and I destroyed it.
Old notes (7) location.png
Human forces are on the move. We don't know how they found the island, but that is irrelevant now. Luckily for us, the new facility is ready. I've ordered that all important materials be transported there at once. In the meantime, I intend to provide the humans with a little distraction. Seems like the vorkath will have a use after all.

Lithkren[edit | edit source]

Location Text
Old notes (8) location.png
She came to Lithkren. Restricting her island wasn't enough apparently, she now wants us to leave this one as well. She is naive. We may be safe from the humans now, but they will find us eventually. Once they do, they will not hesitate to destroy her. My way is the only way.
Old notes (9) location.png
Another setback, once again the humans are responsible. They found the island and launched an attack. As planned, the emergency protocol was enacted and the vault was sealed, unfortunately, I was still inside it when this happened.
Old notes (10) location.png
Although I may be trapped here, this could still work to my advantage. There's more than enough samples and materials in storage here. If all goes well, I should still have everything I need to finish our work.
Old notes (11) location.png
As my work continues, I've decided to explore a couple of side projects. Inspired by the fool, Forcae, I've decided to try and infuse dragon eggs with metal. With his metal dragons, Forcae was hoping to find a solution to our infertility. I on the other hand, will use them for a different purpose, war.
Old notes (12) location.png
I've lost track of how long I've been here. It's clear to me that the humans must have bested the others. This isn't overly surprising, our kind was immune to their weapons for so long that we allowed ourselves to become reckless. A foolish mistake. We'd heard of the Necrosyrtes who had fallen on Kethsi. We should have known the humans would find those weapons. But we were arrogant and by the time we realised it, it was too late.
Old notes (13) location.png
I am making good progress. So much so that I've started thinking about how to leave the vault once the weapon is complete. The seals on this place, both physical and magical, are not insignificant. Teleporting isn't an option, we made sure of that. The walls are reenforced by numerous enchantments, as are the doors themselves. Much of it is tied to the key, if it is placed in the doors, most of the protections are disabled. Without it though, this could be a difficult process.
Old notes (14) location.png
I rarely bother myself with the costs of our trials. However, at times, even I must admit that the price we are paying is steep. We have experimented on so many, even our own kind, all for what has so far amounted to very little. I know our cause is right though, once humanity is destroyed, we will be free of the disease that has nearly destroyed our kind.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
28 April 2021

The old notes from Ungael and the Lithkren Vault can now be combined into books.