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Phileas Rimor is a retired Shayzien soldier found north-west of Xeric's Look out, in a small building next to the pub.

He is the descendant of Magnus Rimor, an expedition leader sent to explore Mount Quidamortem over 1,000 years ago.

Players help him as part of the quest Tale of the Righteous.

Tale of the Righteous[edit | edit source]

During Tale of the Righteous, he receives a parcel from an unknown individual containing an old journal written by King Shayzien VII, with a note on the parcel claiming the journal was stolen from the Tower of Magic during the uprising against Xeric in the 47th decade.

Although most of the journal is ineligible, he managed to find an extract stating "Quidamortem's creatures are compatible. The experimentation is proving successful and we will soon be ready to mass produce."

The extract had a date in the 37th decade, and yet the expedition was declared a failure a decade before, leading Phileas to question why the king wrote about Quidamortem a decade after the failure of the expedition. He will ask the player to discover the truth about his ancestor's expedition.

Sometime after the player's discovery of an ancient temple in a cave beneath Mount Quidamortem, his house was trashed and he himself has gone missing, leading Lord Shiro Shayzien to open an investigation into his disappearance.

It is later discovered during A Kingdom Divided that Lord Shayzien had paid a Barbarian Warlord to raid his house and take him prisoner beneath the barbarian camp in the Kourend Woodland. Upon this discovery, the player informs Lord Kandur Hosidius and he sends a rescue team to free Phileas, and is now kept safe by the Hosidius family in an undisclosed location.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 June 2021

Phileas has been relocated from his old position just north of the Shayzien bank, to north-west of Xeric's Look out, in a small building next to the pub.