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Options is the screen that lets players change various settings, such as the brightness of the screen, the number of buttons their mouse has, whether or not chat effects display, if private chat is split, whether to accept aid or not, and the volume of the music and sound effects.

There are four separate menus containing different settings that can be changed.

Display[edit | edit source]

The Display options

This menu is for graphical settings. It contains a slider and several toggle buttons.

Function Use
Mouse scroll zooming.png
Mouse scroll zooming This is a slider that can be adjusted to enable/disable players to use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom within the game.
Adjust Screen Brightness.png
Screen Brightness This is a slider that can be adjusted to make the screen darker or brighter.
Fixed mode.png
Fixed mode Toggle the game client to be a fixed size of 765x503 pixels.
Resizeable mode.png
Resizeable mode Toggle the game client to fill the window.

Advanced options[edit | edit source]

The Advanced Options interface.

Below the resizeable screen buttons contains an Advanced Option which allows further changes to the display.

Function Use
Chatbox scrollbar.png
Chatbox scrollbar This allows you to choose whether the chatbox scrollbar is displayed on the left or right side of the chatbox.
Toggle transparent side panel.png
Transparent side-panel This allows you to choose whether the side panel is opaque or transparent.
Toggle 'Remaining XP'.png
'Remaining XP' This allows you to choose whether the remaining experience to your next skill levels is shown in the stats menu.
Prayer tooltips.png
Prayer tooltips This allows you to choose whether the tooltips displaying what a prayer does is shown or not.
Hitsplat tinting.png
Hitsplat tinting This allows you to choose whether other player's hitsplats are tinted or not.
Special attack tooltips.png
Special attack tooltips This allows you to choose whether the tooltips displaying what a special attack does is shown or not.
Toggle roof-removal.png
Roof-removal This allows you to choose whether roofs are selectively or always hidden.
Toggle Data orbs.png
Data orbs This allows you to choose whether the orbs showing your hitpoints, prayer points, run energy and special attack energy are displayed next to the minimap.
Toggle Wiki lookup.png
Wiki lookup This allows you to choose whether the Wiki lookup is shown or not.
Toggle Health Overlay.png
Health Overlay This allows you to choose whether health overlays are displayed at various bosses, such as Zalcano and The Nightmare.
Toggle Transparent chatbox.png
Transparent chatbox This allows you to choose whether the chatbox is opaque or transparent.
Toggle Stones arrangement.png
Side-panels This allows you to choose whether the side-panel buttons appear as they do in Fixed mode or have them attached to the bottom of the window.

Audio[edit | edit source]

The Audio options

This menu is for sound settings. It contains three sliders and a toggle to display music unlock messages in the chatbox.

Function Use
Music Volume.png
Music This changes the volume of in-game music shown in the Music Player.
Sound Effect.png
Sound Effect This changes the volume of in-game sound effects such as when a player or monster takes damage.
Area Sound.png
Area Sound This changes the volume of ambient sounds, such as the sound of seagulls and crashing waves when near the ocean.

Chat[edit | edit source]

The Chat options

This menu is for chat or chatbox settings. It contains several toggle buttons.

Function Use
Toggle Chat effects.png
Chat Effects This decides whether any overhead chat effects and colours used by players will be shown, such as "Shake" or "Flash1".
Toggle Split private chat.png
Split Private Chat This decides whether private messages are shown in or above the chatbox.
Toggle hide private chat.png
Hide Private Chat This decides whether or not the private chat is shown when the Chatbox is hidden.
Toggle Profanity filter.png
Profanity filter This decides whether offensive language is filtered.
Notifications This allows players to receive notifications from any monster killed that they've dropped an item whose Grand Exchange value exceeds the threshold value, of which the player can change to whatever is desired. This also allows players to receive a warning if they attempt to drop an item. In addition, it can decide whether the number of boss kills are displayed after every kill.
Toggle Login notification.png
Login/Logout notification timeout If this is enabled, the messages in the chatbox stating that a player on your friends list has logged in or out will disappear after a short amount of time.

Display name[edit | edit source]

The Display name interface.

The display name interface shows how long players have until they can change their display name, and how many extra free changes they have redeemed with bonds. The 'Look up name' button found near the bottom of the menu allows players to check if a name if available or not; this can be done even if players aren't eligible to change their name yet.

If the name is available, the button found at the bottom of the menu will now show the name and the status box in the middle of the menu will show "Not taken". If players want to change their account to use the available name, they must click the button found at the bottom of the name change menu. Clicking it will instantly change the player's name without confirmation.

Once the player changes their name, they will need to log out and in if they wish to change it again using the in-game menu. If a bond was redeemed for a name change, the in-game menu may not recognise this, and can be fixed by logging out and back in.

In addition, it is not possible for the game to know if a reserved name is reserved to the player themselves; this must be done via the RuneScape Website.

Controls[edit | edit source]

The Controls options
The Keybinding interface.

This menu is for adjusting how the game is controlled.

Function Use
Toggle number of mouse buttons.png
Mouse Buttons This decides whether the mouse uses one or two buttons. If two buttons are enabled, right-clicking will show a list of options and left-clicking will automatically choose the first option. If only one button is enabled, left-clicking will show the list instead.
Toggle Mouse camera.png
Mouse Camera This decides whether the middle mouse button can be used to control the in-game camera.
Follower options priority.png
Follower options priority This decides whether the interacting options on your pet are all moved down to "Walk Here", preventing players from misclicking their pets when doing activities.
Set Keybinding.png
Set Keybinding This opens a separate interface in which players can choose which F-keys will take the player to a certain tab. This also allows players to use the Esc key to close interfaces.
Shift Click Drop.png
Shift Click Drop This allows players to hold the Shift key and left-click the mouse to drop an item from the inventory.

Attack option priority[edit | edit source]

This decides whether the first option on a monster or player is 'attack'. There are two separate settings, one for players and the other for NPCs.

  • Depends on combat levels - This is the default setting. If a monster's combat level is lower than yours, the first option will be 'attack'. If it is higher, the first option will be 'walk here'. Monsters above level 126 will also have 'attack' as the first option.
  • Left-click where available - This setting causes 'attack' to be the first option on every player or NPC.
  • Always right-click - This setting causes 'walk here' to be the first option on every player or NPC.
  • Hidden - This setting will cause the attack option to be omitted from right-clicking players or NPCs.

Other settings[edit | edit source]

These are shown as toggle buttons, and they are displayed at the bottom of every menu.

Function Use
Toggle Accept aid.png
Accept Aid This changes whether or not you can be affected by special Magic spells that affect other players, such as the Teleother spells or the Cure Other and Tele Group spells from the Lunar spellbook. Players with Accept Aid off cannot be recruited for the Barbarian Assault minigame.
Toggle Run.png
Toggle Run This affects whether you are running or walking. While running, you consume run energy which is shown as 1 to 100%. This can also be toggled using the data orb displaying your run energy.
House Options.png
House Options This contains various options for your player-owned house. It also shows how many rooms are in your house.
View Membership Bonds.png
View Membership Bonds This button will open the Old School bonds interface, which will display the number of tradeable and untradeable membership bonds the player has deposited in the interface, and allows the deposition and withdrawal of said bonds.

House options[edit | edit source]

The House options
House Options.png

The house options contain various options used in customising your player-owned house. It also shows how many rooms are in your house.

Function Use
Viewer This opens the house viewer, which allows players to customise the layout of their house. This can only be used while in building mode.
Building Mode This toggles building mode. It can only be used while you are within the house.
Teleport Inside This toggles whether players teleport inside or outside their house when they cast Teleport to House.
Doors This affects whether the doors in your house will be open or closed by default. It can also render your house without any doors at all.
Expel Guests This expels every player currently in your house and causes them to reappear at the house portal. Note that this cannot be used to expel individual players.
Leave House This button can be used to leave your own or a guest's house without having to go to the exit portal.
Call Servant This button can be used to call a servant, should you have one employed.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 February 2017
(update | poll)

  • An option has been added under the controls section of the settings tab which, when enabled, allows you to hold shift and left-click to drop an item from your inventory. This option is disabled by default.
  • "Notifications" have been moved to under "Chat" options.
3 December 2015

A problem where attack options were being hidden has been resolved.

11 June 2015

  • Separated out some interface and graphics options into an 'advanced options' menu.
  • Added two toggles for click through chat box and whether hotkeys can be used to close side-panels when using resizable mode.
23 April 2015

A 'buy' button has been added to the Membership Bonds interface to help players find their way to the correct page.

19 March 2015
(update | poll)

Filtering chat will now filter both what you see in the chatbox and what is displayed over the heads of other players.

15 May 2014
(update | poll)

  • Sub menus have been created for Display, Audio, Chat & Control options that are accessed by the 4 tab buttons at the top of the interface.
  • New toggles have been added to the interface for roof removal and the stat panel tooltip to show XP remaining to next level.
  • You can also now select how to prioritize the Attack option on monsters and other players.
  • Now you can choose to make Attack always be the left-click option
  • You can also choose to make Attack always be a right-click option.
20 February 2014
(update | poll)

The middle mouse-button can now be used to rotate the game camera. For players who'd prefer to use that button for clicking instead, there's a new button on the Options menu to restore the previous behaviour. The volume controls have moved to a separate Audio Options panel to accommodate this.

14 November 2013
(update | poll)

The player-owned house options menu now has a new toggle button, allowing you to have your POH rendered with its doors already open.

17 October 2013
(update | poll)

An extra button has been added to the options menu, allowing you to disable the profanity filter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The house options menu is accessible in F2P worlds, regardless if the player is P2P or F2P.