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The Phoenix Gang is a gang at war with the Black Arm Gang. Their base is situated in the south-east of Varrock, between the city's southern entrance and the altar of Zamorak to the east.

According to their leader, Straven, the Black Arm Gang is a splinter group of the Phoenix Gang that mutinied.[1] During the process, the Shield of Arrav was broken in two. Only one half remains with the gang.[2]

During the events of the Shield of Arrav quest, players can choose the Black Arm Gang or the Phoenix Gang in an attempt to retrieve both halfs of the shield at the request of Reldo.

During Heroes' Quest, players seeking the thieves' armband must steal ScarFace Pete's candlestick for Straven.

Members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Straven, "Shield of Arrav", Old School RuneScape. "Shortly after the fight some gang members decided they didn't want to be part of our gang anymore. So they split off to form their own gang. The Black Arm Gang."
  2. ^ Straven, "Shield of Arrav", Old School RuneScape. "On their way out they looted what treasures they could from us - which included one of the halves of the shield."