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This article gives tips about training the Firemaking skill.

Levels 1–30: Creating pyre logs[edit | edit source]

Note: this method requires that you have first completed Shades of Mort'ton before you are able to make or use Sacred oil on logs to make Pyre logs.

Creating pyre logs offers the fastest experience from level 1 to 30. Players can create all types of pyre logs at level 1, even if the logs would require a higher level to burn. This method is faster than burning logs at lower levels, because at lower levels there is a high chance of failing to light the logs, which slows down experience rates a lot. Creating pyre logs does not take up any in-game time and is tied to click speed.

The amount of experience shown in the table below is the experience that is rewarded for using the required amount of oil on a log. However, the actual experience per log is calculated based on the amount of oil in the vial that is being used. For example, using sacred oil(4) on an oak log will result in two doses of oil being used up, and 16 experience being rewarded. Using the remaining two doses of oil will then reward 10 more experience, since a vial containing 2 doses is being used. Because of this, when using full vials of oil, one can expect higher average amounts of experience per log than shown in this table.

Experience rates vary depending on click speed and accuracy. Players can gain around 45,000 experience per hour with typical click speeds, including banking and given that one pyre log is made per tick (0.6 seconds). It is possible to get much higher rates, but they realistically cap at around 65,000 experience per hour for fastest sustainable click speeds.

Note: Prices may vary, and re-selling the pyre logs might prove difficult if demand is low. Check trade volume and actual prices in the Grand Exchange before using this method for profit.

Input Output logs Profit Firemaking XP GP/XP
Logs Oil doses
logs.png Regular 45 Sacred oil(2).png(2) 1,268 pyre logs.png Regular pyre 1,420 107 10 10.7
Oak logs.png Oak 63 Sacred oil(2).png(2) 1,268 Oak pyre logs.png Oak pyre 1,539 208 10 20.8
Willow logs.png Willow 29 Sacred oil(3).png(3) 1,885 Willow pyre logs.png Willow pyre 2,034 120 12 10
Teak logs.png Teak 240 Sacred oil(3).png(3) 1,885 Teak pyre logs.png Teak pyre 2,149 24 12 2
Arctic pine logs.png Arctic pine 692 Sacred oil(3).png(3) 1,885 Arctic pyre logs.png Arctic pyre 1,704 −873 12 −72.75
Maple logs.png Maple 9 Sacred oil(3).png(3) 1,885 Maple pyre logs.png Maple pyre 1,993 99 12 8.25
Mahogany logs.png Mahogany 447 Sacred oil(3).png(3) 1,885 Mahogany pyre logs.png Mahogany pyre 2,080 −252 12 −21
Yew logs.png Yew 200 Sacred oil(4).png(4) 2,470 Yew pyre logs.png Yew pyre 3,110 440 16 27.5
Magic logs.png Magic 1,035 Sacred oil(4).png(4) 2,470 Magic pyre logs.png Magic pyre 3,548 43 16 2.69
Redwood logs.png Redwood 359 Sacred oil(4).png(4) 2,470 Redwood pyre logs.png Redwood pyre 3,198 369 16 23.06

Levels 30–99: Burning logs[edit | edit source]

Redwood logs detail.png

From level 30 onwards, the fastest Firemaking experience is gained by burning the highest-tier log available. Even though logs can be burned at level 1, creating pyre logs offers slightly faster experience as there is a high chance to fail to light the logs. Logs can still be burned at lower levels as a lower-effort alternative to creating pyre logs.

The best place to burn logs is at the eastern part of the Grand Exchange. The area has a lot of empty space and the bank is only one tile away from an area a log can be burned. When correctly timed, the player can move to another square in between lighting the logs, which allows the player to burn the logs in any formation. With fast enough banking and accurate clicks, it is possible to keep lighting the logs tick-perfectly every 4 ticks. The player should have noted logs in the inventory, and use them on a banker while standing 2 steps away when banking for more logs.

An easier but a slower method is to simply burn logs in a row from east to west. The best place to do this is at Varrock: use Varrock Teleport, light the logs from the fountain and bank at the Varrock west bank.

The below table assumes 1485 logs are burned per hour.

Levels Log type Experience XP/HR Logs needed Log price Money spent GP/XP
1–15 Logs.pngNormal 40 59,400[1] 61 45 −2,745 −1.13
15–30 Oak logs.pngOak 60 89,100[1] 183 63 −11,529 −1.05
30–35 Willow logs.pngWillow 90 133,650 101 29 −2,929 −0.32
35–42 Teak logs.pngTeak 105 155,925 221 240 −53,040 −2.29
42–45 Arctic pine logs.pngArctic pine 125 185,625 128 692 −88,576 −5.54
45–50 Maple logs.pngMaple 135 200,475 295 9 −2,655 −0.07
50–60 Mahogany logs.pngMahogany 157.5 233,887.5 1,095 447 −489,465 −2.84
60–75 Yew logs.pngYew 202.5 300,712.5 4,626 200 −925,200 −0.99
75–90 Magic logs.pngMagic 303.8 451,143 13,614 1,035 −14,090,490 −3.41
90–99 Redwood logs.pngRedwood 350 519,750 21,966 359 −7,885,794 −1.03
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 At lower levels, the amount of logs burned per hour will be significantly lower, due to the high chance of failure causing a fire to take significant amounts of extra time to light.

Money spent total: −23,552,423

Alternative Levels 1-30 : Colored Logs[edit | edit source]

Coloured logs, created by using gnomish firelighters obtained from clue scrolls, are more expensive than normal and oak logs, but can provide significantly higher exp/h at lower Firemaking levels. Coloured logs provide 50 Firemaking experience, and are always guaranteed to light on the first attempt. At lower levels, players can repeatedly fail to light normal and oak logs, while coloured logs guarantee a consistent experience rate.

Levels 50–99: Wintertodt[edit | edit source]

Burning brazier (Wintertodt).png

Subduing Wintertodt from level 50 Firemaking onwards is a slower, but profitable and low-effort alternative to burning logs. It also grants passive Woodcutting experience from chopping the bruma roots, and the Pyromancer outfit, which increases Firemaking experience by 2.5%. The fastest way to gain Firemaking experience from Wintertodt is to be on an official world (307, 309, 311, 389), which have fast games that usually last around 4 minutes. Light a brazier as soon as the round starts, chop bruma roots until you have a full inventory and burn them in the brazier. Fix and relight the brazier if needed. Fletching the bruma roots into kindlings is only recommended when the player would not meet the 500-point mark for the extra experience gained at the end of the round. Otherwise, bruma roots should not be fletched into kindlings as this significantly hampers experience rates.

Having the ornate rejuvenation pool and the basic jewellery box in the player-owned house is strongly recommended, as players can teleport to their house after every round, use the pool to heal themselves and quickly teleport back. Alternatively, players can teleport to Ferox Enclave via a ring of dueling and restore their stats using the Pool of Refreshment, or teleport to the Elidinis Statuette in Nardah with a Desert Amulet (4). It is also very helpful to have the Hitpoints cape along with a regen bracelet to mitigate the damage dealt by the cold; with all these and using the Redemption prayer, at high Firemaking levels it is very likely that the players will not need any food to heal themselves.

Players can gain extra experience in between rounds by doing other activities during the downtime, such as burning logs, fletching darts or making jugs of wine.

Experience rates scale depending on the player's level. It takes around 600 rounds and 40 hours (assuming an average kill length of 4 minutes and a 60 second pause) to get from level 50 to level 99 Firemaking if you fletch every log, and about 500 rounds if you don't.

Firemaking level Firemaking experience per hour Woodcutting level Woodcutting experience per hour
50 161,000 50 10,000
60 193,000 60 12,000
70 226,000 70 15,000
80 258,000 80 17,000
90 290,000 90 19,000
99 320,000 99 21,000

Quests for Firemaking experience[edit | edit source]

Quest Experience
Other requirements Enemy to defeat
The Giant Dwarf 1,500 Firemaking 16 Crafting 12 , Magic 33 , Thieving 14 None
Heroes' Quest 1,575 - Quest points 55 , Cooking 53 , Fishing 53 , Herblore 25 , Mining 50 Multiple high level NPCs
Enlightened Journey 4,000 Firemaking 20 Quest points 20 , Farming 30 , Crafting 36 None
Making Friends with My Arm 5,000 Firemaking 66 Construction 35 , Mining 72 , Agility 68 Multiple high level NPCs
Enakhra's Lament 7,000 Firemaking 45 Crafting 50 , Prayer 43 , Magic 39 , Mining 45 None
Total 19,075