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For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/Level up table.

An Oubliette is a room designed to be built below the Throne Room in conjunction with the Throne Room trap in a player-owned house. It can be built at level 65 Construction with 150,000.

There are 6 hotspots available:

Decoration[edit | edit source]

Construction Level Decoration Materials Experience Cost
72 Decorative blood.png Decorative blood Red dye.pngRed dye x4 4 1,352
83 Decorative pipe.png Decorative pipe Steel bar.pngSteel bar x6 120 2,232
94 Hanging skeleton.png Hanging skeleton Skull (item).pngSkull x2
Bones.pngBones x6
3 516

Floor[edit | edit source]

The centre floor is where players fall into from a Throne Room. The Rocnar, Flame pit and spikes can be built without a cage. If the player has already built a cage with a trap inside, both the cage and the contents inside must be removed to upgrade the trap.

Construction Level Floor Materials Experience Cost
65 Spikes.png Spikes Steel bar.pngSteel bar x20
623 57,440
71 Tentacle pool.png Tentacle pool Bucket of water.pngBucket of water x20
326 100,820
77 Flame pit.png Flame pit Tinderbox.pngTinderbox x20
357 126,580
83 Rocnar.png Rocnar 150,000 387 150,000

Guard[edit | edit source]

Guards are activated when challenge mode is turned on and will attack nearby players. Spicy stew/Construction tea can be used to boost to the required level. The invisible bonus of the crystal saw does not work.

Construction Level Guard Combat Level Experience Cost
70 Skeleton guard.png Skeleton guard 22 223 50,000
74 Guard dog (Construction).png Guard dog 44 273 75,000
78 Hobgoblin guard.png Hobgoblin 48 316 100,000
82 Baby red dragon (Construction).png Baby red dragon 64 387 150,000
86 Huge spider.png Huge spider 81 447 200,000
90 Troll guard.png Troll guard 95 1,000 1,000,000
94 Hellhound (Construction).png Hellhound 122 2,236 5,000,000

Ladder[edit | edit source]

Ladder back up to Throne Room above if one is present. House guests can use the ladder to climb back up. If challenge mode is enabled, only the house owner can use this ladder.

Warning: Make sure to not instant click as the room can be removed completely!

Construction Level Ladder Materials Experience Cost
68 Oak ladder.png Oak ladder Oak plank.pngOak plank x5 300 2,115
78 Teak ladder.png Teak ladder Teak plank.pngTeak plank x5 450 4,215
88 Mahogany ladder.png Mahogany ladder Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x5 700 10,095

Lighting[edit | edit source]

Construction Level Lighting Materials Experience Cost
72 Candles (Construction).png Candle Oak plank.pngOak plank x4
Lit candle.pngLit candle x4
243 2,524
84 Torches (Construction).png Torches Oak plank.pngOak plank x4
Lit torch.pngLit torch x4
244 1,732
94 Skull torches.png Skull torches Oak plank.pngOak plank x4
Lit torch.pngLit torch x4
Skull (item).pngSkull x4
246 1,732

Prison[edit | edit source]

To hold players dropping from a Throne Room above. Players have to pick the lock (using Thieving) of the gate, or force the lock (using Strength) of the gate, to get out. The stronger the cage, the harder it is for trapped victims to break out.

Players cannot open the cage from the outside, as the game will stop you from doing so. If you need to upgrade the contents inside the prison, you must remove the cage first.

Construction Level Cage Materials Experience Cost
65 Oak cage.png Oak cage Oak plank.pngOak plank x10
Steel bar.pngSteel bar x2
640 4,974
70 Oak and steel cage.png Oak and steel cage Oak plank.pngOak plank x10
Steel bar.pngSteel bar x10
800 7,950
75 Steel cage (Oubliette).png Steel cage Steel bar.pngSteel bar x20 400 7,440
80 Spiked cage.png Spiked cage Steel bar.pngSteel bar x25 500 9,300
85 Bone cage.png Bone cage Oak plank.pngOak plank x10
Bones.pngBones x10
603 5,090

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One of the traps players can add is called a "Rocnar", which when spelt backwards becomes "Rancor". This was a monster from Star Wars episode 6, which tried to kill the protagonist Luke Skywalker.
  • The hanging skeleton requires two skulls to build, although there are four hanging skeletons in the room.