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This article is about Karuulm's old notes. For other old notes, see Old notes.
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Old notes can be obtained throughout the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. The notes are written by a Dragonkin named Karuulm, noting their experiments to recreate the Wyrm and the creation of the Drakes and Hydras. There are seven different notes.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Location Image Text
1. Middle level, next to the staircase
Old notes (Karuulm 1) location.png
Alone. An entire land untouched by the war of the gods. This will be the perfect place to begin again. On my own, the work will be slow, but it will be free from the interruptions of the others. Many of the materials I've used previously can't be found here. However, the benefits of this place may well outweigh the negatives, for it features a selection of resources I have never encountered. Maybe one of these resources will be the key to our salvation.
2. North-west corner of the Wyrm room
Old notes (Karuulm 2) location.png
While dragons are the most abundant of our creations, they have never been the most dangerous. That distinction belongs to wyrms. They are deadly creatures, a single one capable of obliterating an entire city. Perhaps for the best, they have been driven pretty much to extinction by the God Wars. However, while we quickly abandoned the wyrm project, I still believe it may hold some promise. By using some of the new resources I've found here, I may be able to create ones which achieve the aims of the original project.
3. West corner of the Drake room
Old notes (Karuulm 3) location.png
The wyrm project was an unfortunate failure. While I'm disappointed, I do not intend to dwell on it. Many years ago, I proposed a potential idea to Kerapac for a creation I call the drake. He showed no interest in it, preferring to focus on his dragons instead. Back then, what Kerapac said was law, but that is not the case here. Here, I am alone and free to pursue whatever project I desire.
4. Upper level, in the north-east corner of the central room
Old notes (Karuulm 4) location.png
Another day, another failure. While the drakes showed far greater promise than the wyrms, it was not enough. As such, I have made the decision to end that project and move on to another. In one way or another, the ideas I had for wyrms and drakes came with me when I first travelled to this place. I now realise that I need to dream a little bigger if I am to have success here. As such, my next project is a brand new one, not based on any prior work done by my kind.
5. South-west corner of the hydra room
Old notes (Karuulm 5) location.png
So far so good, my new project is showing far more promise than any I have worked on before. Zorgoth, Kerapac and the others never cared for my ideas, but if they could see my hydras, they might just reconsider their doubts. Now that the initial creatures have been made, my next steps are to refine them. The new chemicals I have discovered here should be of great use in this.
6. Entrance to the Alchemical Hydra lair by Orrvor quo Maten
Old notes (Karuulm 6) location.png
Not one, but two setbacks have befallen my work. First, the hydra project has stalled. While the enhanced creation showed promise, I have been unable to replicate it. As such, I intend to bring the project to an end. However, all future projects may be jeopardised by the second setback, a new arrival to this land. I always knew this place would not remain empty forever, an empty landmass of this size was always going to be too tempting. However, I had hoped I would have more time before company arrived.
7. Entrance to the Alchemical Hydra lair near the broken machinery
Old notes (Karuulm 7) location.png
While powerful, I am but one. Because of this, I have kept my distance from the new arrival, observing from a distance rather than making my presence known. The arrival seems to be a demon of Zamorak, one in possession of an artefact I have never encountered. While the demon arrived alone, he has used this artefact to call upon a variety of creatures to his side. As tempting as it is to try and obtain the artefact for myself, to do so would be folly. Instead, I intend to relocate to a mountain to the south. There's a lizard species there that may well be key to my next project.