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This article is about Orb. For other uses, see Orb (disambiguation).
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An orb is an item used in the Enchanting Chamber of the Mage Training Arena. They can be made by casting an Enchant Jewellery Spell, from the normal spellbook, on dragonstones, icosahedrons, cylinders, cubes or pentamids found within the Chamber.

The Enchantment Guardian, found in the chamber, will occasionally call out the next 'bonus' shape. This tells the player which shapes to enchant at this time, as only the bonus shape will grant a pizazz point when enchanted. In addition to the pizazz point gained by enchanting the bonus shape, the player will gain extra pizazz points on the tenth enchantment equal to the level of the enchantment spell (one extra point for Lvl-1 Enchant. two extra points for Lvl-2 Enchant, etc.).

The Dragonstones found inside the chamber can be enchanted, also producing spheres, and they will grant 2 pizazz points per level of the enchantment spell.

These orbs can be deposited in the hole in the centre of the room, and every 20 orbs deposited will reward the player three blood, death or cosmic runes.