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Phrin remains are an item found and used in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. To obtain these remains, the player must kill a Phrin shade, located in the underground tomb. (Note:To enter the tomb, the player needs at least a bronze shade key, obtainable by killing and cremating a Loar shade.) To burn the Phrin remains, the player needs some pyre logs (see table for more info) and a tinderbox. First place the pyre logs on a funeral pyre, followed by the Phrin remains, then ignite the pyre. This will grant the player Firemaking experience (see table) and Prayer experience based on the logs used.

Once burned a bronze or steel shade key, or some coins, will appear next to the pyre. The keys can be used to either enter the tomb, or open the corresponding coloured doors to chests containing valuable items.

Completing the Morytania Diary 3 offers 50% more prayer xp Completing the Morytania Diary 4 offers 50% more firemaking xp

Log Type Firemaking Experience
Pyre logs 50
Oak pyre logs 70
Willow pyre logs 100
Teak pyre logs 120
Arctic pyre logs 158
Maple pyre logs 175
Mahogany pyre logs 210
Yew pyre logs 255
Magic pyre logs 404.5
Redwood pyre logs 500

Cremating info[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The following drop rates are provided by Jagex, unless otherwise specified.

There is a 79/100 chance to roll for a key. If the roll fails, players receive coins instead.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Steel key red.png: Phrin remains drops Steel key red with rarity 35/127.85 in quantity 1Steel key red135/127.85Not sold51
Steel key brown.png: Phrin remains drops Steel key brown with rarity 30/127.85 in quantity 1Steel key brown130/127.85Not sold52
Steel key crimson.png: Phrin remains drops Steel key crimson with rarity 20/127.85 in quantity 1Steel key crimson120/127.85Not sold52
Bronze key black.png: Phrin remains drops Bronze key black with rarity 10/127.85 in quantity 1Bronze key black110/127.85Not sold50
Bronze key purple.png: Phrin remains drops Bronze key purple with rarity 6/127.85 in quantity 1Bronze key purple16/127.85Not sold51
Coins_250.png: Phrin remains drops Coins with rarity 21/100 in quantity 400-500Coins400–50021/100400–500400–500

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Phrin Shade60 Multicombat.png1Always

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 March 2015
(update | poll)

You now receive 50% more Prayer experience and 50% more Firemaking experience from burning Phrin remains if you have completed the Morytania Hard Diary and the Morytania Elite Diary respectively.