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Otrava was a member of the Sisterhood, a healer and one of Phosani's closest companions. When the kingdom of Hallowvale fell to Lord Drakan's forces in Third Age, Otrava along with Phosani and Insela swore allegiance to the Zamorak and the vampyres and handed over their remaining squadrons to the invaders. Otrava followed Phosani in founding the town, that would later be known as Slepe in east Morytania. Using old texts from Senntisten, Otrava uncovered the secrets about blood magic and blood healing, which she had witnessed the Zamorakians do. She started experimenting with potions with blood and came up with the battlemage and bastion potion, which she documented in a book. Otrava greatest achievement was the Elixir of Everlasting, a potion that would greatly extend the drinker's life. The potion was drunk by Phosani, and most likely Otrava and Insela as well, they would all succumb to the potion's side effect of eternal slumber with their bodies being brought to the Sisterhood Sanctuary.