Optimal free-to-play quest guide

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Note that this guide focuses on rapid completion of all free-to-play quests. Newer players are advised to complete quests as they go, taking their time, and enjoy the rest of the game in the mean time.

Unlike the main Optimal quest guide, this free-to-play optimal quest guide focuses mostly on optimizing the progress through many different quests at once, instead of optimizing for quest experience rewards. Because many free-to-play quests can be completed more efficiently by combining their progress, most of these quests are grouped together by region. When following this guide, make sure to look at the Additional info column for not just the current quest in progress, but also at the next one or two quests, in order to more optimally prepare for the next quests.

The Additional info column will list which other quests need to be progressed during the completion of this quest, for optimal quest progress. This list does not recommend specific combat level requirements, and experienced players should be able to do all quests except for Dragon Slayer I without training skills in between doing the quests. This requires knowledge of how to safe spot Count Draynor, however, so inexperienced players may need to train combat stats before taking on this boss.

After completing all quests except for Dragon Slayer I, it is recommended that players focus on other gameplay, since this final free-to-play quest requires significantly higher stats than any other available quest. See the quest guide for an indication of this quest's difficulty.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Some items like beads, a redberry pie and blue dye are recommended to be bought on the Grand Exchange if possible. Alternate methods of obtaining these items for Ironmen and players who wish to obtain these items for themselves are given throughout the guide.

The Bring from bank column only lists items that are required until the next time banking. Items obtained while following this part of the guide, or items obtainable during the quest (such as shears during Sheep Shearer) will not be listed.

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