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Penance skirt detail.png
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Penance skirt detail.png

A penance skirt is a piece of armour that requires level 60 Ranged and level 40 Defence to wear. Through participating in the Barbarian Assault mini-game, players who earn 375 honour points in each of the four roles, and who have killed the Penance Queen, can purchase the skirt from Commander Connad, located on the main floor of the Barbarian Outpost.

The stats for the Penance skirt resembles those of the red dragonhide chaps; in comparison, the defence bonuses are slightly lower, but the ranged attack bonus is one point higher. The Penance skirt is usually used for cosmetic purposes or as a display of the wearer's skill, as it is significantly harder to obtain than chaps.

If the player dies below level 20 Wilderness, it will remain in the player's inventory. However, the item will be unusable and must be repaired with 20,000 coins by using the item on Perdu.

Update history[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
8 August 2013

Some feedback changes have been made to the config costs of the fire cape, rune defender and penance items, including the penance skirt.

2 August 2013
(update | poll)

The fire cape, rune defender, and the penance items have had their config cost increased to allow them to be protected over rune armour on death.

22 February 2013

This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched.