Ornate armour

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A player wearing the ornate armour set

Ornate armour is a reward received from completing the Crack the Clue II event, introduced during the 2019 Birthday event. In contrast to the rewards from the first Crack the Clue event, this set is available to free-to-play players. The costume provides bonuses identical to various leather and iron items.

The Ornate armour consists of the following:

This set can be stored in the armour case space of a costume room in a player-owned house. Ultimate Ironmen will be unable to retrieve individual pieces until the full set is stored.

Obtaining the outfit[edit | edit source]

Players must travel to specific locations for each piece of the outfit.

Image Item Items needed Solution
Crack the Clue II - Week 1 map.png
Gloves and boots Spade.pngSpade,
Pie dish.pngPie dish
Dig south-east of Rimmington near Skippy.
Crack the Clue II - Week 2 map.png
Legs Spade.pngSpade,
Raw herring.pngRaw herring
Dig by the Air Altar entrance south of Falador.
Crack the Clue II - Week 3 map.png
Top None Perform the Shrug and Cheer emotes in succession east of the Black Knights' Fortress.
Crack the Clue II - Week 4 map.png
Cape Spade.pngSpade,
Goblin mail.pngGoblin mail
Dig by the entrance to the Chaos Temple in the Wilderness.
Crack the Clue II - ornate helm map.png
Helm Players must have nothing equipped or in their inventory besides:
Plain pizza.pngPlain pizza,
Wooden shield.pngWooden shield,
Perform the Bow, Yes and Clap emotes in succession between some trees south of Varrock, east of the stone circle.