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PJ timer is a grace period in single-way combat areas during which a player cannot be attacked by another opponent or aggressive monsters since the last time they were attacked. PJ timer ensures that fights cannot be interrupted as long as both participants exchange attacks. The name of this term refers to PJing, a common abbreviation of player jacking or pile jumping, which is used to describe rushing or interrupting fights in PvP combat.

On regular worlds, the grace period lasts 16 game ticks since the last time the player was attacked, which comes down to roughly 9.6 seconds during which the player cannot be attacked by another opponent.

Note that the PJ timer is not applied if the last attack was performed by a monster that has been killed, and the player can be immediately attacked after the kill by either an aggressive NPC, or another player within the PvP zones.

Additionally, players cannot log out for 16 ticks after being attacked in both PvP and PvM combat, regardless of whether they are under the effect of the PJ timer.

PvP worlds[edit | edit source]

PJ timer is increased in the PvP worlds, which eases safe looting and banking after a PvP kill. However, the extended grace period does not prevent the player from attacking another target.

Additionally, players are locked in combat in single-way combat areas after the first attack from either participant, which makes it impossible to interrupt a fight by other players as long as at least one participant is attacking. However, if a player is in a PvP fight, but they are not being attacked, they can switch the target and lock in combat with another player.

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

In the single-way combat areas of the Wilderness, the player PJ timer is increased to 20 ticks, or roughly 12 seconds. Similarly to the PvP worlds, the players are locked in combat as soon as they target a player or NPC, and cannot be interrupted. NPCs attacking the players within PvP areas have a shorter PJ timer at roughly 5 seconds. If a player kills a NPC, they can be attacked immediately. Additionally, after a knocking out an opponent the player has a 12 second grace period. Players also cannot trade in the Wilderness if they are or recently were in combat.

The Wilderness-specific PJ timer mechanics are not applied in the themed worlds 318 and 319, as well as the Deadman Mode worlds.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 August 2022

NPCs attacking the players within PvP areas now trigger a 5 second PJ timer instead of the full 12 second timer, matching the behaviour from before the PJ timer increase of March 9, 2022.

23 March 2022

Players can no longer trade in the Wilderness if they are or recently were in combat.

9 March 2022

PJ timer within the single-way combat areas of the Wilderness was modified:

  • The duration was increased from 16 ticks (9.6 seconds) to 20 ticks (12 seconds).
  • Combat can no longer be interrupted. Attacking a target locks the player into combat.