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This guide outlines the best methods for training the Fishing skill.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Fishing uses two types of items, divided into consumables and equipment. Consumables are used up at the rate of one item for each fish caught and are stackable, while the equipment is non-stackable and reusable.

You can also do Fishing Trawler minigame to get a set of Angler's outfit for an additional 2.5% more fishing experience gained per fish caught. But be warned that you may take many hours before getting the outfit.

Furthermore, for those players that are willing to earn some money while fishing, you may want to acquire the Rada's blessing from the Kourend & Kebos diary. The easy, medium, hard, and elite diaries all give a 2%, 4%, 6%, and 8% chance (respectively) of catching two fish at once. However, the player will NOT receive any experience from the extra fish that is caught. Lastly, the blessing must be equipped while fishing for this to take effect.

Using the Fish Barrel from Tempoross will allow you to store 28 raw fish, making time between trips to the bank longer.

Fastest experience[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–33: Questing[edit | edit source]

Early levels can be skipped by completing quests that give Fishing experience. Completing Sea Slug, Fishing Contest, and the Freeing Pirate Pete quest of Recipe for Disaster will grant a total of 10,612 experience, which will get the player up to level 27. All of these quests have few requirements and can be done at a low level, and completing them is a much better route for early Fishing levels than catching fish. Completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio and The Fremennik Trials will grant an additional 7,812 experience, which will get the player up to level 33, but they have higher requirements.

Levels 20–47/99: Fly fishing[edit | edit source]

Fly fishing trout and salmon offers the fastest experience up to level 58 if using tick manipulation. If not using tick manipulation, drift net fishing becomes better at level 47.

Players will need a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch the fish. For tick manipulation players will also need certain items to create a 3-tick action, such as herb and tar or knife and teak/mahogany logs.

The basic method for 3-tick fishing is to drop the fish between catches. This can be done by starting the 3-tick cycle, dropping the fish using shift drop and clicking on the fishing spot. This requires accurate clicking and some practice to perform consistently, but it is more efficient than dropping a full inventory.

Banking the fish is not recommended, as this slows down experience rates and the fish are not worth very much. Low-level Ironmen who wish to gain early Cooking experience are advised to use the fishing spot in Shilo Village which is nearby a bank, or use the spot in Barbarian Village which has a permanent fire nearby.

With partial completion of Regicide, players can opt to use fly fishing spots south-east of the gates to Prifddinas. These fishing spots neither despawn nor relocate, allowing for continuous fishing per full inventory, without movement.

With tick manipulation, players can gain up to around 30,000 experience per hour at level 20 and 40,000 experience per hour at level 30, increasing to around 55,000–65,000 experience per hour at level 58. Without tick manipulation, players can gain around 30,000 experience per hour at level 40 and 34,500 experience per hour at level 50, increasing to around 42,000 experience per hour at level 58. At level 95 and above, players fishing at the spots south-east of Prifddinas can expect to gain 55,000–61,000 experience per hour, with ~90 seconds of AFK time per inventory.

Fishing Level XP/h (AFK) XP/h (3-tick)
20 30,000
30 40,000
40 30,000 50,000
50 34,500
58 42,000 55,000–65,000
95 58,000
99 61,000

Levels 47–99: Drift net fishing[edit | edit source]

Fishbowl helmet.png
Diving apparatus.png
Digsite pendant.png
Merfolk trident.png
Graceful top.png
Graceful legs.png
Graceful gloves.png
Ring of endurance.png

Drift net fishing is an activity in the underwater of Fossil Island that requires completion of Bone Voyage to access.

This is the most efficient way to train both Fishing and Hunter at the same time, however, it is not the fastest way to train Fishing on its own due to the split rates. The method has higher Hunter experience rates than Fishing experience, so once Hunter no longer needs to be trained, it is recommended to switch methods for faster Fishing experience.

For optimal experience rates, a merfolk trident or (uncharged) trident of the seas is used to chase fish shoal into drift nets and stamina potions are used to restore and maintain run energy. As a general rule, only chase each fish shoal once and prioritize fish shoals nearer the drift nets. For maximum experience per hour, replace the net at 6-7 fish shoals before chasing fish shoals near the other net.

Banking the fish caught and waiting for the drift net to completely fill will save money but also lower experience rates. Banking an entire net costs 5 numulites. The fish obtained offset the cost of the drift nets and scale with Fishing level, raw lobsters will start to be caught at level 50.

Experience rates are shown in the table below, assuming 113 nets are filled per hour. At 50 Fishing and 50 Hunter, 56.5 Fishing experience and 72 Hunter experience are gained per fish shoal. Experience only scales until level 70 Fishing and Hunter, where 77 Fishing experience and 101 Hunter experience are gained per fish shoal. The average player will gather 100 full drift nets (1,000 fish shoals) in an hour, and with 70+ Fishing and Hunter will gain 77,000 Fishing and 101,000 Hunter experience per hour. At maximum rates it is possible to fill 113 nets (1,130 fish shoal) and obtain 87,000 Fishing and 115,000 Hunter experience per hour. Buying the drift nets on the Grand Exchange would cost 316,852 coins per hour.

Level XP/h GP/XP
Fishing Hunter Fishing Hunter Skills Total Fishing Hunter Skills Total
50 50 64,000 81,000 145,000 −4.95 −3.91 −2.19
65 70 75,000 115,000 190,000 −4.22 −2.76 −1.67
70 70 87,000 115,000 202,000 −3.64 −2.76 −1.57

Levels 58–99: Barbarian Fishing[edit | edit source]

3-tick Barbarian Fishing using the cut-eat method.

3-tick Barbarian Fishing becomes one of the fastest training methods at level 58. This method offers small amounts of passive Agility and Strength experience, which makes it one the most efficient ways to train Fishing, especially for players with low Agility and Strength levels.

Even though Barbarian Fishing becomes available at level 48, it is faster to do drift net fishing or 3-tick fly fishing until level 58, which allows the player to catch leaping salmon. Players who do not care about gaining Agility or Strength experience are advised to switch to 2-tick harpooning tuna and swordfish, as this offers faster Fishing experience. If the player is not going to use any sort of tick manipulation, it is better to continue doing drift net fishing. However, even without tick manipulation this method still offers relatively fast experience at low effort, which can be useful for some players.

Players must complete a portion of Barbarian Training to be able to catch leaping fish. Having level 30 Agility and Strength is required for catching leaping salmon, and level 45 in both for leaping sturgeon. Players will also need suitable bait such as feathers and a barbarian rod obtained from Otto's Grotto. For tick manipulation players will also need certain items to create a 3-tick action, such as herb and tar or knife and teak/mahogany logs, and a knife should the player cut the fish.

The best spot for Barbarian Fishing is at the pond next to the Otto's Grotto. Players can quickly get there by using a games necklace or Grouping teleport to Barbarian Assault and running south-west.

The most basic method for 3-tick fishing is to drop the fish between catches. This can be done by starting the 3-tick cycle, dropping the fish using shift drop and clicking on the fishing spot. This requires accurate clicking and some practice to perform consistently, but it is more efficient than dropping a full inventory.

"Cut-eat" or "eat-cut" fishing (depending on the order) is a more advanced and slightly more click-intensive method. Having at least level 80 Cooking is recommended for 100% chance of successfully cutting leaping salmon and sturgeon if using this method. Cut-eat fishing is done by starting a 3-tick cycle with herb and tar, cutting the fish with a knife and eating the roe/caviar to tick manipulate. When you run out of roe/caviar to be eaten and fish to be cut, use herb and tar to continue the 3-tick cycle. The benefits of this method is that it provides some passive Cooking experience, it does not require players to drop fish (therefore Shift is unused), and it is slightly cheaper due to fish offcuts also being produced which are used as bait over feathers. However, it is less predictable due to randomness being involved, which may take time getting used to. It is also stricter with timing; if the cutting and eating is done too late, the cycle becomes offset.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. The experience rates assume the player is not wearing the angler's outfit. The AFK rates include the time spent dropping the fish, and the actual rates vary depending on how fast the fish are dropped. The Cooking rates from using the cut-eat method assumes level 99 Cooking; having level 80 Cooking would lower the rate by roughly 1,000 Cooking experience per hour. Using this method from level 58 to 99 would net the player approximately 1.2 million experience in both Agility and Strength.

Fishing Level XP/h (AFK) XP/h (3-tick)
Fishing Strength /Agility Skills Total Fishing Strength /Agility Cooking Skills Total
48 23,000 2,300 27,600 41,000 4,100 5,400 54,600
58 37,000 3,400 43,800 68,000 6,300 9,300 89,900
70 48,000 4,400 56,800 90,000 8,200 13,800 120,200
80 52,000 4,700 61,400 97,000 8,800 14,800 129,400
90 54,000 4,900 63,800 103,000 9,300 15,800 137,400
99 57,000 5,200 67,400 108,000 9,800 16,800 144,400

Levels 71–99: 2-tick harpooning swordfish/tuna[edit | edit source]

2-tick harpooning on the shores of Piscarilius

2-tick harpooning swordfish and tuna in Piscarilius offers the fastest Fishing experience in the game. Tick manipulation must be used for this method, as without it the experience will be a lot slower and this method would not be worth doing over other methods. This method is comparable to 3-tick Barbarian Fishing in terms of overall efficiency when using the crystal harpoon, assuming the player has high Agility and Strength levels. Players who have a low Agility or Strength level benefit more from the passive Agility and Strength experience gained from Barbarian Fishing, so it may be better to train with Barbarian Fishing. However, 2-tick harpooning is the fastest method on average of obtaining the heron pet, which can be desirable for some players.

The fishing spots for 2-tick harpooning are located in the north-western part of Piscarilius, just west of the bank. Players can quickly get there by using the The fisher's flute teleport on the Kharedst's memoirs (requires completion of The Queen of Thieves) and running north-west. To do this method, the player must be attacked by two rats attacking two ticks apart. After setting up the rats, the only clicking that must be done is clicking the fishing spot on the ticks that a hitsplat appears on the player character. Using the crystal harpoon is strongly recommended, as it has a higher catch rate compared to the dragon or infernal harpoon.

Experience rates scale depending on the level. Players can gain up to around 87,000 experience per hour at level 71, increasing to 115,000 experience per hour at level 85, and 125,000 experience per hour at higher levels.[confirmation needed] At level 99, it is possible to gain up to 135,000 experience per hour when using the crystal harpoon, or 120,000 experience per hour when using the dragon harpoon.

Fishing Level XP/h
Dragon harpoon.pngDragon Crystal harpoon.pngCrystal
71 87,000
85 115,000
99 120,000 135,000

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 35–99: Tempoross[edit | edit source]

Fighting the Tempoross offers relatively fast experience and it requires fairly low amount of effort compared to the tick manipulation methods.

Not Cooking

Not cooking the harpoonfish means getting lower amounts of points/loot but significantly more exp. With a crystal harpoon and a Fishing level near 99, this is the fastest experience in the game if not using tick manipulation methods. With no crystal harpoon or if not near level 99 fishing, drift net fishing will yield higher experience rates.

Fishing Level XP/h
Harpoon.pngRegular[n 1] Dragon harpoon.pngDragon Infernal harpoon.pngInfernal Crystal harpoon.pngCrystal
35 30,000 N/A N/A N/A
70 62,000 66,000 N/A 72,000
80 65,000 69,000 71,000 77,000
90 68,000 72,000 74,000 80,000
99 70,000 74,000 76,000 92,000[n 2]
  1. ^ The standard harpoon, the barb-tail harpoon, and Barbarian Fishing all have the same experience rates.
  2. ^ Using another account to shorten the waiting time between games, up to 102,000 experience per hour is possible.

Cooking the harpoonfish means lower experience rate but significantly more points and, therefore, loot. It is recommended for iron players and pet hunters to use the infernal harpoon when they reach the level requirements.

Fishing Level XP/h
Harpoon.pngRegular[n 1] Dragon harpoon.pngDragon Infernal harpoon.pngInfernal Crystal harpoon.pngCrystal
35 22,000 N/A N/A N/A
70 52,000 54,000 N/A 58,000
80 56,000 58,000 60,000 62,000
90 60,000 62,000 64,000 66,000
99 64,000 66,000 68,000 70,000
  1. ^ The standard harpoon, the barb-tail harpoon, and Barbarian Fishing all have the same experience rates.

Levels 40–76: Lobster[edit | edit source]

Catching lobsters at Catherby is an extremely low effort method of training Fishing and Cooking. Completion of Family Crest is recommended before using this method.

The benefits of catching lobsters at Catherby over other methods is that the range is 1–2 clicks from the fishing spots, which is 1 click from the bank, which is 2–3 clicks from the fishing spots; leading to a round trip of caught, cooked, and banked lobsters totaling at 7 clicks plus clicks due to fishing spot location changes. As the fishing spots are cage/harpoon, each location change saves one click over tuna/swordfish. Cooking lobsters also saves one click over tuna/swordfish as there is only one fish type, but loses one click at banking due to the lack of an equipable lobster pot.

The disadvantages of this method are the slow experience rates and higher burn rates due to the lack of the Hosidius range bonus. Usage of Cooking gauntlets is recommended to compensate.

Levels 43–99: Aerial fishing[edit | edit source]

Aerial fishing is a viable alternative method to train both Fishing and Hunter. However, drift net fishing offers faster experience in both skills, so this method is only recommended for players who wish to obtain the angler's outfit or the unique rewards from Alry the Angler.

Aerial fishing requires level 43 Fishing and level 35 Hunter. The fastest way to reach the island in the centre of Lake Molch is to use the fairy ring DJR, run south-west, and take the boat to the island.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. The rates assume 1,600 fish are caught per hour. If cutting the fish, players will also get some passive Cooking experience.

Level XP/h
Fishing Hunter Fishing Hunter Skills Total
43 35 18,400 26,400 44,800
56 51 20,088 28,088 48,976
73 68 32,856 42,659 75,515
91 87 51,649 68,188 119,837
99 99 62,593 82,311 144,904

Levels 62–99: Monkfish[edit | edit source]

Catching monkfish at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony offers relatively slow experience, but it requires low amount of effort. To catch monkfish, players must have completed Swan Song and have a small fishing net in their inventory.

Fishing Level XP/h GP/h
62 35,800 67,050
70 37,000 69,300
80 38,500 72,225
90 40,000 75,150
99 42,000 78,750
  • Starting experience - 333,804
  • Experience needed - 12,700,627
  • Monkfish needed - 105,839
  • Profit made (62–99): 23,813,775

Levels 65–99: Karambwan[edit | edit source]

Catching karambwan offers slow experience, but it requires low amount of effort. This method requires completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. As the karambwan fishing spots do not move, an entire inventory of fish can be caught without needing any attention from the player.

Karambwan are caught with a karambwan vessel and raw karambwanji. Raw karambwanji can be caught north-east of the fairy ring ckr using a small fishing net. The karambwan fishing spots are located just north of the fairy ring dkp.

Banking can be done by simply using the fairy ring to go to Zanaris bank and running back. The fastest methods require a Karamja gloves 3 or 4, an Enchanted lyre(i), or a ring of dueling followed by a teleport to the closest fairy ring. The quickest are a Teleport to house (tablet) to a player-owned house superior garden that has a fairy ring or a quest point cape.

Having completed the elite tier of Lumbridge diary provides a slight advantage, as you can equip a Dragon harpoon instead of the Dramen staff without using any additional inventory space. Additionally, obtaining the Fish barrel from Tempoross allows for double the amount of karambwans to be caught in a single trip, increasing the time one can AFK to 3–4 minutes depending on fishing level.

  • Approximately 30,000 experience per hour, or 44,000 experience per hour at level 99
  • Starting experience - 449,428
  • Experience needed - 12,585,003
  • Karambwan needed - 251,701
  • Profit made (65-99): 89,857,257
  • If cooked: 116,789,264

Levels 75–99: Swordfish/tuna[edit | edit source]

At level 75 Fishing (together with 85 Cooking), you can start using an infernal harpoon to fish swordfish and tuna in the Fishing Guild. The close proximity to a bank and the invisible +7 Fishing boost make this spot the best place for this method.

This method is noticeably more AFK than monkfish fishing, since the spots move less often and are closer to each other. Moreover, with the infernal harpoon, your inventory will fill up more slowly than with other harpoons. However, the profit is lower than monkfish fishing, since you must recharge the harpoon every 5,000 uses.

Players can gain around 35,000 experience per hour at level 75, and 42,000 experience per hour at level 99.

Levels 80–99: Infernal eel[edit | edit source]

At level 80 Fishing, you can start catching infernal eels within the city of Mor Ul Rek. A fire cape must be shown to a TzHaar-Ket guard to gain access to Mor Ul Rek. This does not consume the cape. Infernal eels can be smashed open using a hammer to extract ten to twenty Tokkul, one onyx bolt tip, or one to five lava scale shards. Per eel, the estimated profit is 544.92 coins (not counting the estimated value of Tokkul at 131.63). It is recommended to fish infernal eels in the south-easternmost area of the city, as the other two areas may have their fishing spots disappear more often.

Players can gain around 28,000 experience per hour at level 80, and 35,000 experience per hour at level 99.

  • Starting experience - 1,986,068
  • Experience needed - 11,048,363
  • Infernal eel needed - 116,299
  • Estimated profit made (without Tokkul): 63,373,651.08
  • Estimated profit made (with Tokkul): 78,682,438.24

Levels 82–99: Minnows[edit | edit source]

Fishing Guild minnow platform.png

Catching minnows offers relatively slow experience, but it provides decent profit. This can be done at Kylie Minnow's fishing platform in the Fishing Guild, which requires level 82 Fishing and having full angler's outfit to access. Minnows can be exchanged for noted raw sharks, which can be sold for profit.

Minnow fishing spots move clockwise every 15 seconds. In addition, a fishing spot will occasionally spawn flying fish instead of providing minnows; flying fish will eat 20 minnow directly from the player's inventory as long as they keep fishing there, forcing them to move to another spot. A flying fish will only appear after a fishing spot has changed and will continue to eat the player's minnows until the fishing spot changes position once again.

Experience and profit rates are shown in the table below. Wearing a Rada's blessing is recommended for extra profit, as it increases minnows per hour by 2% per tier of diary completed.

Fishing Level XP/h Minnows/h Sharks/h GP/h
No blessing Rada's blessing 4.png No blessing Rada's blessing 4.png No blessing Rada's blessing 4.png
82 40,000 15,000 16,200 375 405 243,375.00 262,845.00
85 43,000 17,000 18,360 425 459 275,825.00 297,891.00
90 45,000 19,500 21,040 487 526 316,387.50 341,374.00
95 48,000 22,000 23,760 550 594 356,950.00 385,506.00
99 56,000 25,000 27,000 625 675 405,625.00 438,075.00

Levels 82–99: Anglerfish[edit | edit source]

At level 82 Fishing and 100% Port Piscarilius favour, you can start catching anglerfish in Port Piscarilius. In order to catch anglerfish, Sandworms are required. Sandworms can be purchased from Tynan's Fishing Supplies nearby or the Grand Exchange.

Players can gain around 15,000 experience per hour at level 82, and 23,000 experience per hour at level 99.

  • Starting experience - 2,421,087
  • Experience needed - 10,613,344
  • Anglerfish needed - 88,445
  • Profit made (82-99): 167,426,385
  • If cooked: 186,618,950

Levels 85–99: Dark crabs[edit | edit source]

At level 85 Fishing and after completing elite tasks in the Wilderness Diary, catching dark crabs inside the Resource Area in the Wilderness becomes a viable option. The diary reward allows you catch the fish significantly faster and provides you free access to the Resource Area. Players should wear cheap defensive gear while 3- or 4-iteming expensive armour pieces, and bring high-healing food (along with super restores) to defend themselves against player killers. Optionally, equip an imbued ring of wealth for a better chance to obtain clue bottles. Piles will note the fish for 50 coins each, but it is advised to bank the fish in Edgeville every so often to reduce the risk.

Players can gain around 40,000 experience per hour with this method.

  • Starting experience - 3,258,594
  • Experience needed - 9,775,837
  • Dark crabs needed - 75,199
  • Profit made (85-99): 90,614,795

Levels 87–99: Sacred eel[edit | edit source]

At level 87 Fishing and partial completion of the Regicide quest, players can catch sacred eels at Zul-Andra giving 105 Fishing experience per sacred eel. With a Cooking level of 72, the fish can be dissected with a knife to extract Zulrah's scales. Dissecting the fish can give 3–9 scales and 109–127 Cooking experience. A player's Cooking level affects how many scales are received when they are dissected. With a Cooking level in the mid 80's, one can expect to average around 5 scales per fish and at a Cooking level of 96 gives around 7 scales per fish.

Players can gain around 21,000 Fishing experience per hour at level 90, increasing to around 23,000 experience per hour at level 99.

  • Starting experience - 3,972,294
  • Experience needed - 9,062,137
  • Sacred eel needed - 86,307
  • Zulrah's scales obtained (5 scales per fish): 431,535
  • Expected profit made (5 scales per fish): 99,684,585
  • Zulrah's scales obtained (7 scales per fish): 604,149
  • Expected profit made (7 scales per fish): 139,558,419

Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish Fishing Fishing Cooking Cooking Caught with Heals GE Price Members
Level Exp Level Exp Raw Cooked
Raw shrimps.png Shrimps.png Shrimp (cooked) 1 10 1 30 Net 3 93 32 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw sardine.png Sardine.png Sardine (cooked) 5 20 1 40 Bait, Drift net 4 48 12 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw karambwanji.png Karambwanji.png Karambwanji (cooked) 5 5 N/A N/A Net N/A N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Raw guppy.png Guppy.png Guppy (prepared) 7 8 7 12 Net N/A N/A N/A 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw herring.png Herring.png Herring (cooked) 10 30 5 50 Bait 5 96 11 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw anchovies.png Anchovies.png Anchovies (cooked) 15 40 1 30 Net, Drift net 1 67 76 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw mackerel.png Mackerel.png Mackerel (cooked) 16 20 10 60 Big Net 6 29 15 1
Member icon.png
Raw trout.png Trout.png Trout (cooked) 20 50 15 70 Fly 7 79 39 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw cavefish.png Cavefish.png Cavefish (prepared) 20 16 20 23 Net N/A N/A N/A 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw cod.png Cod.png Cod (cooked) 23 45 18 75 Big Net 7 42 7 1
Member icon.png
Raw pike.png Pike.png Pike (cooked) 25 60 20 80 Bait 8 113 32 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Slimy eel.png Cooked slimy eel.png Slimy eel (cooked) 28 65 28 95 Bait 6-10 852 238 1
Member icon.png
Raw salmon.png Salmon.png Salmon (cooked) 30 70 25 90 Fly 9 53 65 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Frog spawn.png N/A Frog spawn 33 75 N/A N/A Net 3-6 N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Raw tetra.png Tetra.png Tetra (prepared) 33 24 33 31 Net, Big Net N/A N/A N/A 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw tuna.png Tuna.png Tuna (cooked) 35 80 30 100 Harpoon, Drift net 10 45 78 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw rainbow fish.png Rainbow fish.png Rainbow fish (cooked) 38 80 35 110 Stripy fly fishing 11 444 116 1
Member icon.png
Raw cave eel.png Cave eel.png Cave eel (cooked) 38 80 38 115 Bait 7-11 159 142 1
Member icon.png
Raw lobster.png Lobster.png Lobster (cooked) 40 90 40 120 Cage, Drift net 12 155 185 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Bluegill.png Fish chunks.png Bluegill (cut) 43 11.5 1 3 Cormorant N/A 120 13 1
Member icon.png
Raw bass.png Bass.png Bass[1] (cooked) 46 100 43 130 Big Net 13 20 118 1
Member icon.png
Raw catfish.png Catfish.png Catfish (prepared) 46 33 46 43 Big Net N/A N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Leaping trout.png Roe.png Leaping trout (cut) 48 50 1 10 Heavy rod N/A 13 78 1
Member icon.png
Raw swordfish.png Swordfish.png Swordfish[1] (cooked) 50 100 45 140 Harpoon, Drift net 14 293 332 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Raw lava eel.png Lava eel.png Lava eel (cooked) 53 60 53 30 Oily rod with bait 11 N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Common tench.png Fish chunks.png Common tench (cut) 56 40 1 10 Cormorant N/A 494 13 1
Member icon.png
Leaping salmon.png Roe.png Leaping salmon (cut) 58 70 1 10 Heavy rod N/A 13 78 1
Member icon.png
Raw monkfish.png Monkfish.png Monkfish (cooked) 62 120 62 150 Net 16 225 300 1
Member icon.png
Raw karambwan.png Cooked karambwan.png Karambwan (cooked) 65 50 30 190 Vessel 18 357 464 1
Member icon.png
Leaping sturgeon.png Caviar.png Leaping sturgeon (cut) 70 80 1 15 Heavy rod N/A 135 205 1
Member icon.png
Mottled eel.png Fish chunks.png Mottled eel (cut) 73 65 1 20 Cormorant N/A 78 13 1
Member icon.png
Raw shark.png Shark.png Shark[1] (cooked) 76 110 80 210 Harpoon, Drift net 20 649 861 1
Member icon.png
Raw sea turtle.png Sea turtle.png Sea turtle (cooked) 79 38 82 212 Fishing Trawler, Drift net 21 717 997 1
Member icon.png
Infernal eel.png Tokkul.png Infernal eel (smashed) 80 95 N/A N/A Oily rod with bait N/A N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Raw manta ray.png Manta ray.png Manta ray (cooked) 81 46 91 216 Fishing Trawler, Drift net 22 1,252 1,474 1
Member icon.png
Minnow.png N/A Minnow 82 26.1 N/A N/A Net N/A N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Raw anglerfish.png Anglerfish.png Anglerfish (cooked) 82 120 84 230 Sandworms 3-22 1,893 2,110 1
Member icon.png
Raw dark crab.png Dark crab.png Dark crab (cooked) 85 130 90 215 Cage with dark bait 22 1,205 1,439 1
Member icon.png
Sacred eel.png Zulrah's scales.png Sacred eel (cut) 87 105 72 108-124 Bait N/A N/A N/A 1
Member icon.png
Greater siren.png Fish chunks.png Greater siren (cut) 91 100 1 25 Cormorant N/A 101 13 1
Member icon.png
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Players fishing for these fish will sometimes get a bigger version of this fish that they can stuff and mount in their Player-owned house.

Quests for Fishing experience[edit | edit source]

Quest Experience
Other requirements
Fishing Contest 2,437 Fishing 10 -
Heroes' Quest 2,725 Fishing 53 Quest points 55 , Cooking 53 , Herblore 25
The Fremennik Trials 2,812 - -
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 5,000 Fishing 5 Agility 15 , Cooking 30
Rum Deal 7,000 Fishing 50 Crafting 42 , Farming 40 , Prayer 47 , Slayer 42
Sea Slug 7,175 - Firemaking 30
Swan Song 10,000 Fishing 62 Quest points 100 , Magic 66 , Cooking 62 , Smithing 45 , Firemaking 42 , Crafting 40
Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Pirate Pete 1,000 - Cooking 31
Total 38,149