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This article is about the pay-to-play guide. For the free players' guide, see Free-to-play Fishing training.

This guide outlines the best methods for training the Fishing skill.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Fishing uses two types of items, divided into consumables and equipment. Consumables are used up at the rate of one item for each fish caught and are stackable, while the equipment is non-stackable and reusable.

You can also do Fishing Trawler minigame to get a set of Angler's outfit for an additional 2.5% more fishing experience gained per fish caught. But be warned that you may take many hours before getting the outfit.

Normal fishing table[edit | edit source]

Name Level Exp Cooking
Type Heals Notes
Raw shrimps Cooked shrimps. Shrimps 1 10 1 30 Net 3 Can be caught at seas.
Raw anchovies Cooked anchovies Anchovies 15 40 1 30 Net 1 Can be caught at seas.
Raw trout Cooked trout Trout 20 50 15 70 Fly 7 Can be caught at rivers.
Raw salmon Cooked salmon Salmon 30 70 25 90 Fly 9 Can be caught at rivers.
Raw tuna Cooked tuna Tuna 35 80 30 100 Harpoon 10 Can be caught at Karamja, the Fishing Guild, Catherby, and Rellekka.
Raw lobster Cooked lobster Lobster 40 90 40 120 Cage 12 Can be caught at Karamja, the Fishing Guild, Catherby, and Rellekka.
Raw swordfish Cooked swordfish Swordfish 50 100 45 140 Harpoon 14 Can be caught at Karamja, the Fishing Guild, Catherby, and Rellekka.
Raw monkfish Cooked monkfish Monkfish 62 120 62 150 Net 16 Members only. Can be caught in Piscatoris fishing colony.
Raw shark Cooked shark Shark 76 110 80 210 Harpoon 20 Members only. Can be caught at Catherby, Burgh de Rott, the Fishing Guild, Jatizso and Rellekka.

Barbarian fishing table[edit | edit source]

Fish Image Fishing level required Strength/Agility levels required Fishing experience gained Strength/Agility experience gained Cooking experience gained
Leaping trout Leaping trout.png 48 15 50 5 10
Leaping salmon Leaping salmon.png 58 30 70 6 10
Leaping sturgeon Leaping sturgeon.png 70 45 80 7 15

Bare-handed fishing table[edit | edit source]

Fish Image Fishing level required Strength level required Fishing experience gained Strength experience gained
Tuna Raw tuna.png 55 35 80 8
Swordfish Raw swordfish.png 70 50 100 10
Shark Raw shark.png 96 76 110 11

Fastest experience (1-99)[edit | edit source]

Heavy rod barbarian fishing experience rates as a function of fishing level using the standard 5 tick AFK technique

Levels 1–24[edit | edit source]

QuestQuest point icon.png To quickly gain levels 1–24, complete the Sea Slug quest. The only requirement for this quest is 30 Firemaking and can be completed fairly quickly. This is a much faster route for early Fishing levels than catching fish.

Levels 24–47/58 – Trout/salmon[edit | edit source]

Raw troutRaw salmon For levels 24–47/58 you will be catching trout and salmon. The best places to catch these are outside the Farming Guild, in Barbarian Village or Shilo Village (nearby bank), north of Seers' Village, and just south of Baxtorian Falls. All you need for this method is feathers and a fly fishing rod. These items can be bought in any fishing store, except Catherby, or in the Grand Exchange. At around 45 Fishing, fly fishing will provide around 25,000 experience per hour.

Levels 47–58/70 – Drift Net Fishing[edit | edit source]

Drift net detail.png

At 47 Fishing and 44 Hunter, Drift Net Fishing becomes the most efficient way to train Fishing up to level 58 if tick manipulation is to be used at Barbarian Fishing, or up to level 70 without tick manipulation. At level 47 Fishing and 66 Hunter, around 40,000 Fishing and 80,000 hunter experience per hour can be achieved with minimal effort. At 65 fishing and 76 hunter experience rates around 60,000 Fishing and 100,000 Hunter exp can be achieved with split attention. Experience gained for each fish caught scales (slightly) with Fishing and Hunter levels.

A merfolk trident or (uncharged) trident of the seas and a method to restore run energy are necessary to achieve these experience rates. Only chase each fish shoal once and prioritize fish shoals that are near the opening by the drift net. Drift Nets themselves are not cheap and its the only downside to this method. Drift Nets also have a buy limit of 100 nets per 4 hours. Banking the fish will definitely help decrease the loss of money while training this method and only lowers the experience rates by a little. The fish obtained depend on the Fishing level, with raw lobsters beginning to be obtained at level 50. This offers a very quick alternative to level Hunter and Fishing at the same time while obtaining the best experience rates for Fishing.

Levels 58–99 – Barbarian Fishing[edit | edit source]

3-tick Barbarian Fishing using the cut-eat method.

Leaping troutLeaping salmonLeaping sturgeon Barbarian Fishing offers the most efficient experience from level 58 onwards when using tick manipulation. Although you can start Barbarian Fishing at level 48, it is faster to do drift net fishing or 3-tick fly fishing until level 58, which allows you to catch leaping salmon. This method also gives small amounts of Agility and Strength experience in addition to Fishing, making this method the most efficient way to train Fishing. Using this method will net you approximately 1.2 million experience in both Agility and Strength by fishing from level 58 all the way up to 99.

It should be noted that 2-tick fishing tuna and swordfish offers slightly faster Fishing experience per hour at higher levels, but the passive Agility and Strength experience from Barbarian Fishing makes it more efficient to do overall. If the player is not going to use any sort of tick manipulation, it is better to continue doing Drift Net Fishing. However, without tick manipulation this method will still offer the fastest AFK fishing experience.

Completing a portion of Barbarian Training is required to be able to catch leaping fish. Having level 30 Agility and Strength is required for catching leaping salmon, and level 45 in both for leaping sturgeon. You will also need suitable bait such as feathers and a barbarian rod obtained from Otto's Grotto. For tick manipulation you will also need certain items to create a 3-tick action, such as herb and tar or knife and teak/mahogany logs, and a knife should you cut the fish.

The best spot for Barbarian Fishing is at the pond next to the Otto's Grotto. Players can quickly get there by using a games necklace or minigame teleport to Barbarian Assault and running south-west.

The most basic method for 3-tick fishing is to drop the fish between catches. This can be done by starting the 3-tick cycle, dropping the fish using shift drop and clicking on the fishing spot. This requires accurate clicking and some practice to perform consistently, but it is more efficient than dropping a full inventory.

"Cut-eat" or "eat-cut" fishing (depending on the order) is a more advanced and slightly more click-intensive method. This is done by starting a 3-tick cycle with herb and tar, cutting the fish with a knife and eating the roe/caviar to tick manipulate. When you run out of roe/caviar to be eaten and fish to be cut, use herb and tar to continue the 3-tick cycle. The benefits of this method is that it provides some passive Cooking experience, it does not require players to drop fish (therefore Shift is unused), and it is slightly cheaper due to fish offcuts also being produced which are used as bait over feathers. However, it is less predictable due to randomness being involved, which may take time getting used to. It is also stricter with timing; if the cutting and eating is done too late, the cycle becomes offset. Having at least level 80 Cooking is recommended for 100% chance of successfully cutting leaping salmon and sturgeon if using this method.

Experience rates scale depending on the player's Fishing level and performance. When using tick manipulation, players can gain up to 65,000 Fishing experience per hour at level 58, 87,000 experience per hour at level 70, 95,000 experience per hour at level 80 and 102,000 experience per hour at level 90. At level 99, players can gain up to 110,000 experience per hour when wearing the angler's outfit. Without tick manipulation players can expect to gain around 35,000–42,000 experience per hour at levels 58–70, and 50,000–60,000 experience per hour from level 70 onwards, reaching up to 66,000 experience per hour at level 99.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 62–99 – Monkfish[edit | edit source]

Raw monkfish If you complete the quest Swan Song, you can begin fishing monkfish at Piscatoris, which provides more profit than lobsters or trout/salmon.

The experience per hour is around 30,000-35,000 at 70, and 40,000 per hour at higher levels. They can be cooked for better food or sold for more money.

It is recommended you continue this method until 99 if you do not want to do Barbarian Fishing, as this method remains faster in xp/hr than sharks even after 99.

  • Starting experience - 333,804
  • Experience needed - 12,700,627
  • Monkfish needed - 105,839
  • Profit made (62-99): 32,280,895
  • If cooked: 39,372,108
  • Levels 65–99 – Karambwan[edit | edit source]

    Raw karambwan.png At level 65 Fishing and after completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you can start catching karambwan. For karambwan fishing you will need a karambwan vessel and raw karambwanji for bait. Raw karambwanji can be caught north-east of the fairy ring ckr.

    The best spot to catch karambwan is just north of the fairy ring dkp. Therefore having a quick access to a fairy ring (such as the quest point cape, Slayer rings or a fairy ring in your house) is strongly recommended for this method. Players can bank the fish at Castle Wars using a ring of dueling, Edgeville using an amulet of glory, Shilo Village Underground Mine using Karamja gloves 3 or 4, or the Theatre of Blood using Drakan's medallion.

    • Approximately 30,000 xp/hr
    • Starting experience - 449,428

    Experience needed - 12,585,003

    • Karambwan needed - 251,701
    • Profit made (65-99): 103,449,111
    • If cooked: 134,911,736

    Levels 75–99 – Swordfish/Tuna[edit | edit source]

    Raw swordfish.png

    At level 75 Fishing, you can start using an Infernal Harpoon (together with 85 Cooking) to fish Swordfish and Tuna in the Fishing Guild. The close proximity to a deposit box and the invisible +7 Fishing boost make this spot the best place for this method.

    This method is noticeably more afk than Monkfish fishing, since the spots move less often and the spots are closer to each other. Moreover, with the Infernal Harpoon your inventory will fill up slower than normal. The profit is not as good as Monkfish fishing however.

    Players can expect roughly 35,000 experience per hour at 75 Fishing, and 42,000 experience per hour at 99.

    Levels 80–99 – Infernal eel[edit | edit source]

    Infernal eel.png

    At level 80 Fishing, you can start catching infernal eels within the city of Mor Ul Rek. A fire cape must be shown to a TzHaar-Ket guard to gain access to Mor Ul Rek. This does not consume the cape. Infernal eels can be smashed open using a hammer to extract ten to twenty Tokkul, one onyx bolt tip, or one to five lava scale shards. Per eel, the estimated profit is 615.21 (not counting the estimated value of Tokkul at 124.44). It is recommended to fish infernal eels in the south-easternmost area of the city, as the other two areas may have their fishing spots disappear more often.

    Players can expect roughly 28,000 experience per hour at 80 Fishing, and 35,000 experience per hour at 99 Fishing.

    • Starting experience - 1,986,068
    • Experience needed - 11,048,363
    • Infernal eel needed - 116,299
    • Estimated profit made (without Tokkul): 71,548,307.79
  • Estimated profit made (with Tokkul): 86,021,072.23
  • Levels 82–99 – Minnow[edit | edit source]

    Minnow 5.png

    At level 82 Fishing, you can start catching minnow at Kylie Minnow's fishing platform in the Fishing Guild. This requires having full angler's outfit from the Fishing Trawler minigame. Minnow can be exchanged for noted raw sharks.

    Players can expect roughly 40,000 experience per hour at 82 Fishing, and 56,000 experience per hour at 99.

    Levels 82–99 – Anglerfish[edit | edit source]

    Raw anglerfish.png

    At level 82 Fishing and 100% Port Piscarilius favour, you can start catching anglerfish in Port Piscarilius.

    Players can expect roughly 15,000 experience per hour at 84 Fishing, and 23,000 experience per hour at 99.

    Levels 85–99 – Dark crabs[edit | edit source]

    Raw dark crab.png

    At level 85 Fishing and after completing elite tasks in the Wilderness Diary, catching dark crabs inside the Resource Area in the Wilderness becomes a viable option. The diary reward allows you catch the fish significantly faster and provides you free access to the Resource Area. Players should wear cheap defensive gear while 3- or 4-iteming expensive armour pieces, and bring high-healing food (along with super restores) to defend themselves against player killers. Piles will note the fish for 50 coins each, but it is advised to bank the fish in Edgeville every so often to reduce the risk.

    Players can expect to get roughly 40,000 experience per hour with this method.

    Levels 87–99 – Sacred eel[edit | edit source]

    At level 87 Fishing and partly completing the Regicide quest, player can catch Sacred eels at Zul-Andra giving 105 Fishing xp per Sacred eel. With a Cooking level of 72, the fish can be dissected with a knife to extract Zulrah's scales. Dissecting the fish can give 3-9 scales and 109-127 Cooking experience. A player's Cooking level affects how many scales are received when they are dissected. With a Cooking level in the mid 80s, one can expect to average around 5 scales per fish and a Cooking level of 99 gives around 7 scales per fish.

    With 90 Fishing , you can expect to gain about 21,300 Fishing experience per hour, with 97 Fishing it gets up to 23,500 Fishing experience per hour.

    • Starting experience - 3,972,294
    • Experience needed - 9,062,137
    • Sacred eel needed - 86,307
    • Zulrah's scales obtained (5 scales per fish): 431,535
    • Expected profit made (5 scales per fish): 81,128,580
  • Zulrah's scales obtained (7 scales per fish): 604,149
    • Expected profit made (7 scales per fish): 113,580,012

    Quests for Fishing experience[edit | edit source]

    List of quests rewarding Fishing experience:

    Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Pirate Pete - 1,000 Fishing experience

    Total Experience: 38,149 Fishing experience