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Oziach is an armour shop located in Edgeville, just south of the Wilderness ditch. The completion of the Dragon Slayer quest is required to access the shop. Oziach sells rune platebodies, green d'hide bodies, and anti-dragon shields.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 130.0% • Buys at: 40.0% • Change per: 3.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Rune platebody.pngRune platebody2Coins 10000.png 84,500Coins 10000.png 26,000Coins 10000.png 38,490
Green d'hide body.pngGreen d'hide body2Coins 10000.png 10,140Coins 1000.png 3,120Coins 1000.png 4,195
Anti-dragon shield.pngAnti-dragon shield35Coins 25.png 26Coins 5.png 8Coins 25.png 78

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 April 2015
(update | poll)
Oziach has stocked up on anti-dragon shields and is now selling them in his shop.