Perfect Olm (Solo)

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Perfect Olm (Solo) (#317)
Great Olm.png
Released 21 July 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Description Kill the Great Olm in a solo raid without taking damage from any of the following: Teleport portals, Fire Walls, Healing pools, Crystal Bombs, Crystal Burst or Prayer Orbs. You also cannot let his claws regenerate or take damage from the same acid pool back to back.
Tier Master
Monster Chambers of Xeric
Type Perfection

Perfect Olm (Solo) is a master combat achievement which requires the player to kill the Great Olm without taking damage from his crystal burst, teleport, fire wall, healing pool, crystal bomb and prayer orb attacks. The player must also not let his hands regenerate during phase 3 and not take consecutive damage from the same acid pool.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Safespot locations

Olm starts off each phase beginning with two auto-attacks before performing its first special attack, Crystal Burst. The most dangerous threat for this achievement are the fire walls and teleport portals; if the player is on the Arceuus spellbook, they won't have any ideal means of dispelling the fire walls apart from carrying a water source (e.g watering cans) on them. Teleport portals can also have heavy RNG to them as they may appear across the arena, which is not enough time to reach them.

In order to successfully pull off the achievement, the player must utilise the safespots as shown by the picture to the right. These spots will always force the head to turn accordingly based on its location:

  • Spots 1 and 8 always force the head to turn right.
  • Spots 4 and 5 always force the head to turn left.
  • When running from spot 4, running to spot 2 will ensure the head turns right as long as the right hand has been damaged. If the right hand is not damaged, it will turn to the middle.
    • Due to this, the player can then run from spot 2 to spot 3 to land an additional attack and force Olm's head to the middle after it turns right.
      • The same also applies when running from spot 5 to 7.
  • Running from spot 1 to spot 3 forces the head to turn to the middle.
  • The same also applies when running from spot 8 to 6.

When Olm is forced to turn his head around to find the player, he will skip an attack in the process. However this shouldn't be much of an issue with a smooth run.

While Olm no longer does his teleport attack in phase 4, the player will still need to watch out for his other abilities which are used on an infrequent basis alongside the falling crystals. However, if the player has successfully run Olm correctly, they should have enough supplies to end the encounter.