Operation: Phoenix

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The modern Wizards' Tower, rebuilt following the battle.

Operation: Phoenix is the name given to what is claimed to have been an organised attack by Zamorakian wizards against the first Wizards' Tower.[1] The operation supposedly took place in the year 70 of the Fifth Age,[2] and ultimately resulted in the complete destruction of the tower and the loss of many magical secrets. The event, though referenced frequently throughout RuneScape's history and dialogue, has been referred to by name only once, in a Temple Knight commorb dossier obtained during the Wanted! quest.[3]

Details regarding the incident itself are few. Prior to the attack, Zamorakians had worked in the Wizards' Tower itself.[4] The Zamorakians supposedly tried to claim the discoveries of the Wizards' Tower in the name of Zamorak. However, they failed and burned the Wizards' Tower to the ground in retaliation.[5] Many of the secrets of magic and runecrafting were lost as a result, including the incantation needed to teleport to the Rune Essence Mine.[6][7]

The Zamorakians dispute this account. According to the Zamorakians, the Saradominists had actually stolen teleportation research from a Zamorakian wizard.[8] They claim that because the Saradominists did not fully understand the research, their attempt to perform the ritual went wrong and destroyed the tower in a fire.[9]

After the incident, the Wizards' Tower was later rebuilt. All that remains of the original tower is the basement.[10] The make-up of the wizards present in the tower changed as well. Only Saradominist mages are now members of the order,[11] and the Zamorakians were banished from the tower.[12] The modern Zamorak Magical Institute is believed by the Temple Knights to be descended from the Zamorakian mages originally responsible for the plot.[3]

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