Pay-to-play Hitpoints training

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Hitpoints is almost always trained through combat. Any of the combat styles, melee, ranged, or magic, can be used to raise Hitpoints. However, skill pures (also known as skillers) can train Hitpoints with experience lamps if they do not wish to engage in combat. Players can also participate in the Pest Control minigame and spend their commendation points on Hitpoints experience. After completion of Monkey Madness I and Desert Treasure, with 70+ Magic, players may cast Ice Burst on the Skeletal Monkeys in the Ape Atoll Dungeon, granting a high amount of Hitpoints experience per hour. The ratio of combat experience to hitpoint experience is 3:1. Another method is to do the Tackling organised crime minigame, which rewards the player with Training manuals, which can then be spent on Hitpoints.