Pescaling Pax

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Pescaling Pax
Pescaling Pax.png
Released29 January 2007 (Update)
Also calledThe Pescaling
QuestCold War
ExamineIt's not easy, not being king.
Advanced data
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Pescaling Pax is the head of research and development for the penguins under the Iceberg as well as one of the sons of The Pescallion. He plays a role in Cold War. His main scheme is to take over the world with an army of well-trained penguins and espionage. Therefore, he pretends to be a king and, although he is not, this desire is the most likely explanation for his crown and pose.

His current project is a submarine based on a giant penguin suit, which he will use for the upcoming war. The Pescaling is also the discoverer of icelords, although they were soon locked in the Iceberg HQ (which his father founded) because they proved a serious threat to the physically weak penguins. He is always accompanied by two KGP Agents.

Plots[edit | edit source]

While he has plans to dominate Gielinor, he is also:

  • Trying to free the penguins in Ardougne Zoo.
  • Sending penguins in disguise all over Gielinor.
  • Constructing a giant penguin submarine based on a smaller model clockwork penguin confiscated from an adventurer caught during Cold War.
  • Forming a penguin army.
  • Getting penguins to learn how to fly, in which most of the attempts fail.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pax means peace in Latin.
  • His examine text is a play on the phrase 'It's not easy, not being king', a pun on his wish to be leader.