One-defence pure (free-to-play)

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One-defence pure
Ranged-melee hybrid (free-to-play) (mid).png
Also called1 def pure, f2p pure
Build type1-vs-1, Multicombat, No honour
Combat level10 — 80
Primary attack styleHybrid.png
Uses attack stylesMelee.png Ranged icon.png Magic icon.png
Max hit with boosts
  • Fire Blast.png — 16
  • Maple shortbow.png — 18
  • Rune scimitar.png — 25
  • Rune warhammer.png — 29
  • Rune battleaxe.png — 30
  • Rune 2h sword.png — 31
Combat icon.png Example combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.pngPrayer icon.pngAttack style icon.png

One-defence pure is an umbrella term for free-to-play combat pures that do not train the defence skill.

Combat skills[edit | edit source]

These combat pures commonly restrict defensive skills such as defence, hitpoints and prayer in order to maximize the damage output within their combat level ranges. However, the exact levels and ratios of trained offensive skills vary from account to account depending on the specific variant of the build.

Due to how combat level calculation works, it is possible to train melee, ranged or magic combat skills without increasing the overall combat level, as long as ranged and magic levels are both no higher than around ⅔ of the sum of attack and strength. For example, a player with 40 attack and 50 strength, total of which is 90, can train ranged and magic up to 60 without the combat level becoming ranged-based or magic-based.

In principle, all free-to-play 1 defence pures could be trained similarly and use all combat styles. However, pures specializing in certain activities or combat styles might limit selected offensive skills to restrict secondary hitpoints experience gains, or simply to save the time on training without affecting the efficiency in combat.

The following sections describe the main differences between the combat skills of free-to-play pures with 1 defence.

Melee[edit | edit source]


Strength is responsible for the maximum melee hits, while attack improves the melee accuracy. While strength is commonly trained without any restrictions, attack is often trained only high enough to unlock specific weapons, as further training does not have a major effect on damage output against other low defence pures. 40 is one of the most common attack levels among free-to-play pures, as it unlocks the rune weapons.

Players with 99 ranged or magic can train strength to 99 and attack up to 49 without any effect on the combat level.

Pures that do not use melee in combat tend to neglect both the attack and strength skills altogether in order to avoid raising the combat level and gaining extra hitpoints experience.

Melee skills ratio[edit | edit source]

Even when training melee skills, attack and strength can be kept in different proportions. Both of these skills have an equal effect on the combat level. Assuming equal levels of the defensive skills, a combination of 40 attack and 60 strength would put the player on the same combat level as 1 attack and 99 strength.

Neglecting attack in favour of strength can make the melee attacks stronger by reaching higher maximum melee hits at the cost of the accuracy and the variety of available weapons. Players that do not train attack can still wield warhammers up to rune, since they only have strength level requirements. Combat pures that tend to neglect attack in favour of strength are called strength pures. These accounts are especially effective on lower combat levels.

The following table lists the optimal sum of melee skills that do not affect the overall combat level given the respective ranged or magic level. Both melee skills have an equal effect on the combat level and can be distributed freely. For example, with a sum of melee skills at 100, a player might have 1 attack and 99 strength or 40 attack and 60 strength with the same combat level, given similar levels of other combat skills. Once the ranged or magic level surpasses 67, players have to start training attack even with 99 strength in order to optimize the build. Note that magic has an equal effect on combat level as ranged, so always pick the higher of the two skills to determine the optimal melee levels.

Ranged /Magic Attack + Strength Ranged /Magic Attack + Strength Ranged /Magic Attack + Strength Ranged /Magic Attack + Strength
20 30 40 60 60 90 80 120
21 31 41 61 61 91 81 121
22 33 42 63 62 93 82 123
23 34 43 64 63 94 83 124
24 36 44 66 64 96 84 126
25 37 45 67 65 97 85 127
26 39 46 69 66 99 86 129
27 40 47 70 67 100 87 130
28 42 48 72 68 102 88 132
29 43 49 73 69 103 89 133
30 45 50 75 70 105 90 135
31 46 51 76 71 106 91 136
32 48 52 78 72 108 92 138
33 49 53 79 73 109 93 139
34 51 54 81 74 111 94 141
35 52 55 82 75 112 95 142
36 54 56 84 76 114 96 144
37 55 57 85 77 115 97 145
38 57 58 87 78 117 98 147
39 58 59 88 79 118 99 148

Training melee skills past the sum of 148, or 49 attack with 99 strength, always has an effect on the overall combat level, making it melee-based.

Attack[edit | edit source]


Starting from 94 ranged or magic level and 99 strength, attack can be trained past 40 to improve the melee accuracy. With 99 ranged or magic level in addition to 99 strength level, attack can be trained up to 49 with no effect on the overall combat level.

While it has neglible improvements on damage output during fights with other one-defence pures, the extra attack levels of maxed combat pures can increase the accuracy of rune weapons by roughly 7 percentage points against rune pures with typical 1-vs-1 equipment.

Depending on the chosen prayer cap, attack can be trained over 49 level without raising overall combat level. The combat level will become melee-based, but it will not increase. The following table lists the highest attack levels that do not increase the combat level of maxed one-defence pures with 99 strength, hitpoints, ranged, and magic.

Maximum attack levels of combat pures with 99 strength, ranged, magic, and hitpoints.
Prayer Prayer Attack Attack Combat level Combat level
Prayer 1 Attack 51 Combat level 73.75
Prayer 4 Attack 50 Combat level 73.925
Prayer 13 Attack 50 Combat level 74.925
Prayer 31 Attack 49 Combat level 76.85
Prayer 34 Attack 50 Combat level 77.675
Prayer 44 Attack 50 Combat level 78.925
Prayer 45 Attack 50 Combat level 78.925

Note that the extra attack levels over 49 do affect the overall combat level, but in this case not enough to raise it. It would be possible get extra prayer or defence levels instead, which would also allow to stay at the same combat level.

Additionally, it should be noted that melee-based builds like the melee pure can keep their ranged and magic levels at no more than 93 and their attack level at 40 to save on 3 extra combat levels, since they do not have to train ranged or magic to maximize damage output. For reference, the following table shows the combat levels of one-defence pures with 40 attack, 99 strength and 99 hitpoints at various viable prayer levels.

Combat levels of melee pures with 40 attack, 99 strength, and 99 hitpoints.
Prayer Prayer Combat level Combat level
Prayer 1 Combat level 70.175
Prayer 4 Combat level 70.675
Prayer 13 Combat level 71.675
Prayer 31 Combat level 73.925
Prayer 34 Combat level 74.425
Prayer 44 Combat level 75.675
Prayer 45 Combat level 75.675

Ranged[edit | edit source]


The ranged skill improves the accuracy and maximum damage of ranged attacks. It is commonly trained without restriction by pures that use it in combat, although some specialized accounts such as strength pures cannot train it too high without affecting their combat level.

Pures that do not use ranged attacks in combat choose to neglect it completely to avoid gaining hitpoints experience, or train it only to unlock certain tiers of equipment. In particular, 20 and 40 ranged levels unlock almost every piece of the studded armour and green d'hide armour sets respectively, with a notable exception of the body armours.

Magic[edit | edit source]


The magic skill unlocks spells and improves accuracy of magic attacks, as well as defence against them.

Out of all skills associated with combat styles, only magic can be trained consistently without gaining hitpoints experience on free-to-play worlds. This is why magic is often trained even by pures that typically do not use it in combat, since it grants access to useful utility spells and increases the magic defence.

Additionally, accounts such as magic pures that are focused on magic and neglect other combat styles tend to have lower hitpoints levels on average within the same combat level bracket as other pures.

Prayer[edit | edit source]


The prayer skill unlocks prayers with various bonuses. Every prayer level also affects how long the prayers can last without prayer points restoration.

Prayer is typically trained only high enough to unlock selected skill boosts or the protection prayers. Since the effects of prayers scale with the levels of the boosted skills, pures with low combat levels tend not to train prayer at all, or unlock only the very first prayers. Recommended prayer levels vary depending on specific combat activites and used combat styles.

Note that due to the combat level calculation formula, all even prayer levels can be trained 1 level further without affecting the overall combat level. As an example, a combat pure with 44 prayer level for Eagle Eye can train it up to 45 to unlock Mystic Might without increasing the combat level, regardless of the other combat skill levels.

Melee prayers[edit | edit source]

Incredible Reflexes.png
Ultimate Strength.png

Pures that specialize in melee combat or use melee knockout attacks often train prayer up to 13 or 31 to gain access to Superhuman Strength or Ultimate Strength respectively. 34 is the last prayer level necessary to maximize melee damage output, as it unlocks the attack-boosting Incredible Reflexes prayer.

Magic prayers[edit | edit source]

Mystic Might.png

Since magic prayers affect the magic accuracy and defence, but do not increase the maximum magic hits of combat spells, pures specializing in magic combat often completely neglect prayer training—especially on low combat levels.

45 prayer level is necessary to unlock the Mystic Might prayer with the highest magic boost at 15%. Since it is only 2 levels over the protection prayers, unlocking it has a negligible effect on the combat level of the accounts that already 43 prayer level.

Ranged prayers[edit | edit source]

Eagle Eye.png

Since many pures use melee knockout attacks, increasing the maximum ranged hit is rarely the sole focus for training prayer. Pures often train prayer level up to 31, which also grants access to Hawk Eye with 10% boost unlocked at 26. However, many high level pures choose to train prayer up to 44 level to gain access to both all of the protection prayers, as well as the Eagle Eye prayer with a 15% ranged boost.

Protection prayers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Protection prayers
Protect from Magic.png
Protect from Missiles.png
Protect from Melee.png

Protection prayers, including Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles and Protect from Melee, are unlocked on 37, 40 and 43 prayer levels respectively. In player-versus-player combat, they reduce the incoming damage from the respective combat style by 40%. While frowned upon in typical 1-vs-1 combat, they are commonly used in no honour fights and within the deep wilderness.

Although many pures choose to train prayer up to 44 or 45 to also gain access to ranged and magic skill boosts, protection prayers are a major consideration when choosing the overall prayer level.

Hitpoints[edit | edit source]


Hitpoints dictate how much damage can a player take before death.

Since all combat skills can be trained without gaining hitpoints experience on members worlds, the hitpoints levels of pures with the same combat level might vary greatly. Minimizing the hitpoints level is among the best ways to optimize the account within a chosen combat level bracket.

Variants[edit | edit source]

This section lists different variations of the 1 defence builds.

Many builds are compatible with each other or even complement one another—for example, a pure that trains both melee and magic skills can effectively use strategies of both melee pures in 1-vs-1 combat and magic pures in multicombat areas. However, pures that specialize in specific combat styles might have a slight advantage within their combat level range as long as this allows them to keep a lower hitpoints level.

The only variants that are inherently incompatible with each other include builds that require different ratios of attack to strength levels, like the classic melee pures that train attack, and the strength pures that do not.

Tribrid[edit | edit source]

The versatile combat pures that use all three combat styles are called tribrids. They commonly use range-to-melee combos in arranged 1-vs-1 combat, with the addition of utility and combat spells in no honour and multicombat fights.

The build that most closely resembles this variant is the ranged-melee hybrid, as well as the one-defence variant of the clan pure.

Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Mono[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Variant Combat skills Combat styles Type Level range
Primary[1] Secondary[2] DPS[3] KO[4]
Clan pure Attack Attack

Strength Strength

Ranged Ranged

Magic Magic

Maple shortbow.png Ranged

Rune scimitar.png Melee

Staff of fire.png Magic

Multicombat High
Ranged-melee pure Ranged Ranged

Strength Strength

Attack Attack Maple shortbow.png Ranged

Rune scimitar.png Melee

Rune 2h sword.png Melee 1-vs-1


Medium to high
Ranged-magic pure Ranged Ranged

Magic Magic

Maple shortbow.png Ranged

Staff of fire.png Magic

Fire Blast.png Magic Multicombat Low to medium
Melee pure Strength Strength Attack Attack Rune scimitar.png Melee Rune 2h sword.png Melee 1-vs-1 Medium to high
Strength pure Strength Strength Ranged Ranged Event rpg.png Melee

Maple shortbow.png Ranged

Rune warhammer.png Melee 1-vs-1 Low to medium
Magic pure Magic Magic Staff of fire.png Magic Fire Blast.png Magic Multicombat Low to medium
Ranged pure Ranged Ranged Maple shortbow.png Ranged Multicombat Low to high
  1. Primary combat skills trained without restriction. These skills usually directly increase maximum hits of the associated combat styles.
  2. Secondary combat skills trained high enough to unlock specific items, or low enough not to increase the overall combat level.
  3. Main combat style used to deal majority of the damage. Typically offers accurate attacks with high speed, allowing to wear the opponents down before a KO. Examples of DPS weapons include shortbows and scimitars.
  4. Secondary combat style used to perform knockout attacks. Typically offers a slow but powerful attack that is used to KO the opponents. Examples of KO weapons include 2h swords and warhammers.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

See the low defence setups section of the free-to-play PvP equipment article for examples of equipment sets and inventories of 1 defence pures for different activities and combat styles. The guides for specific variants of combat pures listed above also contain optimal equipment guides for their respective builds.

Armour[edit | edit source]

One-defence pures have access to iron armour, leather armour, wizard robes, zamorak monk robes, and monk's robes, all of which have no requirements to wear. Additionally, pures with at least 20 ranged level can wear studded chaps and coif, and pures with at least 40 ranged level can wear green d'hide chaps and green d'hide vambraces. They can also use all enchanted amulets including the amulet of strength, amulet of power, and amulet of magic.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

One-defence pures can use any free-to-play weapons as long as they meet the appropriate attack, strength or ranged level requirements. Commonly used weapons include the rune scimitar, the rune 2h sword, the maple shortbow, and basic elemental staves. Some less commonly used knockout weapons include the rune battleaxe and the hill giant club.

Additionally, strength pures commonly use the rune warhammer to perform knockouts as it has no attack requirement to wield. Since they do not have access to any faster rune weapons and cannot train ranged too high at the risk of compromising their build, they might resort to 3-tick melee weapons such as the event rpg to deal consistent damage.

Training[edit | edit source]

When following a specific pure variant, see the customized training guides in the respective articles of the one-defence pure variants, and read through the free-to-play combat pure guide.

Training guide[edit | edit source]

This section contains general training tips for tribrid accounts that can utilize all combat styles.

  • Train magic with methods that do not grant hitpoints experience to minimize the combat levels. These methods include splashing, curses, teleporting, enchanting jewellery and alchemy.
  • If possible, train ranged and melee skills with on member worlds with methods that do not grant hitpoints experience. Ideally, keep the hitpoints level just above the maximum damage from a single range-to-melee combo within the respective combat range when creating an account specifically for 1-vs-1 combat.
  • Keep in mind that ranged and magic can be both trained up to roughly ⅔ of the sum of attack and strength without affecting the combat level. For example, a player with 40 attack and 50 strength, total of which is 90, can train ranged and magic up to 60 without the combat level becoming either ranged-based or magic-based. Always try to level up the combat skills as high as possible without increasing the overall combat level. This is especially relevant for magic which not only unlocks more powerful spells, but also improves magic defence.

Low levels[edit | edit source]

  • All combat skills can be trained up to 176 experience on tutorial island without gaining any hitpoints experience in the process. In order to do that, avoid killing the rats before leveling up combat skills to 3 in the respective combat tutorial parts, and damage several rats instead.
  • Do not train attack on low combat levels. Instead, train only strength to gain access to the rune warhammer and maximize its damage output.
  • Consider not training prayer initially in order to minimize the combat level. Prayers are much more effective when the base skill levels are high, while proper prayer switching adds a bit more complexity to PvP combat, making it more difficult for beginners.
  • Finish the Imp Catcher, Witch's Potion and X Marks the Spot quests for some early combat experience.

Medium levels[edit | edit source]

High levels[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests can be finished to gain combat experience without training hitpoints:

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Main article: Quests/Free-to-play

One-defence pures can finish most free-to-play quests, with the exception of Dragon Slayer I as it grants defence experience. Additionally, 1 prayer pures cannot finish The Restless Ghost quest due to a prayer experience reward, and strength pures cannot finish the Vampyre Slayer quest due to an attack experience reward.

Combat Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Combat Achievements

One-defence pures can do all free-to-play tasks as long as they have access to the protection prayers and binding spells. Pures cannot finish the Protection from Moss and Squashing the Giant tasks without at least 37 or 40 prayer levels respectively.

Adventure Paths[edit | edit source]

Main article: Adventure Paths

One-defence pures cannot complete tasks from the Combat Path that require training defence up to 20. Additionally, strength pures cannot complete the Combat Path tasks associated with training attack.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Since one-defence pure cannot finish the Dragon Slayer I quest due to its defence experience reward, they may not enter the Corsair Cove Resource Area including the northern section of the Corsair Cove Dungeon.

Pures below 31 prayer level cannot enter the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Monastery, which contains the closest altar to Edgeville providing a small prayer points boost.

PvP worlds[edit | edit source]

Main article: PvP world

Like all free-to-play players, combat pures must log over 20 hours of game time, earn 10 quest points, and reach 100 total level to enter the PvP worlds.

See also[edit | edit source]