Patch Notes (13 March 2014)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from the Patch Notes Archive which is no longer available. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 13 March 2014.
  • The Wilderness Rejuvenation update has been released, featuring:
    • Venenatis the spider, Vet'ion the skeletal champion and Callisto the bear, dropping the new dragon pickaxe.
    • A Crazed Archaeologist, a Chaos Fanatic and Scorpia the Scorpion Queen, dropping shards of new shields: the Odium Ward and Malediction Ward.
    • New higher=level rogues, dark warriors and bandits.
    • Mammoths.
    • The Wilderness red dragons have been replaced with lava dragons. Lava dragon bones give a 3x prayer bonus when buried on their island.
    • Ents, which turn into tree trunks when killed, allowing players to chop logs in banknote form.
    • Red chinchompas, in an area where hunters may use one more trap than their normal limit.
    • Three new runite rocks on the Ice Plateau.
    • Dark crabs, which may be fished using dark bait, which is dropped by various zombies in the Wilderness.
    • Level 84 Thieving chests behind the Rogues' Castle.
    • A new resource area, guarded by Mandrith who charges a fee for entry.
    • The Fountain of Rune has emerged in the north-east of the Wilderness, allowing spells to be cast without any runes, but giving zero XP.
    • A new God Wars Dungeon, where aviansies drop adamant bars in banknote form, and all other creatures have a chance of dropping the Ecumenical Key. The key grants access to any of the boss rooms in the main GWD without the need for a kill-count, and is destroyed when used.
    • A mysterious force around the Demonic Ruins recharges your Prayer slowly. This feature is available on F2P-style worlds; all other features are not.
    • All creatures in the Wilderness drop a Looting Bag. Tradeable items may be stored in the bank while you're in the Wilderness. They may only be removed if the bag is taken to a bank. If you die with the bag, it is lost, and its contents are dropped to the ground.
    • A new lever in Edgeville teleports players to the ruins near the Mage Arena.
    • A tally is now kept of all the player-kills you achieve and all the times you are PKed in the Wilderness, beyond a certain level, allowing your kills:deaths ratio to be displayed on screen. An option on a notice board by Edgeville Bank allows this to be shown or hidden.
  • Crystal equipment now reverts to a seed when dropped on death.
  • Untradeable items dropped on death in the Wilderness beyond level 20 are turned into small amounts of cash.