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The ornate helm is obtained from completing a clue during the Crack the Clue II event. It is part of the ornate armour set, and is obtainable only once if you already have it in your inventory or bank. If you happen to accidentally destroy it, you will need to discover it again. Its bonuses are equal to those of the Iron full helm.

In order to obtain the helmet, the player must perform the Bow, Yes and Clap emotes in succession between some trees south of Varrock, east of the stone circle. They also must have nothing equipped and only have a plain pizza, a wooden shield and cheese in their inventory. If the correct conditions are met, the Mysterious Old Man will appear, telling the player "Here, take this. But tell no one I was here."

The ornate helm was not found until five days after the fourth clue was made available, at 16:00 GMT on 19 March 2019. An additional sentence was added to the examine text with an update the same week to commemorate the players that found it.