One-Eyed Hector

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One-Eyed Hector was a pirate captain, being rather successful and wealthy.[1] He had a room at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock[2] and a casket of treasure buried in Falador Park.

In 168 of the Fifth Age, his ship was boarded by agents from the Customs and Excise Office and he was killed along with most of his crew. Amongst the escapees was Redbeard Frank, who took Hector's treasure chest key with him. A year later, he trades it to an adventurer for Karamjan rum, thus relinquishing Hector's treasure.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Redbeard Frank, "Pirate's Treasure", Old School RuneScape. "Now a deal's a deal, I'll tell ye about the treasure. I used to serve under a pirate captain called One-Eyed Hector. Hector were very successful and became very rich. But about a year ago we were boarded by the Customs and Excise Agents. Hector were killed along with many of the crew, I were one of the few to escape and I escaped with this."
  2. Redbeard Frank, "Pirate's Treasure", Old School RuneScape. "This be Hector's key. I believe it opens his chest on his old room in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. With any luck his treasure will be in there."