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This article gives tips about training Smithing.

Fastest experience[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–39: Questing[edit | edit source]

Completing The Knight's Sword, Sleeping Giants, Elemental Workshop I and II, The Giant Dwarf, Heroes' Quest, and Freeing Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe for Disaster will grant a total of 36,982 experience, increasing Smithing from level 1 to level 39. Players would then only need to make 2 iron platebodies to get level 40 Smithing, where they can start smelting gold bars in the Blast Furnace. (Even without Heroes' Quest, this method yields 34,725 experience, requiring players to make only 20 iron platebodies to get to level 40).

In particular, completing The Knight's Sword is strongly recommended, as it gives 12,725 Smithing experience upon completion, enough to increase Smithing from level 1 to level 29 immediately.

Levels 1–40: Anvil smithing[edit | edit source]

From level 1 to 40, the fastest experience is gained by smithing various items at the anvil just south of the west Varrock bank. Players should make the highest-level item available, since higher-levelled items require more than one bar to make, less actions will be required and this will result in more experience per hour. This will result in a loss, but the overall loss is relatively small as reaching level 40 would only take less than an hour.

The below table shows the items and materials needed to reach level 40. While there are some items which are potentially cheaper to make, these low-level items are uncommonly traded on the Grand Exchange and their prices fluctuate a lot. Players who wish to save money should do quests that give Smithing experience to skip most of the early levels.

Levels XP needed Item Bars required (each) XP each XP/h # for goal Bars required (total) Profit
1-5 388 Bronze dagger.png Bronze dagger 1 12.5 13,900 32 32 Bronze bar.pngBronze bar −3,904
5-9 581 Bronze scimitar.png Bronze scimitar 2 25 25,700 24 48 Bronze bar.pngBronze bar −5,016
9-18 2,554 Bronze warhammer.png Bronze warhammer 3 37.5 36,200 69 207 Bronze bar.pngBronze bar −27,255
18-24 3,505 Bronze platebody.png Bronze platebody 5 62.5 52,100 57 285 Bronze bar.pngBronze bar −38,190
24-33 11,219 Iron warhammer.png Iron warhammer 3 75 72,300 150 450 Iron bar.pngIron bar −77,400
33-39 15,401 Iron platebody.png Iron platebody 5 125 104,200 124 620 Iron bar.pngIron bar −98,456
39-40 3,756 Steel warhammer.png Steel warhammer 3 112.5 108,500 34 102 Steel bar.pngSteel bar −38,454
1-40 37,224 572 Bronze bar.pngBronze bar, 1,070 Iron bar.pngIron bar,

and 102 Steel bar.pngSteel bar


Levels 40–99: Gold bars (Blast Furnace)[edit | edit source]

Smelting gold bars at the Blast Furnace becomes the fastest viable training method at level 40. This method costs money, and it can be fairly expensive depending on the Grand Exchange prices.

Players will need to have completed Family Crest for goldsmith gauntlets for this method. The gauntlets increases the base experience from 22.5 to 56.2 experience per gold bar. Without the gauntlets this method is not worth doing, as it would be much more expensive and a lot slower. Players will also need to have level 50 Mining and kill the Ice Queen once for ice gloves. Stamina potions are also mandatory for optimal experience rates, and it is also strongly recommended to have some weight-reducing clothing to reduce the run energy drain. Wearing a ring of endurance with charges is recommended as well.

To gain access to Keldagrim, players must have started The Giant Dwarf quest. Players can get to the Blast Furnace by using the Grouping teleport there or using the minecart from the Grand Exchange to Keldagrim. While on an official Blast Furnace world, dwarf NPCs will keep the furnace running for a fee, see below for a break down. Below level 60, the Blast Furnace Foreman will require a payment every 10 minutes to be able to use the furnace.

Players can gain up to around 380,000 experience per hour at maximum efficiency. When including mistakes, players are more likely to see rates of around 330,000–360,000 experience per hour. Without goldsmith gauntlets, players can only gain up to around 150,000 experience per hour. At level 99, it is possible to gain up to 400,000–420,000 experience per hour when wearing the Smithing cape.

Levels Item Bars/h XP/h Profit/h Profit/XP Total Bars Total Ore Cost (GE) Total Ore Cost (Ordan)
40–99 Gold bar.png Gold bar 6,000 Up to 150,000 −817,510[1] -5.45 577,654 116,686,108 129,972,150
40–99 Gold bar.png Gold bar

(with goldsmith gauntlets)

6,227 Up to 380,000 −841,572[1] -2.21 231,268 46,716,136 52,035,300
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 Includes cost of 10 stamina potions and Blast Furnace fees.

To achieve the maximum experience rates, all of the following points should be considered (in order of priority):

  1. Wear goldsmith gauntlets when the experience is earned for smelting the gold ore. The experience will be earned approximately 3 seconds after adding ore to the belt for an empty dispenser. Watch for the XP to actually be granted first before swapping to ice gloves because occasionally the server can lag.
  2. Swap to ice gloves to retrieve Gold bars from the furnace. (Warning, if you do not remove the bars first and you add more ore to the conveyor belt, the XP you gain will drop substantially!)
  3. Wear weight-reducing clothing or bring extra stamina potions to account.
  4. Keep stamina potions in the bank. When run energy gets low, drink a dose of a stamina potion from the bank at the same time you collect gold ore (right-click and drink in the bank interface).
  5. Set the bank transfer quantity to "All" to quickly retrieve a full inventory of gold ore from the bank and deposit gold bars from your inventory with a single left click on the respective materials.
  6. Optionally, fill the bank with bank filler via the banking menu to allow you to use the deposit inventory option to deposit only your smelted gold bars into your bank in one click. For this to work properly there cannot be a placeholder for the Goldsmith gauntlets or Ice gloves.
  7. The 'Deposit worn items' button can be hidden via the banking menu so that worn gear is not accidentally deposited into the bank.

231,268 gold ores are required to achieve level 99 from level 40 when using the goldsmith gauntlets. Training with gold bars costs -2.21 per experience when training on one of the official worlds, using goldsmith gauntlets and drinking 40 stamina potion doses per hour. Exclusively training via gold ore from level 40 to 99 would result in a loss of −28,784,435.50 after selling the created gold bars.

0-Tick Blast Furnace[edit | edit source]

Optionally, a technique can be done called 0-tick Blast Furnace which minimises downtime to near zero and increases experience rates to over 390,000 experience per hour at maximum efficiency. If consistently 0-tick banking (by clicking outside of the bank interface after retrieving gold ore), experience rates increase even further to over 410,000 experience per hour.

A load of gold ore will need to be pre-loaded into the furnace. This will allow you to open the interface while the next load of gold ore enters the furnace and reverses the order the gloves are swapped in. After depositing gold ore onto the conveyor, click a tile next to the dispenser. Once there, click the dispenser while holding down the spacebar. Once the interface is open, swap to your goldsmith gauntlets while retrieving the gold bars. Immediately click another tile or the bank chest to continue running. The experience drop will happen on the same tick after you swap to the goldsmith gauntlets, thus giving you full experience with no downtime. A visual guide can be seen here.

The same principle can be applied post-99 Smithing, which is made easier with the Smithing cape. There is no need to swap gloves, and can lead to higher experience rates overall. A visual guide for this can be seen here.

Barring Crystal equipment smithing, which costs 4,207,321,680.00 in crystal shards from 74 to 99 Smithing and Crafting, 0-tick Blast Furnace is the best long-term Smithing experience per hour in the game.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

For anvil smithing methods, the closest anvil to a bank is in the Trahaearn district of Prifddinas. Players who have not completed Song of the Elves should use the anvil just south of the west Varrock bank.

The experience rates for anvil smithing depends on the type of metal being smithed and number of bars being used per item. The following table shows the calculated experience per hour of each type of metal bar vs. how many bars are used per item, assuming an optimal 11-tick bank time, as possible at the south-eastern Prifddinas bank. The cost and level requirements can be checked by using the Smithing tables. Note that this does not factor in the Smiths' Uniform, with which experience rates increase from about 15% to 25% depending on what is being smithed.

XP/hr ranked by # of bars used per item
# of bars Bronze bar.png Iron bar.png Steel bar.png Mithril bar.png Adamantite bar.png Runite bar.png
1 bar 13,900 27,700 41,600 55,500 69,300 83,200
2 bars 25,700 51,300 77,000 102,600 128,300 153,900
3 bars 36,200 72,300 108,500 144,600 180,800 217,000
5 bars 52,100 104,200 156,200 208,300 260,400 312,500

Levels 15/81–99: Giants' Foundry[edit | edit source]

Giants' Foundry is a minigame that has the player forge giant swords for a Hill Giant named Kovac. It requires the completion of Sleeping Giants, which mostly serves as an introduction to it. Once set up, this method becomes a relatively effective, medium-engagement and very low click rate activity that will even turn a profit. Run energy is restored with each sword completed, so the Graceful outfit is not beneficial in this activity.

Although the Foundry can be played from level 15, Bronze-Iron swords are not particularly effective. At level 30, Iron-Steel swords can be forged, which are the most profitable, and provide 94,950 experience per hour on average. At level 50, improved moulds will start becoming available and at level 81, the player will be able to always use optimal sword moulds for any possible commission, resulting in significant improvement in earning rates (50% or more) and potentially making higher-tiered alloys economically sustainable.

Using optimal moulds and a 1:1 SteelMithril bar alloy, it is possible to forge about 14 swords per hour, resulting in up to 164,640 experience per hour, and profits reaching 100,000 per hour, depending on commisions assigned, mistakes made during the forging process, and expenses in obtaining material.

The foundry allows use of smithed weapons and armour instead of bars, and doing so may allow the player to acquire material at a lower price, making use of an alloy such as 1:1 Mithril-Adamant reasonably profitable. Due to higher difficulty of forging, the player can expect an average of 12 or 13 swords an hour. However, the experience rate increases to around 193,000 experience per hour and a profit of over 40,000 per hour can be attained. Wearing the Smiths' Uniform set will increase sword making speed, increasing the experience and gold rate by roughly 15%.

Levels 15–99: Blast Furnace[edit | edit source]

Smelting bars (other than gold or silver) at the Blast Furnace offers slow experience, but it usually provides decent profit. Having the ice gloves and coal bag is strongly recommended to significantly increase the number of bars created per hour. Players will also need weight-reducing clothing and stamina potions to always have run energy. Optimal bar patterns can be found on the Blast Furnace page. The capital required to run the furnace for a full hour may be considerable for some players.

Experience and profit rates are listed in the table below. The numbers assume using one of the official worlds, having the coal bag, wearing ice gloves, and using 36 stamina potion doses per hour.

Lvl Money making guides Bars/Hour[t 1] Cash Capital XP/Hour Profit/Hour
Smithing 15 Iron bar.png Smelting iron bars 6,000 728,559 75,000 333,441
Smithing 30 Steel bar.png Smelting steel bars 5,400 1,903,959 94,500 466,641
Smithing 50 Mithril bar.png Smelting mithril bars 3,600 2,092,959 108,000 671,841
Smithing 70 Adamantite bar.png Smelting adamantite bars 2,700 4,085,559 101,250 693,441
Smithing 85 Runite bar.png Smelting runite bars 2,160 25,662,879 107,500 1,006,641
  1. ^ Based on 200 trips per hour, except for iron.

Levels 20–99: Smithing dart tips[edit | edit source]

Smithing dart tips offers very slow experience, but it requires very little attention. This method usually breaks even or makes a small profit due to their high demand for their use of training Fletching. The player must have completed The Tourist Trap quest to be able to smith dart tips. 10 dart tips are created per bar.

Experience and profit rates are listed in the table below. The numbers assume 13,000 dart tips are made per hour when wearing the Smiths' Uniform and 10,600 dart tips made per hour without set.

Smithing level Bar Method Uniform No uniform Profit/XP
XP/h Profit/h XP/h Profit/h
4 Bronze bar.png Bronze dart tips 16,250 292,500 13,250 238,500 18.00
19 Iron bar.png Iron dart tips 32,500 198,900 26,500 162,180 6.12
34 Steel bar.png Steel dart tips 48,750 92,300 39,750 75,260 1.89
54 Mithril bar.png Mithril dart tips 65,000 106,600 53,000 86,920 1.64
74 Adamantite bar.png Adamant dart tips 81,250 26,000 66,250 21,200 0.32
89 Runite bar.png Rune dart tips 97,500 −10,799,100 79,500 −8,805,420 -110.76

Levels 35–99: Smithing cannonballs[edit | edit source]

Smithing cannonballs offers even slower experience than dart tips, but it similarly requires very little attention, and usually makes a larger profit. 4 cannonballs are created per steel bar; a double ammo mould smelts two steel bars at once, doubling the experience rates.

Experience and profit rates are listed in the table below. The numbers assume 2,400 cannonballs are made per hour, or twice that with a double ammo mould.

Level Mould XP/Hour Profit/Hour Profit/XP
35 Ammo mould.png Ammo mould 13,824 111,000 7.23
35 Double ammo mould.png Double ammo mould 27,648 222,000 7.23

Levels 40–99: Gold bars (regular furnace)[edit | edit source]

Smelting gold bars at a regular furnace requires very little attention, and offers reasonably high experience rates when wearing goldsmith gauntlets. Unlike with Blast Furnace described above, ice gloves and stamina potions are not required. Aside from the potions, the cost and experience per gold bar is the same as Blast Furnace, just slower.

Experience and profit rates are listed in the table below. The numbers assume 1120 gold bars are made per hour.

Level Item XP/Hour Profit/Hour Profit/XP
40 Gold bar.png Gold bar 25,200 −118,720 -4.71
40 Gold bar.png Gold bar

(with goldsmith gauntlets)

62,944 −118,720 -1.89

Levels 48–99: Smithing armour[edit | edit source]

Smithing various armour pieces at an anvil offers the fastest experience outside the Blast Furnace, and it requires fairly low amount of effort. Players should smith the highest-tier platebody they can, starting from steel platebodies at level 48, moving to mithril at level 68 and then to adamant at level 88. From level 66 to 68, players can smith mithril platelegs or plateskirts as a slightly slower but cheaper alternative to steel platebodies.

Depending on the Grand Exchange prices, smelting gold bars at the Blast Furnace can be cheaper than smithing lower-tier armour, and it offers a lot faster experience per hour. However, adamant platebodies can be a viable option for some players, as they offer decent experience rates and they are usually very cheap.

Due to the low Grand Exchange buy limit, some High Level Alchemy focused Clan Chats may offer to buy in bulk for a better rate than the Grand Exchange price, benefiting the seller and the buyer. This can lower the loss from making low-level armours, and potentially make Smithing a profitable activity doing Adamant platebodies to level 99.

Levels Item XP/Hour Profit/Hour Profit/XP Profit (HA)/Hour Profit (HA)/XP
48–68 Steel platebody.png Steel platebody 144,000 −1,108,811.73 -7.10 −902,211.20 -5.78
66–68 Mithril platelegs.png Mithril platelegs 140,000 −1,018,948.00 -7.05 −802,048.00 -5.55
66–68 Mithril plateskirt.png Mithril plateskirt 140,000 −1,006,416.00 -6.96 −802,048.00 -5.55
68–88 Mithril platebody.png Mithril platebody 200,000 −894,023.60 -4.29 −673,225.60 -3.23
88–99 Adamant platebody.png Adamant platebody 240,000 511,633.92 1.96 871,610.88 3.35

Levels 95/98–99+: Smithing 3-bar rune items[edit | edit source]

Smithing rune platelegs, plateskirts, or 2h swords at an anvil offers decent experience, and it is also profitable. Players will need to have level 99 to be able to make these items, but Kovac's grog (starting from level 95) or Dwarven stout (starting from level 98) can be used to boost for that level. Each of these smithed items yields the same amount of experience, so players should make whatever offers the best profit. Players may also cast High Level Alchemy to increase profits, however this is only recommended if you have a lot of disposable gold.

Assuming 60 grogs used at level 95, 900 items smithed per hour and alching the items would yield −1,732,440 per hour, with a GP/XP of -8.56, when using preserve this would decrease to 40 grogs or −773,660 per hour with a GP/XP of -3.82 (0.91 and 2.49 GP/XP at level 96 and 97 respectively), while normal dwarven stouts at 98 would yield 1,138,080 for a GP/XP of 5.62.

Item XP/Hour Profit/Hour Profit/XP Profit (HA)/Hour Profit (HA)/XP
Rune platelegs.png Platelegs 210,000 571,059 2.64 1,225,244.00 5.65
Rune plateskirt.png Plateskirt 210,000 305,271 1.41 1,225,244.00 5.65
Rune 2h sword.png 2h sword 210,000 803,142 3.71 1,225,244.00 5.65

Quests for Smithing experience[edit | edit source]

Quest Experience
Other requirements
The Forsaken Tower 500 - 20% Lovakengj favour
Recipe for Disaster
(Pirate Pete subquest)
1,000 - Cooking 31
Heroes' Quest 2,257 - Quest points 55 , Cooking 53 , Fishing 53 , Herblore 25 , Mining 50
The Giant Dwarf 2,500 - Thieving 14 , Crafting 12 , Firemaking 16 , Magic 33
Between a Rock... 5,000 Smithing 50 Defence 30 , Mining 40
Elemental Workshop I 5,000 Smithing 20 Mining 20 , Crafting 20
Sleeping Giants 6,000 Smithing 15 -
Devious Minds 6,500 Smithing 65 Runecraft 50 , Fletching 50
Cabin Fever 7,000 Smithing 50 Agility 42 , Crafting 45 , Ranged 40
Elemental Workshop II 7,500 Smithing 30 Magic 20
The Knight's Sword 12,725 - Mining 10
Song of the Elves 40,000 Smithing 70 Agility 70 , Construction 70 , Farming 70 , Herblore 70 , Hunter 70 , Mining 70 , Woodcutting 70
Dragon Slayer II 80,000 Smithing 70 Quest points 200 , Magic 75 , Mining 68 , Crafting 62 , Agility 60 , Thieving 60 , Construction 50 , Hitpoints 50
Total 175,982