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Pedals are part of the Blast Furnace minigame. They are used to power the conveyor belt to move deposited rocks to the Melting Pot. There is a chance for the cogs to break while the pedals are being used, stopping the conveyor belt until the cogs are repaired with a hammer.

Pedaling consumes 0.5% energy and awards 1 Agility experience per tick. Depending on Agility level, players can pedal between 271 and 385 ticks straight, granting 271–385 Agility experience. If the full graceful outfit is worn, this increases to 303–532 ticks. By continuously pedaling, up to 6,000 Agility experience can be gained per hour with the usage of energy restoration items. On the official Blast Furnace worlds, Stumpy can be found operating the pedals.

Agility info[edit | edit source]

  1. 1 experience per tick (0.6 seconds), costing 0.5% run energy per tick.