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Orcs were former monsters who could originally be found in RuneScape 2. A Behind the Scenes article in March 2004 promised that RuneScape would be adding "Many new monsters such as Orcs, Lizardmen and more." As a result, two Orcs were added to the game who could be found in the south-west corner of the Gnome Maze.

Their original examine information described them as "A hideous malformed elf", making them technically the first elves to be released in-game before Regicide.

For unknown reasons, the two orcs were eventually removed from the Gnome Maze, and two Terrorbirds now spawn in their place. They were most likely still present after June 2004, but by November the Orc model in the cache was set to not automatically download for players, showing it had been removed.

Interestingly, their examine information was later changed to be almost identical to that of the Orks in Zanaris. Presumably, they were planned to be brought back with Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, but were replaced by new Orks with the same combat level. They could later be seen in the Realm of Memories during the 20th Anniversary event.