Pillar (Revenant Caves, medium)

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Pillar jump
Pillar (Revenant Caves, medium).png
Released23 November 2017 (Update)
LocationRevenant Caves
OptionsJump to
ExamineDon't look down.
Advanced data
Object ID31561

The medium pillar is an Agility shortcut found multiple times in the Revenant Caves. An Agility level of 75 is required to use the shortcuts. It is possible to take damage (5-10) from this shortcut.

These shortcuts allow the player to quickly navigate the cave and can be very useful in an attempt to escape from PVP combat. The Revenant caves contain a total of 5 pillar jump shortcuts with the player being able to use all but the most difficult one at level 75.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location of the left most medium pillar in the Revenant caves.
Location of the second medium pillar in the Revenant caves.
Location of the centre medium pillar in the Revenant caves.

Agility info[edit | edit source]

Level requiredAgility 75
Agility XP7.5 xp