Perfect Phosani's Nightmare

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Perfect Phosani's Nightmare (#403)
The Nightmare.png
Released 12 August 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Description Kill Phosani's Nightmare while only taking damage from husks, power blasts and weakened Parasites. Also, without having your attacks slowed by the Nightmare Spores or letting a Sleepwalker reach Phosani's Nightmare.
Tier Grandmaster
Monster Phosani's Nightmare
Type Perfection

Perfect Phosani's Nightmare is a grandmaster combat achievement which requires the player to defeat Phosani's Nightmare while only taking damage from husks, weakened parasites and power blasts while also not getting slowed by spores or letting a sleepwalker reach her.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The task is fairly easy to achieve, however the largest concern will be the spores on two of the phases due to having a 3x3 AoE.

During phase 5, the player cannot let any sleepwalkers reach the Nightmare, essentially adding Dreamland Express as a requirement for the achievement.