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One-defence pure is an umbrella term for free-to-play combat pures that do not train the defence skill.

Combat skills[edit | edit source]

These combat pures commonly restrict defensive skills such as defence, hitpoints and prayer in order to maximize the damage output within their combat level ranges. However, the exact levels and ratios of trained offensive skills vary from account to account depending on the specific variant of the build.

Due to how combat level calculation works, it is possible to train melee, ranged or magic combat skills without increasing the overall combat level, as long as ranged and magic levels are both no higher than around ⅔ of the sum of attack and strength. For example, a player with 40 attack and 50 strength, total of which is 90, can train ranged and magic up to 60 without the combat level becoming ranged-based or magic-based.

In principle, all free-to-play 1 defence pures could be trained similarly and use all combat styles. However, pures specializing in certain activities or combat styles might limit selected offensive skills to restrict secondary hitpoints experience gains, or simply to save the time on training without affecting the efficiency in combat.

The following sections describe the main differences between the combat skills of free-to-play pures with 1 defence.

Melee[edit | edit source]


While strength is commonly trained without any restrictions, attack is often trained only high enough to unlock specific weapons, as further training affects only the accuracy of melee attacks and has no effect on the maximum melee hit. 40 is one of the most common attack levels among free-to-play pures, as it unlocks the rune weapons.

Players with 99 ranged or magic can train strength to 99 and attack up to 49 without any effect on the combat level.

Pures that do not use melee in combat tend to neglect both the attack and strength skills altogether in order to avoid raising the combat level and gaining extra hitpoints experience.

Melee skills ratio[edit | edit source]

Even when training melee skills, attack and strength can be kept in different proportions. Both of these skills have an equal effect on the combat level. Assumming equal levels of the defensive skills, a combination of 40 attack and 60 strength would put the player on the same combat level as 1 attack and 99 strength. Neglecting attack in favour of strength can make the melee attacks stronger by reaching higher maximum hits at the cost of the accuracy.

Ranged[edit | edit source]


Pures that do not use ranged attacks in combat choose to neglect it completely to avoid gaining hitpoints experience, or train it only to unlock certain tiers of equipment. In particular, 20 and 40 ranged levels unlock almost every piece of the studded armour and green d'hide armour sets respectively, with a notable exception of the body armours.

Magic[edit | edit source]


Out of all skills associated with combat styles, only magic can be trained consistently without gaining hitpoints experience on free-to-play worlds. This is why magic is often trained even by pures that typically do not use it in combat, since it grants access to useful utility spells and increases the magic defence. Also, pures that tend to focus on magic and neglect other combat styles have a lower hitpoints level on average within the same combat level bracket as other pures.

Prayer[edit | edit source]


Prayer is typically only trained only high enough to unlock selected skill boosts or the protection prayers. Since the effects of prayers scale with the levels of the boosted skills, pures with a low combat level tend not to train prayer at all, or unlock only the very first prayers. Recommended prayer levels vary depending on specific combat activites and used combat styles.

Melee prayers[edit | edit source]

Incredible Reflexes.png
Ultimate Strength.png

Pures that specialize in melee combat or use melee knockout attacks often train prayer up to 13 or 31 to gain access to Superhuman Strength or Ultimate Strength respectively. 34 is the last prayer level necessary to maximize melee damage output, as it unlocks the attack-boosting Incredible Reflexes prayer.

Magic prayers[edit | edit source]

Mystic Might.png

Since magic prayers affect the magic accuracy and defence, but do not increase the maximum magic hits of combat spells, pures specializing in magic combat often completely neglect prayer training - especially on low combat levels.

45 prayer level is necessary to unlock the Mystic Might prayer with the highest magic boost at 15%. Since it is only 2 levels over the protection prayers, it can have a negligible effect on the combat level as long as they are already unlocked.

Ranged prayers[edit | edit source]

Eagle Eye.png

Since many pures use melee knockout attacks, increasing the maximum ranged hit is rarely the sole focus for training prayer. Pures often train prayer level up to 31, which also grants access to Hawk Eye with 10% boost unlocked at 26. However, many high level pures choose to train prayer to 44 level to gain access to both all of the protection prayers, as well as the Eagle Eye prayer with a 15% ranged boost.

Protection prayers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Protection prayers
Protect from Magic.png
Protect from Missiles.png
Protect from Melee.png

Protection prayers, including Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles and Protect from Melee, are unlocked on 37, 40 and 43 prayer levels respectively. In player-versus-player combat, they reduce the incoming damage from the respective combat style by 40%. While frowned upon in typical 1-vs-1 combat, they are commonly used in no honour fights and within the deep wilderness.

Although many pures choose to train prayer up to 44 or 45 to also gain access to ranged and magic skill boosts, protection prayers are a major consideration when choosing the overall prayer level.

Hitpoints[edit | edit source]


Since all combat skills can be trained without gaining hitpoints experience on members worlds, the hitpoints levels of pures with the same combat level might vary greatly. Minimizing the hitpoints level is among the best ways to optimize the account within a chosen combat level bracket.

Variants[edit | edit source]

This section lists different variations of the 1 defence builds.

Many builds are compatible with each other or even complete one another - for example, a pure that trains both melee and magic skills can effectively use strategies of both melee pures in 1-vs-1 combat and magic pures in multicombat areas. However, pures that specialize in specific combat styles might have a slight advantage within their combat level range as long as this allows them to keep a lower hitpoints level. The only variants that are inherently incompatible with each other include builds that require different ratios of attack to strength levels, like the classic melee pures that train attack and strength pures that do not.

Tribrid[edit | edit source]

The versatile combat pures that use all three combat styles are called tribrids. They commonly use range-to-melee combos in arranged 1-vs-1 combat, with the addition of utility and combat spells in no honour and multicombat fights.

The build that most closely resembles this variant is the ranged-melee hybrid.

Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Mono[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

See the low defence setups article for examples of equipment sets and inventories of 1 defence pures for different activities and combat styles. The guides for specific variants of this build listed above also contain some equipment examples.

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