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Parasites are thrown at players by The Nightmare while fighting her. After the parasite has grown, it will burst out of a player, damaging them. Drinking a dose of Sanfew serum or Relicym's balm will weaken the parasite.

If a player doesn't weaken the parasite inside them, they receive significantly more damage when the parasite burst out them. The parasite also spawns with higher stats.

If The Nightmare's shield is partly damaged, they target her to restore her shield. In the situation where one or more totems are partially charged, they target the least charged totem to discharge it until the totem is completely discharged. The heal amount is 31 to 50 per attack.

In case there are no suitable targets to heal, parasites attack the player. They alternate Ranged and Magic attacks starting with a Ranged attack. Using protection prayers will fully negate their hits.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 February 2021
(update | poll)

The Nightmare's parasites will now heal her for a random number of hitpoints within a more consistent range. Previously, the parasites could heal between 1 and 80 hitpoints. Now, the range is between 31 and 50.