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OlmletPuppadileTektinyEnraged TektinyVanguardVasa minirioVespinaFlying Vespina
Olmlet (follower).png
Released5 January 2017 (Update)
LocationChambers of Xeric
ExamineThe most cuddly Spawn of the Guardian in the Deep.
Advanced data
NPC ID7519,7520

OlmletPuppadileTektinyEnraged TektinyVanguardVasa minirioVespinaFlying Vespina
Released5 January 2017 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineThe cuddly Spawn of the Guardian in the Deep.
Value1 coin
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0.015 kg
Advanced data
Item ID20851

Olmlet chathead.png
Puppadile chathead.png
Tektiny chathead.png
Tektiny chathead.png
Vanguard (pet) chathead.png
Vasa Minirio chathead.png
Vespina chathead.png
Vespina chathead.png

Olmlet is a pet obtained from the Chambers of Xeric. It is a much smaller version of the Great Olm, with its body fully visible. Players have a 1/53 chance of receiving the pet when they receive an item from the unique drop table after killing the Great Olm.

The olmlet is able to metamorphose into five other pets which are smaller versions of the other bosses encountered inside the Chambers of Xeric, which requires using metamorphic dust on it. The dust can be acquired from the Chambers' Challenge Mode version and clearing it under a specific time.

When a player receives the pet, it will automatically try to appear as their follower. At the same time, a message in the chatbox will state You have a funny feeling like you're being followed. However, if a player receives a pet while having a follower out (for example, a cat), it will be placed into their inventory. When this occurs, the message in the chatbox will instead state You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack.

If a players inventory is full and they have a follower already, they will not receive the pet; it must instead be claimed from Probita in East Ardougne for a reclaim token, which costs 1,000,000 coins.

On death, if a player loses their pet (as a follower or in your inventory) it will wander around the area for 30 seconds before despawning. Even if the player returns in time, the pet cannot be picked up, and can be reclaimed from Probita for a reclaim token.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Item sources[edit | edit source]

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Chambers of XericN/A Casket.png11/53

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 March 2021

Players will no longer find all their metamorphic dust consumed by using it on an olmlet. A new message informs them if they have previously unlocked the metamorphosis ability.

28 May 2020
(update | poll)

Olmlet can now metamorphose into a flying Vespina and an enraged Tektiny.

17 January 2019

Olmlet pet variants now have the correct names and chatheads whilst stored in the menagerie of player-owned houses.

10 January 2019
17 May 2018

The metamorphosis option was added.

9 February 2017

Drop rate was changed from 1/650 to 1/65 (when receiving special loot). Only twelve players had received the pet before the update.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The olmlet, along with Skotos, has one of the highest drop rates for a one-off pet at 1/53, due to how the Chamber of Xeric's unique drop table works.
  • Olmlet's name is a play on the word "omelette".
  • Olmlet had a festive override wearing a red partyhat during the 2020 and 2021 Christmas events.
  • Tektiny's dialogue "STOP! HAMMER TIME!" is a reference to the song U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.