Ollie the Camel

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Ollie the Camel chathead.png

Ollie the Camel is a non-player character that tends to wander near the gnome glider area of Al-Kharid.

You can talk to the camel, and choose either to ask for dung, say something unpleasant, or neither.

  • "If I go near it, it will probably bite my hand off".
  • "I wonder if that camel has fleas..."
  • "Mmm looks like that camel would make a nice kebab."

After you click to continue, your box text will show: The camel spits at you, and you jump back hurriedly, or The camel tries to stamp on your foot, but you pull it back quickly or The camel turns its head and glares at you.

When talked to whilst wearing a camulet, he will talk about how he wants to fly.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ollie came from the word 'Oliphant' (archaic English for elephant). Oliphant came from the Old High German, 'Olbenta', meaning camel.