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A One-defence pure is a Combat pure that sacrifices training Defence to focus on maximising damage output at a lower combat level. One-defence pures are usually created for player-killing as high offensive combat stats typically provide greater leverage against low- to medium-tier armour. The levels of these accounts vary, although many are within the 50 to 90 combat level range.

One-defence pures are formidable in short fights as they rely on killing their opponent quickly but are disadvantaged in sustained fights due to taking damage more consistently. This also makes training combat skills slightly more dangerous as monsters will do more damage over time.

A strong advantage for one-defence pures is that they have access to high-level weapons or spells that similarly levelled players with higher defence do not have.

One-defence pures vary in combat level as players choose to obtain certain Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic, or Prayer levels. As long as the character's defence remains at level one they are considered a one-defence pure.

Starting Out[edit | edit source]

When creating a one-defence pure it is important to plan from the beginning which variation will be trained. For many, the primary goal will be to create a powerful character in a certain combat bracket which may mean limiting other combat skills as well. Variations include focusing entirely on either Magic or Ranged or focusing on obtaining 50 attack for a granite maul, 60 attack for dragon weapons, or 75 attack for godswords. Players can also decide if they will obtain at least 25 Prayer for Protect Item.

It is recommended to consult the wiki’s combat level calculator and review quest experience rewards to ensure that you will meet your goal without compromising additional combat levels. For example, if you choose to level prayer it is best to do it through quests that also allow access to other items, spells, or areas.

Training Magic[edit | edit source]

Magic is necessary for completing a lot of the quests you need, and also lets you get around quicker with teleports. The following methods are assuming that 94 Magic is the ultimate goal for the Ice Barrage spell.

  1. Cast 32 Wind Strikes to reach level 3 Magic
  2. Cast 91 Confuses to reach level 11 Magic
  3. Cast 125 Weaken spells to reach level 19 Magic
  4. Cast 134 Curse spells to reach level 25 Magic
  5. Cast 199 Varrock Teleports to reach level 31 Magic
  6. Cast 309 Lumbridge Teleports to reach level 37 Magic
  7. Cast 709 Falador Teleports to reach level 45 Magic
  8. Cast 1,894 Camelot Teleports to reach level 55 Magic
  9. Cast 27,992 High level alchemy spells to reach level 80 Magic
  10. Cast 66,207 Stun spells to reach level 94 Magic

Alternatively, you can cast High level alchemy 119,662 times to reach 94 Magic directly from level 55. If you wish to splash fire strike directly to 94 Magic, it will take 334 casts of Wind Strike to reach level 13 Magic and 690,677 casts of Fire Strike to reach level 94 Magic.

Training Melee[edit | edit source]

Training with Quests[edit | edit source]

Completing low-requirement quests will award attack and strength experience and significantly hasten early levelling. View all quest experience rewards for additional resources.

  1. Vampyre Slayer - 4,825 Attack exp (free-to-play)
  2. Tree Gnome Village - 11,450 Attack exp
  3. The Grand Tree - 18,400 Attack exp, 2,150 Magic exp
  4. Waterfall Quest - 13,750 Attack exp and 13,750 Strength exp
  5. Death Plateau - 3,000 Attack exp (also grants access to climbing boots)
  6. Fight Arena- 12,175 Attack exp

This amounts to 63,600 Attack exp and 13,750 Strength exp, or level 45 attack and level 30 strength directly from level 1.

Safe Melee Training Areas[edit | edit source]

Because of the lack of effective armour for one-defence players, training areas available are limited. Hill giants and moss giants, for example, are a common melee training target with close access to a bank. However, training in these areas and many other common melee training areas is made more difficult for one-defence pures due to the constant need for food and inability to survive more than a few kills before needing to bank.

Members can AFK train at the rock crabs at Rellekka due to their low max hit and high hitpoints. Also available for AFK training are sand crabs along the southern coast in Hosidius and ammonite crabs after quest completion of Bone Voyage for access to Fossil Island.

Training Ranged[edit | edit source]

Ranged should be trained while safespotting to reduce damage taken. Training with the dwarf multicannon will allow for fast Ranged experience and minimum Hitpoints experience. There are many places to train Ranged so, in general, you may reference pay-to-play Ranged training.

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