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For secondary effects from enchanted gem-tipped crossbow bolts, see Enchanted bolts.

Many items and equipment sets have passive effects or set effects, which trigger on their own when equipped. These effects confer a wide variety of benefits, both combat and non-combat. In the case of a passive effect that applies to an equipment set, all items of that set must generally be equipped for the set to activate.

Combat effects[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Effect
Twisted bow.png Twisted bow Accuracy and damage is increased in correspondence to the target's Magic level.
Dragon hunter crossbow.png Dragon hunter crossbow Accuracy and damage are increased by 30% and 25% respectively when fighting draconic creatures (excluding Elvarg and revenant dragons).
Dragon hunter lance.png Dragon hunter lance Accuracy and damage are increased by 20% when fighting draconic creatures (excluding Elvarg and revenant dragons).
Craw's bow.png Craw's bow When charged with at least 1000 revenant ether, the weapon gains +50% damage and accuracy (+100% accuracy and +25% damage for the sceptre) against all monsters in the Wilderness. Each attack consumes one ether.
Thammaron's sceptre.png Thammaron's sceptre
Viggora's chainmace.png Viggora's chainmace
Staff of the dead.png Staff of the dead Each combat spell cast with the weapon has a 1/8 (12.5%) chance to not consume runes. The kodai wand further increases to 15% chance.
Staff of light.png Staff of light
Toxic staff of the dead.png Toxic staff of the dead
Kodai wand.png Kodai wand
Sanguinesti staff.png Sanguinesti staff Each successful hit has a 1 in 6 chance of healing the wielder half the amount of Hitpoints dealt to a target.
Silverlight.png Silverlight Damage is increased against demonic creatures. Arclight offers slightly superior stats than the abyssal tentacle against demonic creatures.
Darklight.png Darklight
Arclight.png Arclight
Holy water.png Holy water Performs strongly against demons.
Blackjack.png Blackjacks All blackjacks have a chance to stun a target upon hitting, causing them to briefly stop attacking the player; the better the material, the more chance of stunning occurring.
Keris.png Keris Grants 33% more damage against scarab creatures and kalphites. Also grants a 1/51 chance to deal triple damage.
Wolfbane.png Wolfbane When wielded, the dagger stops the residents of Canifis from morphing into their more powerful Werewolf form.
Leaf-bladed battleaxe.png Leaf-bladed battleaxe Accuracy and damage is increased by 17.5% when fighting turoths and kurask. This does stack with a slayer helmet or equivalent's bonuses.
Zuriel's staff.png Zuriel's staff Boosts Ancient Magicks combat spells:

Armour pieces[edit | edit source]

Armour Effect
Elysian spirit shield.png Elysian spirit shield There is a 70% chance of reducing the damage the player receives by 25%. Does not work against non-combat damage (e.g. poison).
Spectral spirit shield.png Spectral spirit shield Reduces the effectiveness of all Prayer draining attacks by 50%. Does not work against other players.
Dinh's bulwark.png Dinh's bulwark If the block style is chosen, 20% less damage is taken; however, the player forfeits their ability to attack. Does not work against other players.

If the pummel style is chosen, the player's maximum hit increases according to their defence bonuses for stab, slash, crush and Ranged combined.

Anti-dragon shield.png Anti-dragon shield Offers partial protection against dragonfire when worn.
Elemental shield.png Elemental shield Offers partial protection against wyverns' icy breath when worn.
Mind shield.png Mind shield
Dragonfire shield.png Dragonfire shield Offers partial protection against dragonfire and wyverns' icy breath when worn. The Ancient wyvern shield offers a full immunity against the freezing effect of the wyverns' icy breath.
Ancient wyvern shield.png Ancient wyvern shield
Dragonfire ward.png Dragonfire ward
Black mask.png Black mask Increases Melee damage and accuracy by 16.67% while fighting monsters assigned as the player's current Slayer task. The imbued mask or helmet also increases Magic and Ranged damage and accuracy by 15%.
Charged black mask:
Also randomly reduces the opponent's Defence level, draining one charge.
Slayer helmet.png Slayer helmet
Slayer helmet (i).png Slayer helmet (i)
Broodoo shield.png Broodoo shield Charged:
Randomly reduces the opponent's Attack, Defence, or Strength level, depending on the colour of the shield, draining one charge.
Chaos gauntlets.png Chaos gauntlets Increases damage by bolt spells by +3.
Serpentine helm.png Serpentine helm If the target is an NPC and worn in conjunction with a venomous weapon (toxic staff of the dead when casting combat spells, toxic blowpipe or trident of the swamp), the chance to envenom a target is 100% per attack. If worn in conjunction with any poisoned melee weapon or Ranged ammunition (excluding emerald bolts (e)), the chance to envenom a target is 50%. Otherwise, if worn in conjunction with any non-poisoned melee weapon, the chance to envenom a target (including other players) is 16.7%.

Also grants immunity to becoming poisoned and envenomed.

Magma helm.png Magma helm
Tanzanite helm.png Tanzanite helm

Jewellery[edit | edit source]

Jewellery Effect
Necklace of faith.png Necklace of faith When the user is hit down to less than 20% of their maximum Hitpoints (including being hit for 0), they will have their Prayer restored for 10% of their Prayer level, destroying the necklace in the process.
Ring of life.png Ring of life When the user is hit down to less than 10% of their maximum Hitpoints (including being hit for 0), they will be teleported to their respawn point, destroying the ring in the process. If both the ring of life and phoenix necklace are equipped, then the phoenix necklace will activate first.
Phoenix necklace.png Phoenix necklace When the user is hit down to less than 20% of their maximum Hitpoints (including being hit for 0), they will heal for 30% of their maximum Hitpoints, destroying the necklace in the process. If both the ring of life and phoenix necklace are equipped, then the phoenix necklace will activate first.
Ring of wealth.png Ring of wealth (i).png Ring of wealth When killing an NPC, removes empty slots on the rare drop table and automatically collects currency monster drops (e.g. coins) in the user's inventory.
Doubles the chances of receiving a clue scroll while in the Wilderness.
Amulet of glory.png Amulet of glory Charged:
Increases the chance of finding gems while mining. Greatly increases the speed at which Gem rocks are mined.
Ring of recoil.png Ring of recoil When damaged by an NPC, they are dealt back 10% of the same damage, rounded down. The effect can be disabled on the ring of suffering.
Ring of suffering.png Ring of suffering (i).png Ring of suffering
Berserker necklace.png Berserker necklace If worn with the obsidian sword, dagger, maul or mace, damage is increased by 20%. The damage bonus does stack with obsidian armour.
Amulet of the damned.png Amulet of the damned Provides buffs to full barrows equipment sets in addition to their normal passive effects.
Amulet of avarice.png Amulet of avarice When worn, every NPC item drop in the Revenant Caves is noted. The player is permanently skulled until the amulet is unequipped, in which case the skull will disappear after 20 minutes.
Brimstone ring.png Brimstone ring When worn, combat spells have a 25% chance to ignore 10% of the opponent's total Magic defence.

Armour sets[edit | edit source]

Void Knight[edit | edit source]

Void ranger helm equipped.png

Void Knight armour has a set effect, directed by the combat class of the worn helmet, that increases the user's accuracy and possibly damage in the chosen style.

Image Helmet Set effect
Void melee helm.png Melee +10% melee accuracy and strength
Void ranger helm.png Ranger +10% ranged accuracy and strength[1]
Void mage helm.png Mage +45% magic accuracy[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Additional 2.5% damage bonus if Elite Void Knight armour is worn.

Shayzien[edit | edit source]

Shayzien armour (5) (male) equipped.png

Shayzien armour has a passive effect where damage taken by the poison attack used by lizardman shamans is reduced. The higher the tier, the more damage reduced; the damage is completely negated when the tier 5 set is worn.

Tier Damage Reduction
1 20%
2 40%
3 60%
4 80%
5 100%

Justiciar[edit | edit source]

Justiciar armour equipped.png

Justiciar armour has a set effect where damage taken is reduced depending on the player's Defence bonus towards it (except in PvP). The exact formula for the amount of damage reduced is:

, where bonus is the player's defence bonus for that particular style. For example, if an enemy was using a crush style attack, and the player has a crush defence bonus of +450, then 15% of the damage (450/3,000) is reduced.

Inquisitor[edit | edit source]

Inquisitor's armour equipped.png

Inquisitor's armour has a set effect where each piece worn boosts damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style. If all three pieces are equipped, the boost is increased to 2.5%.

Equipment sets[edit | edit source]

Barrows[edit | edit source]

Each Barrows set grants its own unique special effect when ALL four pieces of the set of a particular Barrows brother are equipped.

Weapon Name Description Animation
Dharok's greataxe.pngDharok's greataxe Wretched Strength Attacks do more damage as the player's Hitpoints decrease. Wretched Strength.gif
Torag's hammers.pngTorag's hammers Corruption Successful melee attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the victim's run energy by 20%. Corruption.gif
Guthan's warspear.pngGuthan's warspear Infestation Attacks have a 25% chance of replenishing the player's health equal to the damage dealt. Infestation.gif
Verac's flail.pngVerac's flail Defiler Attacks have a 25% chance of ignoring any armour, Defence, and protection prayers. Defiler.gif
Karil's crossbow.pngKaril's crossbow Tainted Shot Successful ranged attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the enemy's Agility level by 20%. Tainted Shot.gif
Ahrim's staff.pngAhrim's staff Blighted Aura Successful magical attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the enemy's Strength by 5 levels. Blighted Aura.gif

If an amulet of the damned is worn with a Barrows equipment set, the set effect is enhanced or an additional passive effect is provided. This additional effect can trigger simultaneously with the standard effect, if applicable.

Set Effect
Ahrim Able to autocast Ancient Magicks. Also a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage.
Dharok When hit, there is a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. This effect can stack with the Vengeance spell and a ring of recoil to recoil 100% of the damage taken.
Guthan The healing effect can heal players 10 hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level.
Karil For each attack, there is a 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats. The second hitsplat will deal half the damage of the first hitsplat.
Torag Defence increased by 1% for every 1 health missing.
Verac Additional +7 Prayer bonus (not counting the amulet's +3).

Obsidian[edit | edit source]

Obsidian armour equipped.png

Obsidian equipment has a set effect, where obsidian weaponry gain a 10% Attack and Strength boost if a full set of obsidian armour is worn (excluding shield and cape). This does stack with the Berserker necklace damage bonus.

Crystal[edit | edit source]

Each piece of crystal armour when worn with a crystal bow or Bow of faerdhinen gives an accuracy and damage bonus. If the entire set is worn, this becomes 15% damage and 30% accuracy increase.

Item Damage Bonus Accuracy Bonus
Helm 2.5% 5%
Legs 5% 10%
Body 7.5% 15%

God Wars Dungeon protection[edit | edit source]

Many pieces of equipment affiliated with the gods Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos provide a passive effect that prevents followers of that particular faction from being aggressive within the God Wars Dungeon. This effect does not apply to the bosses or to their bodyguards.

Poison and venom[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Poison and Venom

Some items have the ability to add weapon poison on it, which in turn makes the weapon poisonous such as the popular dragon dagger. When fighting an opponent, there is a chance of inflicting poison on them, starting at 6 damage with the highest weapon poison applied to the weapon. The damage will gradually decrease and will go away.

Venom works slightly differently to poison. Only a few items have the ability to inflict venom, namely items that are dropped by Zulrah. When fighting an opponent, there is a chance of inflicting venom on them, starting at 6 damage and will gradually increase to a maximum of 20 damage per hit. Venom does not cure itself.

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