Penance armour

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A player wearing the Fighter torso, one of the most sought after items from Barbarian Assault.

Penance armour is level 40 armour (or 45 Defence with the hats) that can be bought using points earned in the Barbarian Assault minigame. There are four roles: Attacker, Defender, Collector and Healer. A Penance hat, torso, skirt and gloves require points in each role in order to be bought. The hat, torso, and skirt also require the Penance Queen to have been killed in the 10th wave.

A full set costs 1,275 Honour points, in all four roles, thus a total of 5,100 points (all roles added together).

Components[edit | edit source]

Head[edit | edit source]

Body[edit | edit source]

Legs[edit | edit source]

Gloves[edit | edit source]

Boots[edit | edit source]