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Partyhats, commonly abbreviated as phats (pronounced pee-hat), can be obtained in the form of two partyhat sets from participating in a Christmas event. Alternatively, players can pull christmas crackers and get any partyhat at random.

Before the 2013 Christmas event, they were made available in Old School RuneScape on 4 July 2013, requiring players would search the different spawn locations across Gielinor and/or attend the Grab-a-hat community streams with Mod Mat K between 4 July 2013 and 14 July 2013.

There are eight different partyhats:

Item GE Price
Red partyhat.png Red partyhat 2,945
Yellow partyhat.png Yellow partyhat 3,063
Blue partyhat.png Blue partyhat 8,394
Purple partyhat.png Purple partyhat 5,418
Green partyhat.png Green partyhat 3,302
White partyhat.png White partyhat 3,330
Black partyhat.png Black partyhat N/A
Rainbow partyhat.png Rainbow partyhat N/A

2013 April Fools[edit | edit source]

Partyhats were said to be spawning in random locations across Gielinor, only to find the hats could not be picked up. Players would attempt to chase the hats until they got one, but unfortunately the random coloured hats slipped away at their fingertips. Attempting to cast Telekinetic Grab resulted in obtaining a Cabbage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Partyhats are infamous in RuneScape history, dating back to RuneScape Classic when they were first introduced to the game during the 2001 Christmas Event. Due to the fact this was the only time a supply of them was added to the game, they quickly became valuable rare items, worth tens of millions by the time of RuneScape 2, and by 2016, they had reached 2,147,483,647 coins on the Grand Exchange, and were worth even more on the street.